How I Healed My Depression (and found inner PEACE)

– It’s a big, big video today. Again. I feel like I’ve been making
a lot of big videos recently. But today is especially important because. Making a video. You’ll get attention later. I got home, back to
Germany, back to Bavaria, back to my mom’s house a few
days ago and coming home, I don’t know about you
guys, but for me coming home is usually a really good
time to check in with myself and see what has changed since
the last time I was here, how far I’ve come, what
growth has happened, how I’ve developed, and
coming home this time, wow. I mean, I was here last
in November of last year, beginning of November, so
it’s more than six months ago. And before that it was
six months before that, so it’s a good chunk amount
of time for a lot of things to happen internally, but also externally. And I can tell now that I
haven’t been in a good place like this within myself
in such a long time, maybe even never in my entire life. I’m feeling so unbelievably
good and grounded and just at peace with myself. Yeah this is huge. Last time I was here, November,
I was in a really bad place. Before that, that was in May
or so, June of last year. I was in an okay sort of
place, I was getting better, but I was still struggling really hard, I remember when I left, and so
now, I’ve been thinking a lot about what has happened and
all these things that I’ve done to sort my shit out, basically. What have been the crucial
puzzle pieces to finally end up at the place where I am today. So I wanna share this because
I believe so many of us suffer from depression and I have so much, especially in the last few years, but throughout my entire life,
and I’ve done so many things. Through the years, I’ve
been writing down everything that I did to, I guess work on myself, to get support on my healing process, that would advance me
on my spiritual path, and then I figured out,
okay so there’s a few things that really helped, especially
a few things that I’ve done in the last six or 12 months. In this video today, I wanna
share what has helped me to get to where I am today. Feeling pretty awesome everyday when I wake up in the morning. Feeling creative, feeling
inspired, feeling motivated, feeling at peace with
myself, which is probably the best place to be at. And even if, there’s
still days of course where I don’t feel this happy and
awesome or I go through shit, of course I still get triggered. But now I feel like I
really have the tools to deal with all of that stuff. I’ve been on my spiritual path
for about five years or so. It was kick started after
my first girlfriend and I, we broke up and that just
put me onto this path to myself, really. I needed to figure my shit
out because a lot of things were not working, and that relationship, or the ending of that
relationship brought a lot of that stuff to the surface, and I just could not look away anymore. Over the years, I still
kept on drinking a lot, I was still partying a lot, taking drugs. I was traveling like a maniac
to keep distracting myself from the real, real shit
that needed to be looked at. I was still using a lot
of distraction mechanism and strategies that weren’t very healthy, and I kept on ending up in
relationships that were very unhealthy and dysfunctional
and just totally didn’t make me happy, very
dramatic, and it was just one after another after another, and so that cycle kept on going. And I believe that probably
one of my lowest lows of the past few years
took place about a year, year and a half ago. So at the end of 2015 beginning of 2016. That’s when I really hit another
pretty intense rock bottom, I could say with myself. I felt incredibly lost,
depressed, sad, lonely. I was incredibly desperate
because I had felt like I had already done so much
work, I’ve already done so much shit to sort all
my stuff out and yet, I found myself once more on the bottom of feeling extremely
horrible and depressed. I was in a lot of emotional pain. I was stuck in fears of
abandonment, rejection, loneliness was huge. I felt unworthy, I felt unlovable. There were so many suppressed
emotions within myself, my psyche, but also my body. A lot of anger, a lot of
sadness that I had no idea really still how to process
properly and let them go and release them. But I realized then at
the beginning of last year that I had been circling around what I really needed to look at
rather than going straight in. I thought I could sort
my stuff out, just like, yeah, bit of coaching here,
bit of energy sessions there, just kinda go along like
that, but it turned out, I hadn’t properly gotten
to the core of the onion, as I call it, cuz there’s so
many layers to all of this. I was getting closer
layer by layer but I was, I still hadn’t really
gotten to the core issues. I had read so many books,
I’d gone to so many retreats, yoga, meditation, whatever,
I’ve completely immersed myself in Buddhist philosophy
over the years, and yet, I still hadn’t figured myself out yet. And I feel a lot of
people have this issue, they do a lot of work and
nothing, nothing really, really does it, and you get frustrated, extremely frustrated. But the only thing I can
tell you here right now is, you gotta keep going, you can’t just stop. But at that point, when I really
reach that low of the lows, when I was in Bali, I thought this is it. Like I had lost all sorts
of hope or trust that things would ever get better. I was so desperate. I had lost hope completely. I was sitting there looking
up at the stars one night, talking to the universe
that I didn’t really believe in anymore, and
I’m just like, so what? What is all of this? What’s all this bullshit? And I didn’t get answers
that night, but I started to get answers cuz I
asked the right questions. I will share the specifics
in a moment of all the things that I did that really helped me through all these hard times and
through my depression. Here’s one thing I’d
like to emphasize is that there is not one key,
there is not one solution. I have found my path and it
was a step-by-step process, literally, it was just putting all the puzzle pieces together. And then I did one thing and
that was a piece to the puzzle, and another thing, it was
a piece to the puzzle, and your puzzle might look
completely different and so you will need different
pieces and different solutions and different keys to
figure your stuff out. I hope that with this
video, I can inspire you to try out different things,
different strategies, different tools, but also
realizing that it’ll all eventually come together, and
then I hope that you trust in that process and that you
trust in what’s difficult, and that you trust in that
life is not against you. It doesn’t happen to you,
life happens for you. Another big learning I had
was, I realized one day, I needed to work on all different levels so that means I needed to work
on my rational level up here cuz I need to understand shit,
that’s how my brain works. I need to work on my
emotional level, obviously, and energetical level,
and I needed to work on a physical level, with my body. And all these three together,
they have been basically the combination for me
to get down to this core and just kinda look at it and heal it and accept it, and then let it go. Okay so what has really
helped me on my path to deal depression and
a lot of other stuff? Number one is that, and this
has been a very recent process, recent development, is that I
have embraced moving my body every single day. This has been such a game changer. I can’t even put it into
words because once I realized that when I’m low on energy,
that’s when I get depressed really easily, but when
I work with my energy and when I get it to be
up here, in the morning, every single day or at least
five or six times a week, then depression is really hard to come up. And so I started to go running every day. I mean I’ve always done
yoga for many years now, but not every single
day, and even if I did, I realized, especially this
year, I need to have a variety of things that I do and as
much as I absolutely love yoga and in so many ways has
changed my life and helped me through a lot of shit, I
also need to move my body in different ways to get my energy going, and so running has been huge. I don’t enjoy running,
not necessarily, anyway, but I do it believe I love
the feeling afterwards. I love surfing, it’s great
being out in the ocean, being in the element of water,
that has been a complete game changer. I go swimming, I love that, or I go hiking or I go skateboarding. Whatever it is, moving my body every day, especially in the mornings,
just completely takes care of the day. It sets the vibe, it gives
me just this boost of energy and then depression has no chance. This has been one of my biggest learnings, my biggest epiphanies to
dealing with depression is that you need to get out of here, you need to move your
body, because otherwise you’re stuck in this low
energy and it’s too easy to fall back into it. Number two and I’ve
made a couple of videos on this experience. I attended two Tony Robbins
events in December of last year and end of March of this year. Date with Destiny and
Unleash the Power Within. With everything that I’ve
done before, looking back now and having a bit of
perspective on what happened during those events and
kinda being able to reflect on what has actually
really shifted for me, I can say with utmost
confidence that these two events have completely changed my life. I feel like I’ve completely
upgraded my mindset, getting out of this victim
mindset, victim mentality of you know, oh my God, why
is this happening to me, life is horrible, I’m
depressed, I’m lonely, why are people doing this to me, to feeling absolutely empowered
because I’m in control of my own destiny and how
I feel every single day. I feel like these two
events really reprogrammed what’s going on in here
in the best possible way, and since then, my neural
pathways have really grown in amazing ways apparently
and like built new highways of positive beliefs that
are now running my life, and also, these events opened
me up to the power of music and dancing and movement,
and that was huge, so I dance a lot more,
I listen to a lot more upbeat, cool music, yeah, it’s
been just mindblowing, guys. One thing that I totally
failed to mention in the video that I recorded earlier
today and I’m just editing it right now is that one of the
most life changing things that happened during
Tony Robbins’s events was that we work really hard to
release limiting beliefs. And that in itself has
been absolutely crucial in taking care of what goes on up here. Because beliefs influence
the way we feel and hence the way we live and how we
experience life and by getting rid of beliefs such as I’m not
worthy, I’m not good enough, I will always be alone
for the rest of my life, I will never experience
lasting, beautiful happiness, and those are actual
beliefs that I had that I’ve completely eradicated from my
life through Tony Robbins’s events, and through the
mindset that was instilled and programmed into my brain, so to speak, and so I just really wanted
to make an extra point of this because without having changed and worked on these limiting beliefs and
replaced them with way more empowering beliefs such
as, I’m fucking awesome. Because without that process,
I’m not sure if I had healed my depression as quickly
as I did throughout these last six months or so. All right, back onto it. So Tony Robbins and moving
my body, I would say in the last six months or so
have been two of my main impactful aspects to really
beating my depression and a lot of shit that came with that. However, along with all of
this, I have been working with an amazing life coach slash therapist for the past year, year
and a half almost now. The work that I’ve been
doing with her has been absolutely game changing as
well, because I have never committed to working with
someone to this degree and to this depth as I have with her, and I have worked with many coached before and I recently also made a video on that. Yeah, it’s been amazing,
just really sticking with one coach, one therapist. I have done a lot of
psychotherapy before throughout the years since I was a teenager
really, but none of that really worked for me, but that
combination of life coaching and therapy has been huge. One other, I guess coaching
approach or therapy approach was Grinberg. Now this is relatively
big here in Germany, but I started with someone I not Bali. I will put the link below. She works internationally
actually, which is amazing and I’ve worked with a few other Grinberg therapists as well. But it’s basically somatic
body work, where I was taught and guided through feeling
my emotions properly. Really going into your
body and feeling into where there’s blocked energy
sitting, where there’s emotions sitting, such as anger, sadness. For me a lot of times it was in my throat or maybe in my chest or my stomach. But my throat was huge. So many times when I was
triggered, or activated, I would feel like, not just a tennis ball, I would feel a basketball
sitting right here. And to this day now,
we’ve completely let go and released all of this
energy so that I barely ever, I don’t even remember
feeling that anymore, this activation here or anywhere else. So Grinberg has been
huge, I’ve recommended it to my sister and to other
friends and they love doing it, and have seen amazing results. With all of this, let it be
Tony Robbins, the life coaching, the Grinberg sessions, I
learned how to actually really feel emotions, how to
connect to my emotions, how to accept them, how to
not judge myself for feeling whatever it is that’s
there, that’s present, that wants to be seen, and
that for me was absolutely huge because I was, for most of my
life I’ve been so disconnected and didn’t really know how to feel. I didn’t really know how to
deal with emotions of anger and sadness. They would make me feel
so depressed and desperate that I would look for other
ways to distract myself or eventually sit there
and be so completely sad and in so much emotional
pain because I didn’t know how to release it and how
to actually feel them. And through all these ways
of working with coaches and therapists and whatnot,
I have finally found a way to connect with them. And also just realizing that any emotion, let it be whatever we say is
positive or negative emotion, because that’s all just in here, right? To just realize that it’s all just energy. When I’m sad, it’s energy. When I’m happy, that’s energy too. And to be just okay with
that and not labeling any of those emotions as good or bad. Yeah, learning how to feel,
wow, I think I have to make a whole extra video around
that topic cuz that’s been so big for me. And all of this work of
connecting with my feelings and Grinberg work and feeling
into my body has really led to a much deeper connection with myself, which is really what we lack
when we feel really depressed and lonely is that we lack connection. We lack connection to other
people but also to ourselves, for the most part, and
by connecting to myself through all these techniques
but also through meditation and through yoga and
all these things is that I’ve come home to myself,
and that has been, I guess, one of the missing pieces. And once I’ve established this
deeper connection to myself, I could actually start going
deeper in relationships with other people, with
friends and family and partners and also share more and
make myself more vulnerable, and just really have such
enriching relationships in my life that I never feel disconnected anymore. I don’t feel that loneliness anymore. Because I have this connection
within me all the time. In relation to that, I did a
30 day vulnerability challenge earlier this year, so I did
a video every single day where I made myself very
vulnerable, emotionally very naked. And I shared a lot of things
that I felt embarrassed or ashamed of, and that has
also contributed to deshaming so many areas of my life,
also making this video is deshaming depression for
me, and that in itself has been another piece of the puzzle. I personally have never
taken antidepressants. I don’t really believe in them. I feel like they hook people on chemicals and actually they don’t really
solve any of the problems. They might be god short-term,
but in the long run, we have to do the work. We have to do the work. The only thing that I do take is 5-HTP. It’s a natural serotonin
from an African bean, and it helps me especially
before I get my period when I’m PMSing, because
then my serotonin level drops and the 5-HTP helps me
to bring it up again. I’m actually taking less
and less of 5-HTP because I wanna get off of it, I
don’t like taking anything on a regular basis. It has been a good interim
solution, and I can also feel that my PMS has gotten so much better. Connected to this is that
I started charting my cycle earlier this year because
I really wanted to see how do I fluctuate emotionally,
physically, creatively, throughout my cycle. I noticed that after I
ovulate, I sometimes have a couple of days where this
feeling of meaninglessness or why am I here, what’s
the purpose of life, that sort of stuff would come up for me and just noticing that, just
becoming more aware of that, that in itself helped me to
not put myself down (mumbles). So instead of getting depressed
about being depressed, I would feel like, hey it’s okay Connie. What do you need right now? What can I give you? And just taking it easy, and not as heavy. Okay, we’re finishing up
here now because it is getting so loud outside, unbelievable. So anyway, here’s a big one
that definitely helped a lot, and I would recommend this
to anybody who, like me, has found themselves in
unhealthy, dysfunctional, dramatic relationships. I stopped doing that. I am single right now and
I’m really enjoying it because it’s giving me the
time and the space and a break from all this drama. Hi baby. She’s no drama. You’re just cute. The goal was to really
come to a point in my life where I love my life
and myself so much that so that the day a relationship
opens up for me again, it would only be the icing on the cake, but not the actual cake. I used to look for
relationships to be my cake, not realizing that I had to be the cake. And so now, I just want some icing. It’s all I need. And so that has been huge
because if I look for a relationship, if I’m looking
for a partner to complete me, if I look for a relationship
out of loneliness, of not wanting to be alone, then I create relationships
out of scarcity, and that’s really fucked up and not cool, not to myself, but also not to my partner. And at this point, I am building
this rock solid foundation every single day, and with
this also comes building a deeper sexual connection
with myself outside of being in a relationship
or being with a partner. I wanna own my sexuality. I wanna own my sensuality. I wanna own my orgasms. I wanna own my body and feel amazing in it without needing any confirmation, anything else from outside, and I’m doing some really
cool things these days. I started dancing naked
in front of the mirror. I started to just really,
really go deep into who I am as a sexual being, as a sexual woman, as a queer sexual woman,
and it’s a beautiful and amazing journey that, I
sometimes share on Instagram, actually, totally, definitely. Follow me on Instagram. And lastly, lastly. I guess it’s part of building
this foundation with myself and with my life, and it’s
really getting crystal clear with my why in life. Not just when it comes to
business, but with my life, and with every single day and
my purpose and my calling, and I’m getting clearer and clearer. Making videos is helping me
a lot, actually, to do this, launching Live Your Heart
Out, my new platform, was a huge step in that
direction, and it keeps getting clearer and clearer even
though I’m not 100% there yet, but I realize that having a
why every day when I wake up is so essential to feeling fulfilled, then depression has no chance. And with this also comes
the desire to contribute, to create, to be creative and inspired and I love it right now
because every single day is a day full of feeling
creative and wanting to put something out there, wanting to share and having all these
beautiful ideas and goals of things I wanna do and
achieve and I can’t wait because the next year or two
or three I think are gonna be, they’re gonna be really awesome. I have so much cool stuff
coming up, so stay tuned. (blowing lips) And so all of this, all these pieces, all these puzzle pieces, they
ended up being this package, and this package that
obviously, I keep adding to and it never stops, they learning
never stops, but all this, it’s let me grow as a
person and as a soul so much that my life is so much
richer now because of all the challenges that I’ve faced. Because of all the depression,
because of all the sadness, because of all this, because
of all the heartbreaks. I’ve grown so much and I feel
a lot of gratitude for that. That’s what it’s all about, I guess. Right? And I really hope that
this video helped you and inspired you to go
inwards more and to go out and open yourself up to
more of those puzzle pieces that might help you on your
path and to help you heal your depression and
whatever emotional pain you might be experiencing,
and I would love it if you shared with me what
has helped you on your path to healing depression or
whatever other shit you had to go through, so please do
share in the comments below. And if you enjoyed my video,
please give me a thumbs up and subscribe to my
channel and I’ll see you in the next video, with or without Finie. Right? Bye guys. Muah. Say bye, Finie. You can only see her ears (chuckles). Finie, look in the camera. Bye bye. We’re finished. Thanks for crashing my video. Finie, now your ass is in the camera. This, there’s like a
hair from the microphone. On a (stutters and mutters). Okay, are we ready? Yes, you’re looking great.

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  1. What has helped you on your journey? Or do you have any questions? Share your thoughts and experiences with me!

  2. Liebe Conni,
    ich bekomme jedes Mal eine unglaubliche Gänsehaut, wenn ich Dir zuhöre und merke förmlich wie ich an Deinen Lippen klebe. Alles, was Du sagst, kann ich soooo guuuut nachvollziehen. Es ist fast so als würdest Du mein eigenes Leben beschreiben. Es haut mich um, wie Du all meine Gedanken, so strukturiert auf den Punkt bringst. Ich bin total fasziniert, wie Du Deine Gefühle sprachlich auszudrücken verstehst und anderen Menschen dadurch Mut machst und Unterstützung gibst. Ich habe mich noch nie groß für Social Media, YouTube oder irgendwelche Blogger interessiert, aber bei Dir bin ich jedes Mal sofort on. Danke für all Deine Inspiration und Natürlichkeit!

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  4. Oh and I have a question for you: Does it make a difference to you if you speak in English or in German about your feelings? And: Do you think, switching to the English Language, helped you a bit to get a more differentiated look on your feelings/depressions after all?

  5. Love it, love it, love it, Connie! You seem to be my soul sister when it comes to depression! I can relate to so many things of your own experiences with your own dementors. And I am also in the process of instead of letting it consume me, just acknowledging all these thoughts and feelings and letting them go. What has had the biggest impact on my life so far is learning and practicing the wonderful thought inquiry method by Byron Katie which is called "The Work". Maybe you have heard of it, you talked about inquiring thoughts in one of your videos, if not, check it out, I have the feeling it is something you would like. I love it, love it, love it and has helped me overcome many times when my shitty feelings were having feelings and I would have otherwise just felt super overwhelmed and hopeless. Whenever I do it, I come out of the process with love, compassion and excitement. I try to add meditation, visualisations or yoga into my day and moving my body, going for a run or morning walk five times a week has been great, too. And then, thanks to a couple of your videos, I just came back from UPW and now that I walked over hot coals I am just much, much more confident in my own abilities and capabilities. Right now I am practicing unconditional happiness by being happy in literally any kind of conditions. This is huge! Thank you for your honesty and candidness! You are a huge inspiration 🙂 You FREAKING ROCK!

  6. Wow, I think this is my favorite video from you so far. Man… I can't wait to see you speak at DNX in Berlin next week. 🙂 You went through such an incredible transformation and I'm so happy you're sharing it with the world. So people can learn from it. Thank you, Conni <3

  7. Mon ami, I intentionally waited to let this info sink in before I responded with my thoughts. I agree with one of the comments below that this is probably one of your best vlogs. It resonated deep down into my soul. In my last few years I have lost my health, my job, my home, two of my closest friends and mentors and finally my mother who was my absolute best friend and supporter. I am a Type A personality and my friends call me the gay nerd. I try to analyze and solve everything by trying to study anything to help me get through this. But knowledge can only carry you so far so I am trying to work on my body and soul as well. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

  8. Thank you so much for this video, I really enjoyed and learned from it.

    I get periods of depression from time to time, not very often anymore, maybe about once a year. What I do is basicly just to accept it & the emotions and let time pass. Meanwhile I try to sleep and rest more, push myself to take walks in the nature, and also to tell friends about how I feel – I am very much used to taking care of myself all the time, but knowing that someone cares for me feels really important when I'm feeling low. Sometimes though, it feels like my depression is trying to show me something, that I might need to change some patterns in my life.

    Yoga has also been a game changer to me. Not so much for the depression, but for learning to breathe and to let go of tensions in my body. My first experience with yoga was therapeutic yoga (is this the proper English name for it?). I had been through some really difficult stuff and my whole body was so full of tensions and stiffness that I could barely breathe anymore, having so much pain in my chest. Therapeutic yoga helped me SO much. Nowadays I'm doing all kinds of yoga. 🙂

    Btw, what yogamat are you using? I need a new, light one.

    Keep up the great work Conni, I watch every video and enjoy them a lot!


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    Ich fühle mich so verbunden mit dir, kann es gar nicht richtig in Worte beschreiben.

    Dieses Gefühl ist einfach da seit dem ersten Moment als ich dich entdeckt habe.

    Seither habe ich für mich eine, auch wenn wir uns physich noch nie gesehen haben, eine grosse Schwester die ich so niemals hatte, auf die ich immer wieder zurück greifen kann. Die mich inspiriert, mich motiviert und vorallem vieles lehrt.
    Deinen Weg den du mit uns teilst ist für mich von unschätzbaren Wert.
    Du bist mein Vorbild und mein Anker durch und durch.

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  11. Thank you very much Conni !! Love your honesty, and courage !! My healing path is spiritual ( not religious ), having had myself a few "paranormal" experiences I really wanted to understand … so … way out of the scientific " you're born, you struggle, you die " paradigm.
    Darryl Anka channels the Bashar ( dot org ) material since 33 years, and 2 main subjects are explored and explained : who we really are, and the true nature of reality !! I can't say yet I "know" his nature of reality explanation is true for me, but I've made huge progress using his tools of personal transformation to get out of "compression", as he says (instead of depression), to a growing inner peace and balance that is solid.
    He was talking about "belief systems" long before it got into mainstream … quite a few ( including Tony Robbins ) use his understanding, and particular expressions, I noticed, but wouldn't, I believe, dare to tell their sources, because, as we all know, humans are often mostly judging the Container despite the quality Content it may bring !!
    It would seem everything and everybody is a kind of reflection ( mirror ) of our strongest beliefs of who we are, and having had a few Lucid Dreams, it really put this notion in action and perspective !! Mind blowing !!
    Much, much more to be said !! Much Love and Healing !!

  12. Your vid was shared to me by a friend on Facebook. Thank you first for sharing your vulnerability with us and being so frank and open about your journey. I also started to notice that I go through my depression during my periods and just watching your vid helped make sense (logically) why I am like this. So today, I am giving myself a break. Not fighting it so much but keeping in mind that this too shall pass. This is not me. So I am doing my lazy things (when I am so super productive) because the body needs this too. I agree on not taking pills for it. I only did it once because it was the only way I would have been able to manage my depression from my divorce on top of selling a house on top of keeping a job. But getting off of it is a bitch! So never again. I'll try the 5htp. Hope that helps! Thank you again and keep being wonderful!

  13. Wunderbar! I just watched this about 3 times whilst sorting some other stuff, Ive saved to evernote in my "uplifting" folder…. Some real gems in this vid Conni. I so deeply appreciate you sharing your Journey 🙂 The other stuff I was doing was a bit stressy to be frank & I actually chose to watch some of your Vids to inspire me & get me through the shitty bits Jaja.. Yap! It worked! Thank you for being YOU.

  14. Oh my god Connie! Thank you so much for this Video! Oder auch auf Deutsch: danke, danke, danke! Feiere dich und das, was du tust gerade extrem! Bin so bei dir, denn das wovon du berichtest, kenne und teile ich auf vielen Ebenen. Die Dreiheit die du ansprichst (geistig, emotional, physisch), sowie das mit sich selbst in Kontakt kommen und fühlen lernen.. Das die Beziehungen zu anderen tiefer werden, je stärker und verbundener die Beziehung mit mir selbst ist…
    Habe derzeit wieder eine depressivere Phase … war zwei Wochen erkältet (also "Nase voll") und habe mich dadurch kaum bewegt.. Heute war ich dann endlich wieder beim Yoga und es hat soooo gut getan! 🙂 Wow.
    Jedoch glaube ich, das es bei mir an der Zeit ist wirklich tiefer zu graben bzw. Schicht für Schicht zum Kern vor zu stoßen, um Altes da sein zu lassen… auf zu lösen… Da ist so viel Wut, Verunsicherung, Scham…. Anyway.

    Keep on shining! So wunderschön, authentisch & inspirierend du bist! Love it! 😉

  15. you inspire me internally , I love your work and you seem like such a gentle soul, I love you …keep traveling the world ….

  16. I just recently subscribed to your channel! It's awesome how you travel! How many nationalities do you have and which one do you travel on?

  17. Just found your channel.. I love skate boarding, surfing .. yoga and all knowledge on mind and spirit.. I'm 40 and can really relate to your video.. 👍😀 keep it going .. peace and love..

  18. thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you! Every single word was of such value to me and my journey. I'm at that place where I'm turning to every Eastern, Western and Universal channel to heal my depression. Again every word was so valuable. I'm 26 now and I hope that my journey will lead to a place that resemble where you are in this video. You've given me courage to keep going.

  19. hey, I just wanted to say thank you for this video. and not only this one but all of your content, its just amazing! I don't even know if you will get to read this but I've been passing through a difficult process in all the areas of my life (mental, physical, emotional, financial and so on), also, since 2016 I've been dealing with depression, that has its ups and downs. but I've always been passionated about discovering more of myself and understanding my process and giving the responsibility to myself, understanding why I arrived till this point. your video was clarifying and simple. I randomly found you searching about digital nomads hahaha and im thankful for that. continue working with all this amazing content, I wish just the best for you. thank you again 🙂

  20. Thank you so much for this video! And the way your beautiful dog looks up at you and listens when you're talking with such complete adoration and love…warms my heart!

  21. I’m starting this journey now. It’s a bit terrifying but so exciting out the same time! I’m ready to challenge myself because I know only better things await on the other side. And once on the other side, I still won’t be done – there will always be more learning and growing to do.

  22. I don't understand acceptance. I really don't. I've been in therapy for 2 years and still don't get the hang of it. If I accept my Feelings (the same as yours actually), I give up. I don't understand acceptance. I really don't know how thst works.

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