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  1. I’m so happy for you Sadie.
    You are surround with love, you are happy and you finally have peace in mind , body and soul . You feel free. What a wonderful Christmas you all will have. God bless you mate.
    Sending you love and hugs from the land of Oz. 😎🇦🇺

  2. Firstly congratulations. I hope you won't feel depression again. What is truama? I don't know. Therfore I can't understand this process truelly. Can you explain? Also did you have any mental problem like anxiety except depression?

  3. Love to you Sadie, so happy to see how you feel and you are SO right. I so understand the exhaustion that creeps up on you when you are not in the right physical place. Maui looks so beautiful

  4. I suffer from depression since 2012.. feeling exausted and no energy.. i didn't quite get what she meant by feeling in your body? what am i supposed to do to feel different

  5. Dear Sadie, I suffer from major depression and PTSD. I never took and I never will take any medication just because I don't believe in medical treatment of depression. Anti-depressants suppose to make you feel better but all they do is make you feel sleepy all the time and finally sleep endless hours. So, I moved in a rural area and I can tell that I feel a lot better. There's a thing called "EARTHING" which refers to the benefits of being in contact with nature. If you like do a little research. Till then, hugs and love. <3

  6. I don't suffer from depression but Hawaii is my absolute favorite place to vacation. There is something about the air in Hawaii that just makes me feel happy and peaceful.
    In your first Hawaii video P talked about how expensive Maui is and how you can only stay on a visitor's visa. You might want to look at Central and South American countries where your money will go much further and the weather is tropical. Costa Rica is nice and Panama and Ecuador are also worth looking at.

  7. Try visiting Crete in Greece this summer. You might like it here. It is affordable, we have nice beaches and it's very warm during the summer.

  8. Increasingly I think I have become allergic to WiFi and LCD lights. Makes me sick and depressed. So for new year I going to go for a jungle retreat. No phone signal, no electricity, sleep in the open. Just try not to be crocodile food.

  9. i don't know what is trauma exactly but i hope you will get better. i hope you much happier than now 😙 i love you! ❤ take care of yourself

  10. Videolarina altyazi koysan türkçen kötü falan değil gayette biliyosun biz türk izliyicilerin seni anlamak istiyor ama istemiyosan tabiki yapmayabilirsin

  11. Merhaba! Adım Selva. Almanya'da yaşayan bir Türküm. Videolarını keyifle izliyorum. Bundan 2 ay önce vidlerini izlemeye başladım.
    Hep böyle kal. Greatings from Germany!

  12. Hi Sadie. You seem to be a tropicbird! Maybe you are a reincarnated Aztec, or something. :-). By description, it is possible you have seasonal affective disorder, or seasonal affective dysphoric disorder (SAD or SADD). You likely will not be able to winter-over in Canada. You may have to go to the tropics or subtropics in the wintertime. There are places in the southern United States which would be warm and sunny enough to alleviate those symptoms.

  13. I can see it in your eyes of what you been through. You are a survivor, dont let anything or anyone let you down anymore. Not now not ever. Respect of who you are become now. I'm from Jakarta indonesia, come to visit here. It's a tropical country too btw. 😀

    *Sorry for my bad english.

  14. i believe what you're saying. i was reading just last night about grounding. being out in the sun. walking barefoot on the ground. walking in the waters or the ocean or the seas. the article mentioned minerals and vitamins like iron and electrolytes and vitamin D and it was saying our bodies need to be connected to nature. it was quite scientifically explained likened to grounding an antenna to the earth to get better reception. makes a lot of sense actually, so that could be a part of your healing, but also being with your people, in a peaceful and stress-free environment… that must play a huge role too. Whatever it was, i am glad to know you are being set free of this heaviness that hounds you. so very good to know. 🌺😊

  15. As someone who suffers from Depression a lot of the time I can relate to what you go through. But I think it's wonderful to hear you are not depressed anymore, being in a rich and warm climate to the access of what is around you is super important. Especially if you have depression and are finding a way to cope through that.

  16. Hey Sadie !! I want to share with you my experience about my own healing. I tell my story of the past 5years in 1minute30sec. I'm sure this will cheer you up 😉 MUCH LOVE TO THE BOTH OF YOU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5kzgdMrS3-c

  17. So happy to hear you are feeling alive again! A change of surroundings can make a world of a difference! I hope one day to be able to find my ideal setting.

  18. We can’t live in a place like that all the time sadie. We have pressures at school, home , work environment. We have concerns for future and about meaning of life. The problem is how can you overcome depression in real life actions? You feel good cause you are in a safe zone now. What about when you are back?
    İ hope the best for you😙

  19. "When you're in it, it feels like it's your life, like it's your forever situation."
    This is so accurate and I remember feeling like this when I was depressed. The way you described that was perfect. Will you be staying there or is it just a vacation?

  20. Dear Sadie,

    this video makes me really angry. You do have some points – of course a feeling of vacation, a nicer place and being surrounded by good things can help with your depression.
    But first of all, you need to be very accurate if you use terms like "dissociation". I do not know anyone who is dissociated for nearly 6 years. I don´t know if you meant it to sound like that, but it definitely comes over like that. Yes, most people with PTSD suffer from dissociations. Dissociations take place if you are in a really stressed situation or if something triggers you. It´s a protection of the own body.
    Depression surely is a MENTAL health disease and not a physical one. Every single thing which you pointed out (can´t get out of bed, getting exhausted from nearly anything etc) is strongly related to mental aspects of the illness – it´s a not physical problem.
    If you say that being in the sun or in the ocean can help you HEAL a depression, you´re just treating the symptoms but not the cause of the depression. Furthermore this kind of advise feels like downplaying mental health diseases.
    I myself am suffering from various mental health diseases and if swimming in the ocean and being in a tropical or warm climate really could make a LONGTERM change, I wouldn´t be suffering anymore.
    It´s great that you want to share and give tips about mental health issues but in my opinion you definetely need to be more responsible and more accurate with such a sensitive topic like mental health.
    For anyone out there struggeling with this kind of problems: Go get professional help (psychiatrist, therapist, group therapy etc.)! It is hard work but you can´t get over it (or learn to live with it in some cases) if you never went through it.

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  22. Bende tam 11 yıldır obsesif kompulsif bozukluk ile uğraşıyorum. Psikolojik rahatsızlıklar bazen öyle huzursuz ediyor ki insanı anlatamam. İlaçlar doktorlar bir sürü kimyasal ile bedenimiz çöplüğe dönüyor adeta.

  23. Thank you, Sadie. This helped a lot actually, I can see now that this has definitely been an issue for me. Even after processing the trauma on an emotional level, I still feel like a stranger in my own body sometimes

  24. Well said. I hope the people who would benefit from this video will see it. Your increased energy clearly comes through. Very happy that you are feeling the wonderful difference that gorgeous warmer climate provides. Enjoy it to the fullest!

  25. Mental health ve depresyonla ilgili video çekebilir misin tekrar? lütfen lütfen lütfen lütfen lütfen lütfen.. Tam olarak duymam gerekenleri duydum burada, içimin okunduğunu hissettim. Sevgiler Sedef <3

  26. malesed herkesin depresyona girdiği zaman gidecek bi yerleri olacak kadar maddi imkanı olmuyor zaten madi imkansızlıklar depresyona sürüklüyor en zoru bu

  27. Depresyonun bir başka sebebi de ailen ve maddi manevi veremedikleri şeyler. Maddi olanın üstesinden geliyorsun bir şekil ama manevi eksiklik hep özgüvensiz ve güçsüz hissetmene neden oluyor. Böyle zamanlarda bırak okyanusu yürüyerek bir ülke gezsem içim de ki ağırlık geçmeyecek gibi geliyor. Zihnimin de bedeniminde biraz anlayışa, birinin omuzlarında dinlemeye ihtiyacı var..

  28. Sadie iam a young person, over 18, I have suffered from major depression all my life. What works for me is cutting all the toxic judgemental people out of my life
    Coming back to my gorgeous flat in London and reading Matt Haig books. Spending time with new friends who don't judge me but accept me for who iam.
    It's taken me years to finally realise that my depression was caused by the toxic people in my life now I've got rid of them. I feel happier. And can feel my meds, working.for me I could be living in a dumpster, with nice people and I will feel my depression lift. And I have been on a beautiful hot paradise Island with toxic hateful people and my depression will worsen.

  29. In case you still have depression, look into Ayahusca treatment. Be aware that you should not combine it with SSRIs and do not use it if anybody in your family had a psychosis. I have met people that cured depression within a couple weeks up to a couple months. Also have a look at wifi radiation exposure in cities and how that affects your well-being.

  30. Depression is your emotional by the way the doctor said you have too control it no medicine for about that i know p help for you just trust your self…. sadie you can do it fight for thag

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