How to avoid headaches during busy holiday travel season

TODAY IS ONE OF THE BUSIEST TRAVEL DAYS OF HAWAII, AND WHAT DO YOU NEED TO KNOW IF YOU’RE EARLIER THIS EVENING. It’s the first time christine toyama has travelled during the holidays in years. yes actually we don’t travel normally during Christmas Over a million passengers will pass through honolulu kept at bay. thankfully for the Christmas and New Year’s holidays we don’t see as much as much of a their christmas shopping done. I came to shop for the Christmas holidays just for If you’re like stephen, here are some things to keep in mind. You can carry on things like pies, cakes and bread. But make sure to check jams, jellies, and other sauces that you might need for that holiday feast, in your checked bag. For those at the airport that we spoke to today, we’re told it was mostly a breeze, So for everyone that braves the airports this time of year, just because you get to spend the holidays with family and friends it makes all the craziness worth it

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