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The only good thing about my depression was that I knew who my true well wishers were. I left all false expectations and fake friends behind. I learnt how to let go off things but I will never forget my days of struggle. Had I not been depressed I wouldn’t have known how supportive my family is. There was one single friend I can remember who was there from the very beginning and helped me reach out to my parents. The first step that my parents took were to seek professional help and shifted me away from my stressors. They spoke to me, let me cry my heart out and they let me decide for my own future and stood as stalwarts. If I went wrong in any place they would guide me. My sister who lives in a distant continent made sure to call me up every other day so that she could talk to me, just listen to me, cheer me up, make me feel good about myself. My family and one of my cousins , they made sure to take time out of their busy schedule and spoke to me everyday, just listening to me. That was all I was craving for. Otherwise I was dying just keeping my suicidal thoughts to myself. I decided to try newer things. I went on my first trek last year and then I started travelling solo and I felt confident about myself. It was really empowering. I started painting again which was going under the dust. I participated in an exhibition as well. I started with my photography again I started taking photos wherever I went and also meditating and exercising was a part of my life after I went into depression and I saw the benefits of it. It really boosted up my happy hormones. After trying all of these I saw significant changes in my health and sleeping patterns. I could sleep better, I was feeling better about myself. Among all that I did, I won’t say that all that I tried were successes but I also had my episodes of failure but that did not shake me up. Yes, I had my moments where I would breakdown from time to time but I again stood up stronger than ever before. It was like I was building a house of cards and every time I want to stand strong it was falling apart. But then my parents or my family actually helped me helped me gain my lost courage and confidence. and they instilled in me the strength that I really needed at that time. Do not ever give up and maybe a few years down the line you will thank yourself for not giving up. I do. I am happy to share my story to tell you to never give in to depression. It is okay to be ‘not okay’. After the years of depression, my struggle, the simultaneous episodes of successes and failures. I am a more stronger and confident person. You will find the best version of yourself once you conquer depression. I appreciate healthy criticism but turn a deaf ear towards criticism that might bring me down. We all will eventually find our purpose of life and our driving force. So, it is okay if you are suffering from depression. It is treatable and you must seek help.

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  1. More power to you, and to all those who are the suppressing their feelings. It is the time to talk about depression. It is the time to not be β€˜just okay’.

  2. Way to go girl πŸ™‚ More power. But you should have told this to me, when you had gone through this. Nevertheless. Thumbs up!!!

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