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If you battle with anxiety and
depression because of your student loan debt, you are not alone.
A whopping 90% of people report having anxiety at some point about their
student loan debt among high debt borrowers. The good news is there’s
something that you can do to help yourself and not feel so worried and
just really down about this debt that can sometimes feel like a trap. The
first thing I would do, is if you’re in school or you have access to resources
on campus, I would go to a mental health counselor on campus. These offices have
been really invested in over the past several years with a lot of the
struggles that our generation has had with mental health, and they’re free in a
lot of cases because they’re paid for out of your student fees. So you should
absolutely make use of those free resources. Also if you are employed, a lot
of big employers will offer free counseling services, and usually they’ll
keep it confidential, so you really should not feel any stigma at all about
going to counseling and getting some help from a professional counselor if
you need it. Also if you are in a situation where you really feel
like you need to talk to somebody, I would recommend texting the crisis line
741741. That is, you know, something that you can use if
you’re not really, you know, thinking that you’re gonna hurt yourself, but you just
want to talk to somebody about something that’s really stressing you out. I would
suggest using that. And then also the national suicide prevention hotline is
1-800-273-TALK. So I would call that number if you are ever thinking about
hurting yourself, because there are so many good options, you know, with student
loans these days, that you should not feel this weight of this debt on your
life. You can do something as drastic as leave the country as a lot of our
clients have done. Actually, we have plenty of clients living new lives in
New Zealand, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, and other places, because of being
able to exclude a large portion of their income off of their tax returns, and then
they can pay 10% of a very low number of their student loans. And that’s a legal
thing to do. You can also try to get on different repayment programs like income
driven repayment. There’s never a reason why your student loans should be the
cause of anxiety and depression. If that’s the case, you need
to seek out help from a professional, if it’s a mental health related thing, or if
you’re just feeling worried, you know, you can reach out to someone like us. We’ve
done thousands of plans for borrowers. to
get more information. And then just share the kind of worry that you’ve had about
your student loans, if you want to share, in the comments below.

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