How Medical Cannabis Helped Stephanie Find Relief from Anxiety and Depression

I am a mom of this cute little boy and I am also expecting a second child now Which is also another boy. Nobody really likes to talk about what happens after pregnancy. I think people really like to focus on yes It’s a beautiful time and all the fancy pictures of the baby and the nursery but as a woman I think it’s really important that we start advocating and talking about the real things that happen after pregnancy Including like postpartum depression and the anxiety that you can face as a mother, which is very real I started to have really really chronic anxiety and A friend of mine talking about this company Surterra Wellness and that they were in the business of medical marijuana being a cuban-american raised in Miami with very conservative grandparents I Was always told that if you smoked marijuana you were going to die So I did not think that this company was a good idea But I started doing some research and it was really interesting to see that This was a real company and that they grew their products and this beautiful facility and that they were actually helping patients Within my second week of the job I was so suffering from the high anxiety because now I started this new job coupling with the anxiety that I had before and the postpartum and I said, you know I walked in to meet one of the physicians and I started to tell her my story and she said, you know You should really try cannabis I’m like well I guess I should I mean I work for this brand now, I should probably try this out. I got my license and I was terrified because like most new people to cannabis I was scared of getting high like have a child to take care of I didn’t want to go to jail and all these thoughts that were going through my head. I Was prescribed a tincture oil which is I take sublingually and I put under my tongue and within like 30 or 40 minutes I would feel that relief so That was great. And then for like breakthrough anxiety, I would use a vape pen Which also was very discreet and elegant it didn’t feel uncomfortable using these products within a week I would say I started to feel better within a month much better. Second months even better third months I kind of just woke up one day and I said I really need this anymore Like I feel fine and I caught under calling the physician and she was like, well just don’t use it It’s about using it when you need it And that was the first time my physicians ever told me that I mean as a person who used to take adderall or other prescription drugs for depression and was always a clean yourself off and be careful like that but with medical marijuana Things were different. It was just like I needed it. I used it for relief And when I was done I was done then I guess I was still relaxed I was able to get pregnant with my second child. So here I am today

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