How I Get Motivated To Start My Day With Depression

hey guys what’s up it’s Mandy so today I
wanted to share with you a little bit about how I am able to stay motivated
and get through the day when I am dealing with really severe depression
now the stuff that works for me isn’t necessarily gonna work for everybody but
it might help someone out so I figured I would share it with you so even at my
absolute worst when I was completely suicidal I was still able to manage to
get myself up and out of bed and go to work sometimes I’m not even really
entirely sure how I was able to do that but basically I just really tried to
focus on all the people that were at work counting on me to be there and do
my job one of the big factors of helping me cope and deal with things and get out
of bed in the morning is definitely my animals all my animals definitely kind
of help force me to get out of bed and get my day started no matter how bad or
down I feel that day any of you out there that have cats know exactly how
persistent they can be they are not taking no for an answer in the morning
if they want to be fed they will be fed and sometimes that means you’re getting
up at 4 o’clock in the morning to start your day add to that that I do have a
giant dog that needs to be let out in the morning and yeah that is usually
what gets me kick-started for the day I don’t know how many mornings I will I
will lay there and I just I don’t want to leave my bed and it’s not because I’m
still tired it’s not because I want to go back to sleep I just don’t want to
get out of bed not because it’s cold not because I’m just super comfortable
but because I just don’t want to get out of bed I don’t have the willpower to get
out of bed I I just don’t feel like getting out of
bed and living my life that day but thanks to having all of these animals
they kind of help force me to get my day started now I’m not suggesting that if
you are suffering from depression you should hurry and run out there and get
you some animals but I know that it definitely helps me a lot I tend to do
so much better because I do have a lot of animals and I have all the animals
another thing that really helps to motivate me is of course my daughter I
think about what she needs what she needs from me and who she needs to be
her mother because sometimes I just don’t have the
willpower to get up for myself but I definitely don’t want to be a mother
that my daughter is ashamed of or embarrassed by or doesn’t get up and
interact with her and help her out help her with her homework help her get ready
for school in the morning I need to be that person like I need to
be that person I need to fulfill that role so for me sometimes my biggest
motivation is other people and other living creatures that depend on me to
get up and help them or do things for them that they can’t do for themselves
and I have to step up and fulfill that role and fulfill those needs sadly
sometimes I’m just not enough sometimes you motivating yourself is just not
enough sometimes you just don’t have the willpower to get out of bed and that’s
where sometimes these external things that are counting on us help to make
that difference and helped motivate now again this is just stuff that works for
me and it’s not necessarily gonna work for everyone out there on days that are
really really bad I have to sit there and ask myself in the morning like what
kind of day do I want to have do I want to stay here in bed all day and get
absolutely nothing accomplished for the day and feel even worse tomorrow because
I didn’t get out of bed yesterday I don’t want to feel that way and I know I
don’t want to feel that way and again sometimes it’s really really hard to
just get going and get motivated but knowing that tomorrow Mandy is not gonna
want to deal with cleaning up the mess for today
Mandy kind of helps to get me up and get me moving sometimes another thing that
really helps me is my phone so these are pretty much all Hayes right next to us
at all times I know I use my phone as my alarm so it’s gonna be right next to the
bed and I’m sure the majority of us out there use our phone as our alarm for the
morning so sometimes if I’m really really not feeling motivated and I
really really just can’t even my cats can’t seem to get me moving I will
sometimes turn to YouTube and look at motivational channels and inspirational
channels people people who inspire me and make me feel better a lot of those
like spiritual guru type channels I really really love when I am in this
state because sometimes even though a lot of times those people do go over the
top and it kind of comes off a little cheesy sometimes I really need that when
I’m in that place and I’m in that darkness and I can’t seem to pull myself
out of it and get myself going so that even if I am just going through the
motions that day I’m getting things accomplished and I’m not letting anybody
down including myself because with depression we can end up in this sort of
downward spiral right we can end up making ourselves just constantly feel
even worse because we feel so bad that we’re not getting anything done we’re
not doing anything we’re not bettering ourselves we’re not doing anything to
move forward so then we end up feeling even worse
day after day it just gets worse and worse and worse because we’re getting
further and further behind on things and letting people down and just becoming
disappointed in ourselves and other people becoming disappointed in us too I
am subscribed to multiple little spiritual channels I can even put links
to some of the people that I follow in the description below if they help me
maybe they’ll help you maybe they’ll help you feel better maybe they’ll help
to inspire you as well so besides those things too I also keep a journal next to
my bed always if I am feeling really really down about myself that morning
and I just can’t seem to drag myself out of it then sometimes I will reach for
that journal and I will go ahead and write five things that I am proud of
myself for or that I like myself for or appreciate about myself I did make a
video on this I typically journal at night but sometimes in the morning I
really need to pick me up and it also helps that I can thumb through some of
the positive things that I have written in the past to help kind of get me off
to a better start and in a better mindset to start my day so I don’t know
you guys I know these things aren’t going to necessarily help everyone but
they do help me to try to stay on track and stay motivated and drag myself out
of bed every morning even if it’s a really terrible terrible morning where I
just like don’t want to participate in life I know I have to I know I need to
it’s not good for me if I don’t participate in life so that’s all I
really have for you guys today thank you so much for watching and I will see you
in my next video bye

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  1. "Fake it till u make it". My ex wife,s quote. She's obsessive compulsive, an depressed for 45 years since she was 12..
    Hang in there one day , one hour, one minute at a time. If u accomplish nothing else in a day,
    U are a child of God, sent to help others.😁😃, J. Shelnutt Montgomery Al

  2. Full view and like #3 from me!
    I see I'm not the only one rocking some insomnia tonight — I saw your video(s) come up at about 2 in the morning!
    Hmmm, I played this in full. Honestly, though, I'll need a little time to let this all process before commenting!

  3. Honestly, processing this video has taken me much longer than I'd expected it to!

    I"m not really sure what is the most cogent order to arrange for these thoughts, so I'll just throw them out there willy-nilly:

    I think that, for more people, a certain pervasive kind of depression exists that does not exhibit itself in merely lying in bed all day. Instead, many people unknowingly withdraw from life by falling into watching television, playing video games, drinking heavily, etc. For some people, just the very idea of being alone and being forced to think about "things" is very scary — and those people would do anything to avoid facing reality.

    I believe that "true" or "dark" depression is when one's emotional polarities become reversed, and that person finds him- or herself drawn to things or activities that foster negative feelings. This explains why depressed people often listen to sad music, or watch depressing films, or eat unhealthy foods, or isolate themselves from friends, and so forth — it's because the depression has convinced the person to pursue those unhealthy things, thereby ever deepening the sense of gloom.

    Depression is something that I know well. I am a highly creative and very intelligent person (I'm not bragging here; that's just how the genetic dice landed) — yet I live in a world of the unthinking and the uninspired. I live in a world of envy, of nepotism, of quackery, of conformity, and of irrationality. It is a world into which I cannot meld; thus, I am ever at odds with people and with society as a whole.

    There are many days when (I believe a psychosomatic) fatigue drives me to chronic and lengthy naps — thereby robbing me of that "good mental health food" of actually getting things done. I prefer solitude to socializing. Romantic relationships of any kind are no longer of interest to — nor even possible for — me. And my most guilty pleasure is that, often while driving on these lonely country highways, I'll see for how long I can drive the car with my eyes closed — just to get that "burst" of adrenaline so I can assure myself that I'm not some kind of walking zombie.

    Well, I'm sincerely not really sure where this comment was heading. I guess my long-winded point is that I feel your pain, and can absolutely sympathize with your feelings of depression.

  4. You're one of those people who just have something special inside of them, someone who is a living form of the beauties of life. It's people like you who make the world a cool place to be. I'm sorry you hurt. You are appreciated.

  5. Wow. Didn't know you went through such difficult times in the past. Very glad you're still here with us. Without you I would not know the wonder that is the PacMan Frog! I'm sure this advice will help some people out. Good on you! Hitting that like button for ya.

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