How to Cope with Holiday Depression : The Causes of Holiday Depression

Hi! My name is Rachel Blackston and I am a
private practice mental health counselor in Orlando, Florida. I work at a private practice
called Twelve Stone Counseling Center located in Ovieda, Florida. I am here to talk about
how to deal with depression over the holidays. I want to make the difference between clinical
depression and the case of the holiday blues. If you think that you are clinically depressed,
it is very important that you contact a medical doctor, a psychiatrist or a professional counselor.
But many people may just go into a slump during the holiday season and a lot of ways the culture
sets us up for feeling down over the holidays. There is this expectation that everybody has
all together. You know you hear the song you are walking through the mall that says “It’s
the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” and a lot of times that causes people to feel shame
that they don’t have it all together. You have families sending out Christmas letters
about the year’s accomplishments and this picture perfect photo that you get in the
mail of families and everybody dressed in their red and green. This may not be the happiest
time of the year for you. It may be a time that stirs up great grief. You may have an
estranged family member. You may have lost a loved one close to the holiday season so
it is so important that you give yourself space to recognize that this is a difficult
time and you might be having marriage problems over the holidays and so I think that the
culture really sets up people for a case of the holiday blues.

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