How I Reversed My Autoimmune Disease

hi my name is Gabrielle Arruda I reverse
my autoimmune disease and I’d like to tell you how what am I about to show you
is my story and the five-step protocol I discovered that put my autoimmune
disease into full remission through this plan I was able to overcome allergic
reactions to foods bouts of fatigue problems sleeping malnutrition stomach
pain horrible fungal skin rashes dental
health problems discouragement and depression I’ve been inspired as I’ve
personally seen people with conditions such as lupus Hashimoto’s thyroiditis MS
and PCOS recover by using the exact program that I’m about to share with you
this is because all autoimmune diseases have the same principal root cause and
when you treat the root issues the body heals so you know who I am I’m a
Christian motivational speaker my wife and I have been traveling nationally and
internationally for the last ten years helping people connect with God and
overcome challenges in 2010 I started developing my own health challenges at
29 years old I started seeing the first science of my autoimmune condition after
seven years of research trial and error learning hard lessons along the way with
the blessing of God and the help of several natural minded health
professions five-step plan that I’m going to share with you that caused me
to see major improvements in my autoimmune disease in just four months
and I saw it totally reverse in only nine months my family has had a very
unfortunate history with autoimmune diseases in December of 1998 my mother
became very sick and was eventually diagnosed with autoimmune liver
cirrhosis her health rapidly deteriorated she almost died on three
separate occasions finally in the year 2000 by God’s grace she received a
last-minute liver transplant that saved her life then in 2001 my grandmother my
mom’s mom was diagnosed with autoimmune liver cirrhosis
unfortunately grandma was unable to get a liver transplant and grandma died in
2002 in 2012 my mom’s liver cirrhosis symptoms came
back mom fought the disease but unfortunately this time she didn’t win
in April of 2013 my mom died because of her autoimmune disease mom’s passing was
crushing my mother and I were very close we shared the same birthday and we had a
very close relationship my birthday’s have never been the same
since I will always miss hey remember her five months after mom died after
getting some testing done I found that I had the same autoimmune disease as my
mother and grandmother my grandmother died at 84 my mother would have died at
56 had she not received at the liver transplant and I knew I would die
younger than them both if something didn’t happen soon lab tests found that
my liver enzymes were abnormal I also received a list of 15 different foods
that my body was having an autumn you in reaction to after eating certain foods I
would experience fatigue headaches and sometimes terrible migraines
I had to radically change my diet almost overnight at times I felt miserable
several times I had to take months off of work because of the seriousness of my
condition but by divine appointment I was introduced to the most cutting-edge
autoimmune protocol various after faithfully doing this protocol in just
nine months from the time of my diagnosis I had blood work done and all
of my inflammation markers were negative my body is showing no more signs of
autoimmune disease what we found out women make up more than 75% of all
autoimmune suffers most begin experiencing symptoms from the ages of
15 up to 60 typically if you are in your mid to late teens 20s or 30s and have
begun to experience any of the following symptoms it could be very likely that
you have an autoimmune disease here are the common symptoms food allergies
thyroid issues weight gain or weight loss fatigue exhaustion dry thinning
hair depression brain fog headaches joint pain
are you experiencing any of these symptoms it’s common for women to
discover their autoimmune condition due to their difficulty getting pregnant or
they begin experiencing symptoms within 12 months after pregnancy as we did
research on the treatments to cure autoimmune diseases we were shocked
everyone is saying there’s no known cure the cause of lupus is not known the
cause of MS is still unknown fibromyalgia is a chronic condition
meaning it lasts a long time probably a lifetime or that the only way to handle
the disease is taking drugs that quote almost always needs to be taken for the
rest of a person’s life but thankfully it’s simply not true
I was able to reverse my autoimmune disease without taking one single
medication and I’ve seen others to do the same here are the typical autoimmune
treatments you will find in the medical establishment first medications second
Paleo diet or wall’s diet third surgery and fourth management measures here’s
why these treatments don’t work so well intentioned for the most part all
doctors can do for you is prescribe the medications most likely these will be
steroids which will never cure your autoimmune disease all you will do is
exchange one symptom for another let’s just take the meds used to treat lupus
for example quote these drugs can cause serious side effects including nausea
vomiting hair loss bladder problems decreased fertility and a risk of cancer
and infection these drugs can also cause birth defects another lupus drug called
been lista in clinical studies people taking been lista reported more deaths
and serious infections than people not taking the drug been lista should not be
given with live vaccines the most common side effects include nausea diarrhea and
fever another set of drugs used to manage lupus are kotico steroids the
short-term side effects of these are a round or puffy face acne heartburn
increased appetite weight gain and mood swings long term side effects can
include easy bruising thinning skin and hair weakened or damaged bones high
blood pressure damage to the arteries high blood sugar
infections muscle weakness and cataracts some people may have ulcers depression
or even congestive heart failure are you noticing that many times the side
effects of these drugs are the exact same as the symptoms of the disease
itself for instance here are the common lupus symptoms and here are the common
lupus drug side effects one of the symptoms of lupus is hair loss and one
of the side effects of lupus drugs is hair loss a common lupus symptom is
fever a lupus drug side effect is fever and there’s weight gain and weight gain
muscle weakness and muscle weakness depression and depression many of the
effects of the disease and the side effects from the drugs to cure the
disease are the exact same it’s crazy even insulting what’s worse the disease
or the drugs to treat the disease I’m not sure and this is just lupus that
drugs for other autoimmune diseases are no better the paleo or wall’s diet as a
dietary approach to heal autoimmune diseases many well-meaning health
professionals have recommended a new fad diet called the Paleo diet or a modified
version of it called the walls diet to treat autoimmune diseases here’s why
these diets don’t work the philosophy behind these diets is
that we eat like our hunter-gatherer ancestors this means a major focus on
meat fish eggs vegetables fruits nuts and seeds while completely eliminating
almost all other foods here’s the problem leaky gut is the foundational
problem for every autoimmune disease yet even a single meal containing saturated
fat from animal foods causes a breakdown in the lining of the small intestine
which is leaky gut these diets rely heavily on meat and animal products for
nutrition yet studies are showing that animal fat actually causes leaky gut
besides inducing leaky gut there are more issues with the high meat Paleo
diet and Welles diet most me has been found to contain large
amounts of a particular estrogen growth hormone called estradiol which is known
to promote cancer anything that increases or prolongs a woman’s exposure
to estrogen increases her risk of breast cancer estradiol induces tumors and rats
mice and hamsters and when its levels become elevated in humans there is a
corresponding increase in breast and uterine cancer
another component found in the high meat Paleo diet that will drive up your
hormones is fat studies show that high dietary fat
intake is associated with elevated serum estrogen and androgens leading to
increased rates of breast colon and prostate cancer the Paleo diet is also a
very high protein diet diets high in protein have been shown to promote
tumors and increase metastases to the liver and lungs as well as to contribute
to the formation of kidney stones these diets are going to worsen your leaky gut
wreak havoc on your kidneys and increase your risk of heart disease and cancer
instead of using the Paleo diet we found a completely natural and healthy diet
that stopped my autoimmunity in its tracks and actually strengthen my
immune system instead of suppressing it surgery
this one is self-explanatory do you really want to have to look forward to a
surgery in five to ten years that wouldn’t even result in solving your
autoimmune problem a surgery just to keep you barely treading water every
time you go under for surgery every time you get cut open you’re taking a risk
not to mention that medical error has been charted as the number 3 killer in
America my mother had to undergo several surgeries due to her out of mewn
condition one of the worst ones was a liver transplant surgery my poor mother
went through a nightmare with all the surgeries she had to endure
my grandmother who had the same autoimmune disease was too old to
qualify for a liver transplant and died a painful death however thanks to God
and the autoimmune protocol we learned about I am in complete remission and
we’ll never have to worry about surgery as long as I keep on track and
stay healthy then there’s management measures some management approaches
include avoiding sunlight staying in bed most of the day or physical therapy is
this really the way you really want to live your life these may reduce symptoms
but are not addressing the root cause therefore you will only be managing your
condition for the rest of your life do you want to spend the rest of your life
trying to avoid the Sun do you want to spend the rest of your life sleeping in
bed or spend the rest of your life having to go to physical therapy
appointments not what you prefer this isn’t what I wanted either all the
conventional treatments either have side effects just as bad if not worse than
the autoimmune disease itself are actually perpetuating leaky gut as well
as increasing your risk for liver failure kidney failure and cancer or are
risky and invasive also none of these approaches actually address the root
cause of autoimmunity they are really only pitiful attempts at trying to
manage symptoms lastly none of these approaches address
the genetic factor involved in autoimmune diseases meaning you could be
doing all the right things to treat your autoimmune disease and yet still never
fully heal because you have a problem at the genetic level that needs to be
addressed I’ll show you why in a minute now I’m going to give you my five-step
plan that I use to heal my autoimmune disease 1 remove foods and toxins that
are damaging the gut to heal the leaky gut 3 nutrify 4 cleanse and detox 5 or
move chronic stress these have to be done all at once they have a synergistic
effect on each other let’s start with the first remove foods and toxins that
are damaging the gut it has been discovered that the fundamental cause of
all autoimmune disease is toxins which creates leaky gut these toxins could
come from many different sources such as chronic stress poor air quality
household mold infections contaminated water and many other environmental
sources however one of the biggest sources of toxic substances that we are
continually exposed to is something we are actually paying for
something we are in fact willingly introducing into our bodies it’s our
food yes almost every American on a daily basis
is eating food that your body is actually recognizing as toxins the
biggest of the food culprits is genetically modified foods also known as
GMOs genetically modified organisms are plants or animals that have their DNA
altered to withstand deadly doses of herbicides and to produce their own
pesticides animal studies indicate serious health risks associated with
GMOs including immune problems accelerated aging allergies new diseases
and infertility and my ebook I’ll show you all the GMO foods on the market I’ll
also discuss the other major sources of foods and toxins which cause leaky gut
and how you can easily avoid them to heal the leaky gut since GMO foods have
been modified at a cellular level when we ingest them the body identifies it as
something abnormal or toxin and thus attacks therefore if we are continually
ingesting these foods our immune system is continually attacking this constant
attacking occurs primarily in the small intestine because this is where the
body’s first line of defense against invaders is the result of this continual
attacking is damage and inflammation in the small intestine which results in
linky gut leaky gut is the main factor in autoimmune disease and therefore
people with an autoimmune disease also have leaky gut what does leaky gut leaky
gut is where the wall of your small intestine becomes damaged and permeable
meaning it gets holes in it these holes in the small intestine allow large
particles of undigested food bad bacteria and toxic waste to leak into
your bloodstream your immune system recognizes these foreign invaders in
your body and attacks them unfortunately your own tissues can get caught in the
friendly crossfire and this is what causes an autoimmune condition in the
body in my ebook I’ll show you exactly how I healed my leaky
yet using several cutting-edge natural methods this has not only worked for me
but for several others three nutrify our small intestine is where most of the
nutrients from the food we eat gets absorbed into our bodies since damaged
villi and the small intestine comes along with all autoimmune diseases we
are not going to be absorbing nutrients like we need to which results in being
malnourished in key nutrients vitamins and minerals a whole host of side
effects can stem from this problem it takes a high nutrient diet to heal from
the years of damage done to your organs and tissues from an autoimmune disease
this high nutrient diet consists of specialized organic anti-inflammatory
foods that assist the body in repairing itself in my ebook I’ll show you exactly
what foods are used that helped repair my body from many years of damage I’ll
show you a vitamin that works better than all the drug steroids that doctors
prescribe to suppress autoimmunity this vitamin actually acts as a steroid
hormone itself increasing your immune systems ability to differentiate between
your own tissues and foreign invaders for cleanse detox most people go years
before figuring out they have an autoimmune disease on top of that it
could be another several years before knowing what to do about it during this
time the body is building up toxins from toxic food the environment and
undigested food particles in the bloodstream and step one I discussed
about the need to prevent toxins from coming in but there’s still the need to
cleanse the body because of the years of accumulated toxins until these toxins
are removed from the body they will continue to create fatigue headaches
rashes and other symptoms of for years I was able to thoroughly cleanse from the
accumulated toxin buildup in a relatively short amount of time I’ve
seen others who have used this protocol make a rapid progress in cleansing as
well using the methods I described my ebook 5 remove chronic stress studies
clearly show that our bodies receive physical damage
due to negative emotions this negative physical impact is very similar to the
effects of autoimmunity in the body chronic stress results in chronic
inflammation and disease the National Institutes of Health published an
article in the journal autoimmune diseases in which it says chronic stress
affects the composition of the gut microbiota and chronic stress also makes
the gut leaky when we are stressed our hypothalamus releases hormones that
signal the pituitary and adrenal glands to release stress steroids such as
adrenaline and cortisol not knowing how to deal with emotional baggage and
negative emotions can prevent this entire five-step program from working
even if you have been healing physically unresolved and negative emotions can
cause your autoimmune disease to pop up over and over again the genetic factor
there is a very strong genetic link with autoimmune diseases often autoimmune
diseases manifest in family clusters where multiple family members have
symptoms of autoimmune diseases in my family there are six members including
myself that have had an autoimmune disease approximately 40% of Americans
have some variation of a gene mutation called the MTHFR gene this gene mutation
hinders the bodies of those who have it from completing necessary chemical
reactions in short the results of this gene mutation are that you will have a
malnourished and malfunctioning immune system and nervous system this is not
good consequently it has been found that a very large number of people who suffer
from neuro-immune syndromes like autism ad D ADHD fibromyalgia multiple
sclerosis and other autoimmune related disorders have the MTHFR gene mutation I
have it and I found that all of the autoimmune suffers I personally know who
have been tested for this gene mutation come out positive this means that you
could be doing all the right things to heal your autoimmune disease and yet
still never fully heal because you have a problem at a genetic level that isn’t
being addressed you’ll be trying and trying but just
spinning your tires in our research we found a product that bypasses this
common genetic abnormality in autoimmune sufferers in my ebook I share exactly
how to get tested for this gene mutation I also share a successful workaround I
found to counteract my gene mutation because of this workaround I was able to
bounce back from having dangerously low levels of vitamin b12 and vitamin D this
saved me from possibly having neurological disorders such as
depression and brain fog in the near future I’ve personally seen people with
conditions such as lupus Hashimoto’s thyroiditis MS and PCOS recovered by
using the exact program in my ebook since the issues lying at the foundation
of all autoimmune diseases are the same namely toxicity leaky gut malnutrition
genetics and chronic stress only protocols that effectively address these
five main areas can truly be effective in healing autoimmune diseases to do is
click the Buy Now button below and you’ll have my how I reversed my
autoimmune disease 100 page ebook on your computer or mobile device in just
two to five minutes

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