How to Cure Migraine II माईग्रेन के घरेलु इलाज़ II

Welcome to Health Care at Home One of our viewer Mr. Piyush, he has e-mailed us and wrote us that his mother has Migraine problem & for that he is asking home remedy. There are some precautions and things to be followed in migraine is very necessary. Don’t consume such food items which dehydrate from body The main item which dehydrates the body , that is Cold Drink Alcohol & Tobacco dehydrates the body so you have to stop all of these items Those who have migraine and if they smoke, then this problem can increase so if, you smoke then stop smoking.Now i will tell you some uses if you will do them then without the home remedies you will get relief. first of all you have to walk for half n hour Don’t walk at home instead go out of the home and then walk and if you will walk in any garden then it will give you more relief then along with you have to take care of one thing that if after walking you feel tired just relax, warm up your body and then cool down. so if you were walking for 10 minutes and after that if you feel like that your body is warm up then sit somewhere calm and close your eyes and relax your body to cool down By doing this will, you will start having relief in the problem of migraine Apart from that breathing exercises are must for you, as in doing breathing exercise gives so much of relief in migraine For this you just have to to 2-3 exercises , do Bhastrika Pranayama, sit somewhere in garden in Sukha Aasana And you have to take deep breath and fill them in your lung…. this way so that your lungs may increase not stomach, fill the breath in your lungs and after holding for few seconds leave it slowly-slowly this way.. you don’t do with stress, like some people do this way…. never do this take the breath in easily and hold and after that breath out easily close your eyes and do this, and along with do Anulom -Vilom What you have to do, you have to press and close the nostril of left hand side with your thumb you have to breath in deep in your lungs by your left side nostril after breath in you have to hold and after that from the opposite side you have to breath out and then again you have to breath in from the opposite side and then hold and then after that breath out from the opposite side this way.. i will tell you .. you have to close your nostril with your thumb and the from other side you have to breath in just fill it in your lungs not in your stomach after that hold it, for holding you can close your nostril.. this way and then have to leave it by pressing the thumb on the other nostril then take a deep breath from here, hold and then breath out if you will do the way i am doing then you will have the relief by doing this only next i will tell you what to do, once you wake up in the morning and this finger of yours and you have to press the tip of this finger, like the heart beating with your every heart beat , just press it for 2-3 minutes, similarly you have to press the other finger of second hand and what will happen after doing this, if you have stress the it will be relieved and stress is one of the major reason of Migraine if you have got the migraine attach and you got stress also then the pain gets increased only same way you can press it both these fingers in this hand for two minutes and same two fingers in the other hand similarly in your press both the fingers of your feet, it will take 10 minutes of yours by pressing for 2-2 minutes in each finger, you will notice that you got released in the problem of migraine Apart from that do more remedy take wooden pencil Take that pencil in your mouth and put in between your teeths do not chew it just put it under your teeth and then hold for 1-2 minutes and then smiling while keeping it what will happen with this, entire muscles of this area , there exercise with be done do this for 2-3 minute, you will see that without any home remedy you will get relief in migraine apart from that soak 7 overnight in the water in the morning you have to peel the almonds and eat them empty stomach by chewing them with this also you will get too much of relief in migraine immediately after having your meal 1 Spoon of Flax Seeds Alsi which is called in Hindi that mean Flax seeds, that you may eat by chewing with this also you will get relief in migraine Along with this take Lavender Oil put it into 1 Glass of hot water and put some drops of lavender oil and then take deep breath of-lavender oil, that will also give you relief and you can also apply the lavender oil where you are feeling the pain Its very soothing and this also gives relief in the problem of migraine along with this one more remedy which you can do take 3 sups of water and give them a good boil after Boiling add Apple Cider Vinegar into it and now this water you should put it in a big bowl and then cover your face with the towel the steam of this water, you have to take steam very wisely you have to steam till then this water gets cool dowm by taking deep breath, let this steam to get into your lungs and in your body and after stop taking steam then take 1 glass of cool water you will notice that within few days your migraine problem will be no more we have so many home remedies left, but since this episode has already been a long one so we will stop this episode here only and the home remedies of migraine that we will tell you in the next episode Our wish is only that you stay healthy, busy, carefree and be with us To meet us you have to subscribe this channel Tell your friends & relatives to subscribe his channel and support us in our motive, our motive is that maximum number of people may get health benefits while sitting at home So, do not forget to share our videos as much as you can. 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  1. thank you for telling us, my sister and mother is suffering from migrane… it will probably help them.. and please tell me, is apple cider vinegar good for health? if yes how often can i drink it? how much? actually i have a full bottle ,i used it on my warts once, so i don't want to throw it…. :D

  2. sir muje bhahut hadpain hei …had ka back me bhahut pain hotha hei..8 year o gaya hei hapain shuru ho ke bhahut sari doctr pe gayi lekin teek nahi o gaya …night 2 clk shuru hotha hei hadpain tablt ka ne me kam nahi tho nahi ..pls sir kuch tho bhatha hei ye had pain kam ho ne ka dhavahi pls sir pls

  3. Sir, please advise some remedy or excersie for. Cervical Spondylitis as I have sever problem of this and due to. This there is constant headache and pain in back of my head. I have a problem of migraine as well. Please help me. Regards

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