How to be Happy; How to Permanently Remove Sadness from Your Life

My video on sadness attracted the attention
of many people. Why? Because literally whether you are poor or
rich, famous or infamous or whatever, everyone is sad. Sadness is the nature of life on the earth-plane. Sadness hurts you. It’s not a pleasant experience. How do you get out of this sadness? Only God can give you a way out. Of course you can distract yourself by going
into a movie theatre to watch a movie and for the duration of the time you are watching
the movie, you are out of your mind. You are not thinking about your sadness. But sadness comes once you are out of the
theatre or even when you are watching the movie sadness comes in. The body gives a lot of sadness, indigestion,
constipation and any number of illnesses that we have, they all contribute to sadness. How to get rid of this sadness? It’s not totally in our control. But God can control you, control your sadness. But the problem is we do not think about God. It is not natural for anyone to think about
God. It is not natural for everyone to meditate. It is not natural that everyone to sing songs
of God, Bhajans and other activities like going to the temples and attending a spiritual
discourse or whatever. These are all not natural. What is natural is to remain in this sadness
or forget the sadness through distractions like to go into movies or drinking alcohol
or smoking. But nobody thinks about a permanent solution. The permanent solution for sadness is ‘Be
in the company of God’. Not in an abstract way but in a very tangible
way. That is why I am planning to create life size
images of God in a very inexpensive way and you can keep those images. It can be an image of Buddha. It can be the image of Jesus. It can be the images of any God that you worship. You stay in front of that image and you will
see the transformation. This is one easy way of being in touch with
the Divine. What happened? A flower fell from Lakshmi. As I was giving this lecture, a flower from
Lakshmi fell down. It is blessings for the project. Why don’t we just have Shreem Brzee’s
life size images? I will make it available to people because
the cause for sadness in most cases, especially if you are married and have children and you
have very limited income, the sadness comes from money, lack of money. Shreem Brzee will solve the problem and that’s
what she is communicating to me by just throwing a flower. That’s good news. That will reduce our sadness a lot. Until you get the images, you can use pictures,
life size pictures and then keep on staring at the pictures. Then you will see there is a power that comes
out of this picture or the image that will go into the body and turn the body into light,
imaginatively at-least and then later on it should go on further. Day by day as the Divine light enters the
body, the body has the opportunity to turn into light and after that there is no re-birth. Then you will go to heaven and in heaven there
is no suffering. There is only one activity there, partying. You can party with God and you will be drunk,
not with alcohol but with the bliss of God. Even now until we have the images and pictures,
just imagine the form of your favourite deity or Guru or Messiah or anything, anyone all
the time and fill your mind with that image and you get happiness and throw away your
sadness. Your sadness should be replaced by the image
of God, of a Messiah, of a Guru or an angel. That’s a great technology to combat sadness. God Bless!

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  1. As we are created in the image of God, look at the world around you, hold an image that speaks to you, look in the mirror. You will begin to see God in everything and everyone. Let God see you as you see God. This makes me happy.

  2. I am saying Shreem Brzee for the past 1 year. It changed my life in a positive manner. I got a nice job. Now I am looking for an uplift through this mantra. Daily I am saying Shreem Brzee

  3. Very lovely and beautiful note from u . was able to get a great message….
    Will definitely get to looking at my life size lord venkatesa everyday…with full faith and trust..

  4. Great to receive this guruji. Watching this on Guru Purnima now. Such a noble gesture again from you.

  5. Shiv baba! Am really grateful for your information and courses on your site. Thankyou so much for thinking about us and always sharing knowledge. Deeply grateful, wish I can see your in person someday and get blessings.🙏🙇

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