How Occipital Nerve Stimulator Migraine Treatment Provides Migraine Relief

The mechanism by which nerve simulators work
is that the battery generates a very mild electromagnetic field at the tip of a long
wire. Again, there’s a small battery. We have to conceptualize as very long thin little
wire coming in. At the tip is a really mild electromagnetic field. The little wire is
right under the skin, in the forehead and back of the head.
Again, you can’t see anything. The electromagnetic field basically stimulates the very superficial
nerves in the head. The patient feels a little tingling sensation or mild vibration which
they describe as feeling very good. It’s a very soothing sensation. By certain mechanisms,
that effectively stops the headache pain. There’s medical studies to show that even
though it’s stimulating the superficial nerves, those were, in turn, stimulating deep centers
in the brain, the deep nuclei, felt to be related to the areas that are important in
the genesis and modulation of headaches. The perception is just a mild tingling sensation,
but the way it works with the deeper centers in the brain is a very safe … in a very
safe fashion to really just stop or prevent the headaches from occurring in the first
place, but works extremely well. Physicians are always cautious to overstate what any
kind of treatment can do. I’m discussing this with that fully in mind.
This is not a treatment that a patient would have where they were some better, a little
better, which is very common without treatments. Maybe the headaches are somewhat decreased
in frequency, not as severe. Not the case here. For patients that respond to this and
we put in what we term a permanent unit, the response is I term dramatic, night and day.

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