How to Be Sad

We all want of course to be happy But the strange thing about being properly happy is that it’s a state that requires us to learn and regularly practice a slightly odd sounding related skill knowing how to be sad Everyday a lot of stuff happens to us which is in one way or another pretty hurtful Someone doesn’t call someone says no a project isn’t going to work out You’d think we then just spontaneously feel sad for a bit and that would be the end of it But that’s not ,it seems,how many of us actually work. Frequently our minds which are squeamish by Nature Rigorously shut out unfortunate negative feelings and go into a state of what psychologists called denial Where difficult but true information is refused access We may as a result of burying our feelings develop a number of symptoms We can’t sleep, bits of our bodies start a twitch, we develop an addiction Or there’s another option We become extremely surely not happy as such But brittle and insistent in a fake kind of upbeatness , the sort of happiness that can’t tolerate any sadness Here’s a couple Ben and Freya. There’s a lot of sadness in Freya But she’s learned not to let any of it in to consciousness So she’s often extremely cheery and rather bad at picking up on other people’s need to be sad Let’s watch a little film about these people ah,what’s wrong with you, looking all gloom? Nothing to be gloom about, it’s the weekend! [what] should we do this weekend party party was it’s all Friday Friday gotta get down on Friday [we] love that don’t you know what I think about the other day you’re so good at karaoke. [I] love it when you do karaoke Saturday night and I like the way you move yeah You don’t know you’re ticklish around in here. You can [whisper] [all] open We need to be sympathetic the origins of jolliness are pretty painful They’re often to do with having had a parent or early caregiver who for one reason or another Couldn’t tolerate problems or any difficulties They were perhaps depressed or otherwise Fragile so quite early on the manically jolly person got into the role of being an upbeat cheerleader Not because they were but because they had to be Pain is of course horrible thing to feel But because it is a part of our reality we need to have the courage to allow it to work its way Properly through our system. We need to learn to feel the pain of our lives authentically Before it’s joys can feel real as well Pushing problems aside is deeply tempting but our pleasures will only feel authentic when we’ve first given the pain all the space it truly deserves in our lives We love bringing you these films if you want to help us to keep bringing you thoughtful Content please consider supporting us by visiting our shop at the link on your screen now

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  1. "Why to Be Sad" might be a better alternative for the title of this video, but it's an informative and visually pleasant video nonetheless.

  2. Presently I feel I've learned to be sad. I've had some very scary (to me at least) things come up in the past month that made me extremely afraid about my future, and it caused me a lot of stress and led to many nights crying myself to sleep, or rather more often not sleeping at all. Through this experience, I started keeping a journal, reading a lot, and just thinking about life, and I finally think I know what it's like to be sad, and that sadness is perfectly okay.

    I have always bottled up my emotions. I was the "It's alright, just let it go, nothing bad can really happen if I just let this slide." I was the person who always pretended that everything was fine, even when it obviously wasn't. This led me to lying about pretty much every part of my life, and living three completely separate lives based on who I was talking to, and hoping that none of these worlds would intertwine.

    I've sorted out a lot of my issues, but I know I have a lot more. The issues that were so frightening to me and caused all of my recent emotional distress have passed and ended up being fine (it was school related). However, I still don't truly feel I know myself. Hopefully through a lot of meditation and reflection I can figure that out. The journal I'm keeping is helping, I think. I still need to figure out which of the "me's" is the real one, whether it's the one I show my friends, the one I show my family, or the one I only show to myself. I fear that it's the latter, which frightens me because it's the one that is the most emotionally insecure and mentally unstable.

    I know that I can be strong, though, and work through this all. I'd like to thank School of Life for helping out a lot with these videos. Philosophy has always been something I've been interested in, and these videos on the self are ones that are very emotionally resonant, and have had a strong impact on my life.

    Thanks for helping me learn how to human a little bit better.

  3. When we are in pain because of any truth that we cant accept , then we goes under some pshychological state of Denial , in which we try to deny the reality of truth by the medium of pretending happy , doing abnormal works , making ourselves busy in any task etc .
    But the need for that time is to let the sadness go out and grieve …..

    I have been grieving since a very long time but reality is The state of denial is far better than intentional sadness . In my opinion .
    And letting sadness go out doesnt work in many cases , the more you try to let it go out the more it start growing inside .
    I tried everything but cant overcome with both ways , tell some another way .

  4. Wtf yes yes yes this is why I'm always saying I need to be alone to figure stuff out. During this time I never think I'm going to be like this forever, I accept it and continue walking until I figure out what I wanted or just come to turns with myself. Sometimes it's not always sudden but when I get past it I build up myself only if I make an intention to remember these moments help define me for the better.

  5. So real & helpful video. I agree we need to give space & time to our feelings. Thank you for all the inspiring videos school of life 🙂

  6. I know depression but I just want to feel sad , I want tears , I want to be sad, I’m thought to be happy but I want to be sad

  7. i think im in trouble.I constantly seek feelings of anxiety sadness , anger just so i can work to overcome them by for example working out and feeling powerful . I actually might be addicted to this pattern of life.As of right now im digging through my past in an attempt to be sadder again but it looks like i cant force it very well.This doesnt look like a healthy way of life though…

  8. This is very true. Although it’s so hard to get over the numbness and emptiness and actually feel the sadness….

  9. Exactly why I dislike cheery people
    They make me feel detached yet they feel fake
    No one can be cheery all the time…
    Except tigger cus tigger is the only one

  10. Everyone says that going to school makea them sad….i always had a mindset that school should be fun or at least maybe a place to talk to friends, but in the past year or so it's true school turned into my biggeat enemy. Not bcs i'm ,, a rebel" i am not even close to that….it's just the people there make me lose hope in humanity and the tests give me anxiety:/

  11. Me :

    1.i have depression
    2. I don’t know why but I am tired of everything in this world
    3.i cutted myself
    4.i always have the feeling of being hopeless and pain and Idk why but I feel obsessed with pain and hopelessness a masochist
    6.i have ASD (anti social disorder)

  12. I question myself sometimes, Why do I want to feel sad?(does anyone know why or is it just me)
    Now I’m in this video.

  13. Can anyone please tell me how to be sad because i really want to be as i am a joker of my group so i want to experience how it feels being sad…🙏

  14. This isn't how to be sad, this is why we should be sad sometimes.
    How do you go about being sad when you know you should be but just can't seem too?

  15. I'm always sad. My life is full of bad luck and sadness. Noone can't help me. I can't sleep. I think only about the troubles in my life.

  16. This is very good the equal chances in life should be confronted with feeling sadness as well.
    The things we do the things we try this makes a whole lot better understanding of ourselves.
    And they also let us see the other ways in life just don't let it get darker as it is.
    But to take comfort and do something about it without condemning yourself as well as others.

    Very good explanation thank you!

  17. Umm, maybe, but I'm left feeling ''sad'' for Freya- she gets a bum rap here and she's doing her best. It takes all kinds. Some people cling to emotional pain: ''I miss the comfort of being sad''. And I know what Kurt meant. But Freya has her pain too. And she lays it aside to try and help her friend. She is not shallow. One can heartlessly psycho- analyze her, of course, but I think she's someone who deserves gratitude. I think he needs to count his blessings, at least regarding her.

  18. Omg im soo confused so when im happy i feel jealous about sad people and i want to be sad the thing is i like being sad

    Is that normal?

  19. I want to practice being sad so I can obviate the feeling morose or disappointed due to happenings in life. Happiness is a bless but can also be a curse. If something goes awfully wrong, it hurts you twice as much as when you've already felt it in your bones.

  20. Always think big and unattainable goals. If you achieve something then again think for the big things. Don't feel fulfillment of your desires. Then ultimately you will feel sadness and will be sad. For this, you should have habit of being sad when you see someone happy.
    It is very difficult to be sad but practicing more and more; you will be sad one day. And you will be surprised by remembering your days of happiness.
    Best wishes!

  21. Sounds weird but have you ever tried water fasting? It really helps with depressed, it helps you get in touch with your inner. Do some research, it’s very effective.

  22. when you're 14. basic white bitch and you wanna be the part of the famous girls group and you straight up start listening billie eilish. and run to this video 😉

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