How Losing Weight Helps Control Anxiety and Depression – Matt Curtis

Erik: How has your pursuit of health and wellness
activities improved your sense of well-being? Matt: Boy, when I first got out of college
I sure did enjoy eating large bowls of cereal and I enjoyed eating a lot of popcorn and
drinking beer and late night snaking and really probably the worst diet that I could have
for me and I gained an incredible amount of weight, much more than I am—much heavier
than I am now and I’ve lost a lot of weight. And what I realized when I started exercising
worked better, I felt better, I wasn’t having problems with depression or anxiety… every aspect of my life was better, I just
enjoyed things more, I wasn’t focused on just being able to get up the stairs anymore or
affected by walking up stairs, it didn’t take me a half an hour to recover… so I started
working out and I went through a few different stages of working out and eating better, I
lost about a hundred and forty pounds… I’ve since stabilized for about the last two
years or so, I continue to work out and I feel great, I’m just probably eating more
like a normal person. It really does make a difference in my ability
to process thought more easily, to control my temper, I would say as a heavier person
I had an incredibly bad temper, but most noticeably absolute control over what was a suppressing,
devastating bout of depression, to the point that I was almost incapable of really being
a productive member of the community.

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