How to deal with Back-to-School Stress

BACK IN. BUT EXPERTS SAY — THERE ARE WAYS TO DEAL WITH THAT BACK-TO-SCHOOL STRESS. BACK TO SCHOOL ANXIETY DOESN’T JUST HAPPEN ON THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL… Dr. Stephanie Walsh/Children’s Healthcare Of Atlanta: “back to school is stressful because things are new and iI think we forget how stressful it was for us when we were doing it” NEWS TEACHERS, NEW CLASSROOMS AND NEW CLASSMATES.. IT ALL CAN BE A LITTLE OVERWHELMING. DOCTOR WALSH SAYS STRESS CAN MANIFEST ITSELF AS A STOMACH ACHE — OR HEADACHE IN KIDS AND TEENS. BUT SHE SAYS TROUBLE SLEEPING — IS USUALLY THE FIRST SIGN SOMETHING IS WRONG. Dr. Stephanie Walsh/Children’s Healthcare Of Atlanta: “Coping skills need to be learned when they’re not stressed because when you’re stressed that’s when you need to use them … not when you need to learn them. So taking some time with your kids in a nice, quiet environment and saying, ‘hey when i’m nervous i do some extra deep breathing can i talk to you about this'” THERE ARE OTHER THINGS PARENTS CAN DO TO HELP THEIR KIDS IF THEY HAVE SOME AXIETY ABOUT SCHOOL. EXPERTS SAY — Don’t overschedule. Get your child involved in deciding wich activies they’re involved in Stay postitive about the new school year brings Talk about it — ask your child about their worries or concerns. WALSH SAYS TEACHING YOUR CHILD HOW TO HANDLE LIFE’S UPS AND DOWNS NOW CAN SET THEM UP FOR SUCCESS LATER IN LIFE. Dr. Stephanie Walsh/Children’s Healthcare Of Atlanta: “our kids tend to be so hard on themselves and it’s really important to let them figure out how to accept themselves, appreciate the fact that they were really brave in a situation where they tried and that they did their best” LETTING KIDS KNOW IT’S OKAY TO FAIL CAN ALSO HELP SHED SOME STRESS.PHYSICAL EXERCISE CAN ALSO HELP KIDS WITH STRESS AND ANXIETY.BRUCE WEBER AWARDS A K-STATE WALK-ON WITH A SCHOLARSHIP.

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