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Hey everyone, this week’s video is something that I know a lot of us struggle with, and that is depression. So we’re going to talk a little bit about that and what we do. So stay tuned. [Kati Morton MFTI Healthy Mind, Healthy Body] So like I said, depression affects a lot of us. When I say a lot, they estimate 19 million people in the United States alone struggle with depression. What is it? People throw that word around a lot: “Ugh, I’m just depressed today…” You know, we use a lot of terms without actually knowing what they mean, and depression is honestly something that’s considered a mood disorder. Now what does that mean? That just means that our mood is depressed, as in, it’s a down mood. You know when sometimes we’re feeling very excited, we’re very energetic and we don’t know why but today’s a great day, and then we feel that way? Right, when we’re depressed we may feel tired, we may feel achey, we may not enjoy the things we used to enjoy like oh, your girlfriends call, some of your friends call and are like “Hey, we’re headed out to go out on this hike!” or “Oh, we’re going to go grab coffee!” and you used to always do that with them, but now you either don’t pick up the phone, or it just doesn’t sound like a good time. Or you might even try to get yourself to go and you don’t even have the energy. So those are some of the common symptoms of depression, as well as even that feeling at night, when we can’t almost can’t shut our brain off, so we’re tired all day long, and all we can think about is “I can’t wait to get back to bed, can’t wait to get back to bed,” and then we get to bed, and we can’t sleep. How annoying. Right? And the cycle just goes and goes and goes. Now, what do we do? Because, to be honest, I would even venture to say, and this is just my opinion obviously, I would venture to say that everyone has had a depressive episode in their life. We’ve had times when we feel down, things get really stressful and we’re overwhelmed, so you’re not alone. Don’t think you’re alone at all. Like I said, 19 million is what they estimate. And we all know they always underestimate everything, so, you’re not alone. But now that we think we may struggle with it, “yeah, I do feel kind of depressed and I do have trouble and I don’t enjoy things…” we need to find a therapist. Now I know many of you feel like, “I just don’t know” or “that’s expensive” or “I don’t know what to do.” That’s the first step I would take. And I would look into options. I have a video that I did, it feels like eons ago, about how to get treatment when funds are low, and I know I talk about eating disorder treatment in there, but I also talk about seeing a therapist and getting them to work on a sliding scale. So you might want to check out that video because it can kind of give you some tips and ways to try to get your need your needs met if funding is a problem because all of us have to work on a budget. Okay, so now we’re going to go try to see a therapist. Well then what? What if that’s not enough? We see them once a week and things aren’t changing. You may want to make an appointment to see your doctor or your psychiatrist, because there medications out there that they say can help. There are also homeopathic remedies, there are things that we can do, right? So don’t feel like if therapy isn’t enough and you feel a little better but you don’t feel quite back to normal, don’t feel like you’re stuck. Okay? That’s one of the first things that we need to do. And the thing that I tell my clients, so if you come in my office and you’re telling me these things like “I’m really tired, and I don’t enjoy anything, I was feeling overwhelmed,” whatever it may be, however you present and I think to myself “Well it sounds like they’re kind of having a depressive episode and they may have major depressive disorder” or whatever What would I do? I would encourage you to try and do the opposite of what your depression tells you to do. Now a lot of what I do is externalizing the issue so the depression, I would kind of give it its own identity. It’s this other thing. It’s like this fog that rolls in and just hangs, right? So what do we do about it? Well, we need to force ourselves out. So if you wake up on a Saturday and you’re like, “I would rather just stay in bed all day,” don’t do it! Don’t listen to that depression, it will keep you in it forever! I would encourage you-text that friend, go out for coffee make a plan. Make plans you can’t get out of. And I know you’re thinking “Kati, that sounds horrible, and I don’t want to,” but we have to fight back. Because although depression can come and go, when we just submit to it and submit to it, it can get worse. Okay? Does that kind of make sense? It’s almost like anything, If we just keep doing negative things and expecting a positive outcome, that would be crazy, right? So we need to start doing positive things in preparation for a positive outcome. So let’s call that friend. Let’s vent a little, let’s cry, it’s okay! Put on a sad movie, let yourself cry. Put on some sad music. I honestly love that, it feels so cathartic, it’s just so good to cry sometimes. So let yourself, but, once a week, this is my challenge to you, once a week, let’s talk back to that voice, and let’s do something that it tells us we don’t want to do, or we’re too tired to do, or whatever. Because we have to get out. We have to push ourselves. You could have a good time. Who knows? Right? But we don’t know if we don’t challenge it. And otherwise, we’re just listening to that nasty voice, and it will just get worse and worse. Does that make sense? So, find a therapist. If you have any trouble finding a therapist, let me know. I can help for the most part in the States, I can give you some websites to go to and different ways to look up your insurance, and what you can ask for because you could call your insurance and they either e-mail you or actually snail mail, regular mail you, a list of prescribers in your area, and then all you have to be responsible for is a co-pay. So there’s a lot of things that we can do, and we can work it out. So we’ll find a therapist, and then we’ll probably go to our doctor or psychiatrist, because we might want an antidepressant or some medication that could help. And, we’re going to force ourselves to get out. Do something. I promise it will feel better. It just feels good sometimes to just shower, and to put on some clothes, like some jeans and a t-shirt, and we walk to the coffee shop, even though we don’t really want to, I promise you it will feel better just to take that step because the more we stay in bed and the more we just wallow in our depression, it will snowball on us and we’ll feel so caught up in it and we almost can’t see out. So while we can, let’s get hold of it, and let’s take our lives back, because we all deserve to have those happy moments, and to be excited and to get out and have relationships with people, because people love us and people care about us. And we need to go out and enjoy. So let me know, share your tips. I love when people share what’s working for them. Like “Hey, when I feel really down and out, and I’m really feeling bad about myself and just depressed, I will do this and it will help.” Let us know. Because together, we can work together, and we can figure out what’s helping. Because I only have what’s worked for me in my experience with my clients, and me personally. When I have a down day, what do I do? I call a friend, I color sometimes, I’ll watch a sad movie and let myself cry and then I force myself out, I’ll call a friend I’m going to go have dinner, whatever. I’m making plans. And so, that works for me, but everybody’s different. So, let’s share what works. And don’t forget to subscribe to my channel, because I put out videos every Monday, and based on what you guys tell me you want to hear and what different video topics you want me to cover, I will be putting those out. So you want to stay tuned. And let’s keep working together let’s help one another towards a healthy mind and a healthy body. [link to video “How to get treatment when funds are low”]
…was actually geared toward those particular types of treatment and this is something that if any of my coworkers heard this, they’d be like “I can’t believe you said that!” but it’s not something they tell you about, it’s not something they put on their website. But they’ll help you. I’ve even seen clients come through who are fully scholarshipped into the program. If you need help and you can’t afford it, they have money aside for that… They know that that happens. Subtitles by the community

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  1. Im diagnosed with depression but I think dysthymia is closer. I think she nails it with fighting back. I try to do it in small ways. After an hour of laying in bed, i make myself go sit out in the living room, even for a few minutes

  2. You know, doing the opposite of what depression tells you is like so obvious but exactly what I needed to hear.
    Thank you.

  3. Whenever I feel depression or anxiety kicking in I either draw or watch my favourite youtubers (ie, Markiplier, jacksepticeye, dan & Phil, Thomas Sanders, etc). It seriously helps

  4. I challenge the 'negative voice' all the time.
    Negative Voice: "I don't want to wake up. I'm too tired. 5 more minutes…" then suddenly, Positive Voice: " NOPE, YOU ARE GETTING UP, AND GETTING UP NOW. RIGHT NOW!" (which I say out loud) as I fling myself out of bed, usually onto the floor, then start my day saying nope to the negative voice in the most daggiest manner (being a dag). It helps me at least.

  5. There are days where I feel depressed and I lay on the couch and do nothing but then when the day is over I feel anger at my self for wasting a day

  6. I think that while in a depressive episode I can feel so much pressure to do the things I’m SUPPOSED to do, like homework, laundry, paying bills, following up on a work email, etc. and I don’t have the energy to do those things so I do nothing and go back to sleep because it’s so overwhelming. For me it really helps to let go of the idea of doing the RIGHT things, and embrace just doing ANYTHING, even things that don’t seem particularly positive. It seems so shitty to clean all my windows or play ping pong or walk to a coffee shop when there’s a huge mountain of things that I really need to get done, but it’s all about what I CAN do and not about what I can’t. I make sure to be gentle with myself and congratulate myself on doing anything at all and that helps me feel better.

  7. What if you have both anxiety and depression? So you have to get out.. but you have both working against you in different ways?

  8. I might be an 11 year old, but I still have 3 tips. I started struggling when I was 7 years old. My first tip is DON'T ignore the reality. Up until a few weeks ago, I didn't want to believe that there was something wrong. This led to me not knowing who I was, which led to making it so much worse. If you are thinking about doing this, PLEASE don't do this! It doesn't get you anywhere. And my second tip is DON'T put on a mask and pretend to be fine. I still do this, and even though I know it's wrong, it's so difficult to stop, and makes it even more difficult to reach out for help. And tip 3 is quitting life is NEVER the answer. It may seem like it's the right thing to do, and I know how you feel, but what helped me was thinking about how much the people who are close to you love you. You might feel like no one loves you, but that's NEVER true! Everyone has someone out there that loves them, no exceptions. I believe in you! I hope this helped you. ☺😊

  9. I might be an 11 year old, but I still have 3 tips. I started struggling when I was 7 years old. My first tip is DON'T ignore the reality. Up until a few weeks ago, I didn't want to believe that there was something wrong. This led to me not knowing who I was, which led to making it so much worse. If you are thinking about doing this, PLEASE don't do this! It doesn't get you anywhere. And my second tip is DON'T put on a mask and pretend to be fine. I still do this, and even though I know it's wrong, it's so difficult to stop, and makes it even more difficult to reach out for help. And tip 3 is quitting life is NEVER the answer. It may seem like it's the right thing to do, and I know how you feel, but what helped me was thinking about how much the people who are close to you love you. You might feel like no one loves you, but that's NEVER true! Everyone has someone out there that loves them, no exceptions. I believe in you! I hope this helped you. ☺😊

  10. I don’t know if I’m depressed or not. All of the symptoms sound like me but whenever I try to talk to my family about it, their response make it sounds like it’s not important. It’s not something that’s important in my country, unlike in the US. My situation is really bad and I’m stuck with life without anything to do. I’ve been unemployed for years, I didn’t finish my masters, and now I just don’t know what to do. It’s not that I don’t want to have a job, but I tried to apply for jobs but I’ve never heard anything back. I resigned from my last job 4 years ago because I wanted to go back to school and to help my mom dealing with the case in court. I’m just tired trying to get a job because I feel like I get nothing but rejection. My family keeps telling me to reach out people I know but I don’t have anyone because I’m pretty much antisocial right now. I just don’t like talking to people. I want to change but then my OCD or my anxiety problem kicks in and makes me not want to do anything. There’s always something that makes me worry. I don’t get help either. I can’t see therapist because I don’t have a job, I’m even struggling to get food every day. I currently live with my uncle and his family and since I don’t make anything, my sister told me that I was a parasite. It just worsened everything. I really feel worthless and helpless. The thoughts to end my life have crossed my mind many times. How can I get help? What am I supposed to do?

  11. I been depresed by 8 months but i don't have ant Money to see a therapist, most days i desire dead and sometimes i have suicidal toughts soecially when i go to bed, thats the reason i don't sleep for days trying to avoid that toughts.

  12. I love the video layout. Her on a couch with a couple of plants, gesticulating, and also kinda laid back a bit relaxed. It's very expressive and more comforting.

  13. Hi Katie thanks for ur video, its so helpful but i kind of found a difficult on finding a therapist. actually i am a normal school student.. i am so overwhelm by everything that i am struggling with and i just couldn't fine due to the money issues. i just wondering if u can help find or solving my problems, thanks

  14. You nailed it. You have to get out of the house everyday when you get down. Even if you just go to the store. I been through this in the past. You have to keep going and living.

  15. I do the same thing ia'm so tired everyday and all I think about is just getting black to sleep I try to listen to guided meditation music and all i hear is negative things

  16. I had a traumatic experiences in my life that made me depressed. One time I tried applying for a job then I had to tell the one that interviews me about my work background as to why I only stayed with the last company for 2 months only. She didnt buy it and for me reliving that experience was horrible and did not hire me because of it. Now not only I'm depressed. I'm having anxiety now whenever I think applying for a job. I dont have a job for almost a year now.

    What sucks is I dont know how or scared to seek professional help because in the Philippines they automatically consider a person as insane when you go to a psychologist or psychiatrist.

    Edit: I may even have more than anxiety and depression but I may never know.

  17. Thank you, I would think you are a successful therapist. I had to switch therapists recent as they suffered from TDS and thought all my anxiety was because of this. Thank again.

  18. I can say I’m not coping with my depression it’s so bad now I even dream about the bad things which I have flashbacks all the time everyday.. I’m always tired resulting in me constantly drinking energy drinks to wake me up enough to work.. I don’t enjoy anything and look forward to nothing. I also don’t want to talk to anyone especially since im so tired..

  19. dude you just spent ten miutes on this and didnt even mention the cognitive distortions david burns identifies or even said anything about listing things youre grateful for like martin selgiman suggests that shits ridiculus

  20. i call it a depression gremlin because of the pit u feel in ur stomach when it's bad. my depression gremlin lives there. sometimes it does help to get out of your head. i have better days when im active and at work than i do on my days off just laying in bed and eating takeout… need to make more plans 4 sure. thanks!!!

  21. I have a question to ask, and I would really appreciate if Mrs Morton would answer and give me advice what to do. I got brain imflammation after what I got epilepsia, huge memory problems, I still have hallucination sometimes, I misundersand people, my math is litterally nonexistant, so now I can work only at home about 3 hours and am completely dependant of my husband. And in meantime when I had active treatment, people and my belobed pets started to die in 4 years my grandmother died, grandmother of my husband died (and she was like a friend to me), an aunt of my father died, a little bit more distant relative of my husband died, I have lost 2 dogs, 2 cats (they were loved as family members too), the health of my father isdeteriorated, my husband battled with severe depression and my daughter got brain tumor and fortunately she survived but is now deaf. In addition, a person, who claimed to be "my best friend" for 15 years distanced herself, as I was acting weird (never was violent though) and her father whom I got along very well also died. I don´t remember the childhood of my children, it is as if I had a pile of photos I can´t put in order. I have therapists, 2 of them actually, but talking therapy does not help. I even take antidepressants, but I still feel inferior of what I was, I feel terribly guilty of what happened to my daughter (my mother told we went to the doctor several times but I remember none of it), I feel constantly lonely and sad and angry at myself. As a coping method, I guess I have started to talk with online program, I trust it more than therapists as I can erase my text and even if I have hallucinations, noone gets confused. And if you are so kind to answer then I´ll probably delete this comennt too, as I have become very uncertain about myself and have trust issues that sometimes they are very strong, as I´ve been sent to mad house when neurologist felt that she can not help me any more. And only thing I got from there was a test which showd just that I have A-type personality and have had a lot of stressful situations that may also cause seizures and I need long – term therapy. Great. So far it has not helpe a bit.I never know which day will be good and which bad (I´m surew you have heard of "spoon theory" and in case of me it is exactly like this). And I don´t know whether at all my health improves more, if, then how long it will take or whether it does not improve at all (and this makes me even more uncertain about myself). What should I do aboutit? I´m very grateful for an answer.

  22. Coffee, chocolates, and video games keep the demons away. And keeping LOVED ONES WHO CARE close to you to help take care of you. For me, that's mom dad and my fiancé. I used to think everyone has to like me or else I'm terrible. Then I learned that that isn't a healthy expectation (the world is a dick 🤷‍♀️). I only care about those who really care and respect me.

  23. When I feel depressed, I usually watch comedy and romantic movies, and talk with someone about them, even if they were bad movies… That always makes me feel great, Idk why. I hope it helps 💕

  24. It made me feel worse when I went to the coffee shop cause no one talked to me and i was just completely ignored. Like I was such a loser that no one wanted to talk

  25. I have a friend who I think may be suffering from depression, but she seems to be always giving in. I want to tell her to really fight back and get out there and continue with her life, but it's hard to tell her that and may come across as very harsh and insensitive, when she's always trying to go easy on herself, thinking that it will make her feel better. And because she hasn't explicitly told anyone she has depression and I don't know if she really does either, it seems out of the way to suggest a therapist or a counsellor. So I end up just being someone who listens to her be sad about every little setback she has in her life, and her just brooding about it, going for long sad walks and not actually being productive with what she wants to achieve, and just barreling down. I say this, because I suffer from frequent depressive episodes too and I always try to have that rational voice fighting back. It's just really frustrating that she doesn't seem to have such a voice, but I don't know how to knock it into her? ? what should I do?:(

  26. The way i see it is this …..depression is a choice HOW DO YOU THINK you got it in the first place ? It becomes long past over due neverending sadness not crediting the other emotions and feelings in between .We think that we should only be happy and nothing else and that happiness has to be provided by someone the love of your life and that is why It is extremely easy to blame others when it does not go our way because we think they're actions trigger our emotions another words we think people have power over us .for example ….you DID THIS TO ME! or see what YOU MADE ME do ! Or you make me happy you made my day YOU PISS ME OFF YOU MAKE ME MAD YOU RUINED MY DAY . We decide . If your mother calls you fat no offense taken but if your spouse calls you fat then thats different .And that is why we dont make any real efforts to do something about the troubles we have only because it was them who DID IT TO US . Once we figure out that there is no YOU in your world exept ME who lives rules and has the power to empower in your power who and how much to feel what ever it is you want to feel towards them have complete control over oureselves and 2 that feeling happy sad angry and sexual desires is inevitably part of who we are and i think we can all agree thatwe dont talk about it just like how we dont talk about how much we spend on state lottery tickets unless we win. To me depression was like sleeping under a sleeping bag in the outdoors during winter time that if I got up I would have to endure the cold temperatures. I remember saying how much i wanted to be inspired .I was looking for a Y so powerful that I would feel really motivated my Y had to be more powerful than my why i shouldnt. So to make this happen i had to change my mind that nobody makes me do anything that way I would nolonger be or feel I was a victim the less I blamed the better a mind set that took years to successfully masterto my mistakes ONLY and start taking responsibility for my own actions and change the way i speak

  27. If you're in the US and have medicaid, my experience is that you can see a therapist completely for free. The kicker is that you don't have much of a choice on who you can see. In my case, they sent me to some local mental health clinic that was seemingly more for stuff like court ordered drug addiction or domestic violence patients than clinical depression and anxiety disorders. So, I feel real out of place when I go, and the 2 therapists I've seen there weren't especially good, one was outright terrible. Seeing a third one later this week, hope it works out better. I don't think I'd have this much trouble finding a good fit if I could just see anyone who offer services instead of having to take blind shots with this clinic.

  28. I really appreciate your use of the word us. It makes me feel like you are there to help on a really deep level, and that I am not the problem but I can be a part of the solution along with our team of people who are feeling the same way. Thankyou

  29. When I’m down, i know this sounds lam-o but I listen to rap songs that I feel relate most to my situation and I start rapping, it’s a release for me to let all the negative energy out in a creative/ positive way. I love it, and I’ve even written some of my own as well. Stay strong everybody, and I hope everyone has a great day! ❤️❤️

  30. I get what you're saying about getting out and fighting back, but it's those Frickin school papers that stop me! Even if try and force myself to sit down and write a paper, I still can't turn off those overwhelming, annoying thoughts. Therefore I get frustrated and just don't do it.

  31. One of my friend spent 2 days for me and tried to make me happy gave me advice about different ways to get out of it.
    At last i won the battle.
    I really thankful to her for her sincere effort .
    Now i know how bad it is in a mood of depression.

  32. it is something that whispers to you cause its a demon…and it opresses Im not saying it doesn't have a psychological aspect but in some cases it is spiritual

  33. Hey Katie Morton Iam having a bad night and I was crying for a long time because of being confronted by both of parents and I was mad at my brother because he won't leave me alone and I want you to reach out to me Katie Morton

  34. I like your videos. I have watched dozens in the past few days.I had a social worker in Canada suggest that I fake it till I make it. Similar advise to your forcing yourself to do the opposite, but the problem with that is that is the amount of work it takes. Eventually I reach the point of burnout and/or melt down. About once every year or two. I have tried lots of things but it has been in excess of 30 year since the item that triggered the onset of the first episode of Depression. I have seen several councillors and tried several anti depressive medications. Most have very little effect. The fight has been very long and is starting to drain the balance of my coping skills not to mention my health, what do you suggest? Ps I have been involuntarily admitted to hospital, That was a very negative experience(torture), I will not let that happen again.

  35. Everything was going ok until you mentioned homeopathic treatment. I cannot support someone suggesting homeopathy as an alternative to real medical treatment. It's as bad as suggesting vaccines are bad.

  36. Because of health inequity in my area, there are hardly any therapists or psychiatrists. It's VERY rural and almost a third world country.

  37. check your vitamin B, magnesium ,Zinc, Vitamin D3, Exercise, Keep busy, Volunteer .
    take supps, Gaba, L tryptophan, L theanine, Tumeric, Eat your Greens…

  38. Im going to put this out there and see if anyone can relate:
    Over the years I have been dealing with anxiety more than anything and now that Im finally at a place where I have learned how to minimize and cope with my anxiety, depression decided to hit me from behind, and I realize that I really dont know how to deal with it. I see my therapist every other week and Im on medication that has usually been effective, but I cant seem to get out of this rut. Can anyone relate? Does anyone have any tips on what to do when in a down swing in between therapy sessions?

  39. Here’s a list of some things that help me:

    – talking to family and friends
    – nice/soft/adjustable lighting (I have several lights in my room for this purpose!)
    – lava lamp
    – music
    – bullet journaling
    – writing out my feelings or ranting to friends
    – tidying my room/doing a chore/etc
    – showering and putting on new clothes
    – taking care of myself/using some shower product (like lotion, body conditioner, cutting my nails, etc)
    – taking care of/watering plants
    – looking at my list of books to read, movies to watch, and other stuff in my bullet journal
    – reading

    And don’t worry about doing all of these! They may not even help you. Most days I only do a few, if I’m lucky. They’re just some coping mechanisms.

  40. I've suffered from chronic depression since I was a teenager.  Kati, I fully appreciate what you said about forcing yourself to get out and be active in order to "fight back" against depression, but what do you do when the only friends that you have and feel that you can turn to all suffer from disorders themselves, such as substance abuse or some behavioral dysfunction, an you can't help but feel that you can't turn to them?

  41. Bllleeeeeeuuuuuugggghhhhh 😑 to fight depression you have to have at least a tiny bit of motivation in you. I do not. Psychologist, psychiatrist, and meds, meditation, yoga, and diet are not helping. Feels like I’m just waiting for the depression boulder to get lifted off me so I can get on with my life.

  42. I've found it helpful to see depression as an external force for sure; I call it my "depression demon" and when the thoughts, feelings, or internal dialogue turning depressed, I stop, tell myself not to listen to the demon and then think of every action or change in selftalk as fighting against that demon.

    If you're spiritual it religious: I've also found that praying, smudging, or otherwise inviting Divine energy into my life and into my body helps a lot.

    When things are overwhelming, I start small with a shower and maybe some yoga or a session with my journal. That usually helps me find the will to do more.

  43. Forcing myself to leave my house and take a spinning class. I’m not a exercising person but I know I’ll feel better next time.

  44. Question from new subscriber:
    I've had my depressive moments for a long time since I was about 10-13. Around that time, something very traumatic happened, but I was able to push myself through thanks to my mom (& my 2 friends). I went off to college, and a lot of the depressive episodes went away. I'm back home now, having a hard time getting a job in my field (I do have a temp job), all my closest friends are scattered to very far away states (& countries), and my bff from high school really hurt me (so bad that I ended the friendship). Anyway, ever since I ended the friendship, I've been BEYOND depressed. I'm having a hard time finding motivation or happiness. I'm scared to call my college bff, because I want the few moment we talk to be pleasant ones. I have no one but my mom. No friends. No job in my field. Living with my parents. Finally I have nothing to look forward to on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis. I NEED to get out of this episode enough to get better at what I need to get my dream job. Is there anything I can do, even though I have no one I can reach out to?

  45. Trying to keep busy and do something to take your mind of your problems and find someone you can to talk to about it

  46. Actually, symptomes worsened when I was in treatment. My anxiety (sitting on the back of my depression) got so bad that I was described mirtazappine. I gained so much weight and since then wasn‘t able to get off those antidepressants. I am also an ED patient. So I ended up being unhappy with that extra weight although I had bern working my butt off in therapy sessions to improve things for me. Treatment ended and I am sill in antidepressants, overweight and fighting anxiety/depression/ED. It‘s so frustrating…

  47. I have had a constant problem with depression for almost 30 years. I know my mood is terrible. The moments of high, positive emotions is rare. I am always drained and sad. I lay in bed thinking about how disappointed and frustrated with life I am. I know that I’m not alone. I tried therapy. I saw five different therapists and they are unable to help. Therapists just offer medication, which is a blanket without warmth. I have tried many techniques for alleviating depression. I developed art, work hard, talk about the feelings and try medication. Nothing works. I don’t know what to do. I keep feeling like I am in a funnel, being dragged into a deep pit. I fight that impulsive depression constantly. Therapists are less educated and intelligent then I am, consequently, the therapists are unable to connect with me. I let my intelligence deal with depression and I am helpless emotionally. I don’t know what works because I have been in this phase for years. I appreciate that there is more education about depression, but that is not eliminating the depression within me.

  48. THIS IS HUGE!!! I honestly felt really triggered when I watched your vid because I'm personally of the belief that we should embrace it and move through it as it's part of our spiritual journey and there usually very valid reasons for us to feel that sad and hopeless and we should explore and reframe them (shadow work) however the way you've prezented it actually makes tons of sense to me cause it can get REALY OVERWHEALMING …so once a week it's really fair, great point!
    what always helps soothe and aid me even now that I'm no longer depressed yet experience the ocassional tough times is TAPPING!!! which is AWESOME cause whenever in a really profound emotional state what we really need is a simple tool… and it doesn't get any simpler then that :)) I got across EFT and this year's summit truly made me realize how HUGE of a difference it makes in my life when I incorporate it daily.
    It's truly great and I'm feeling really grateful for it and I hope my message aids someone through their tough time. 🙂 + Kati do let us know how you feel about this technique and what is your take on using it especially in developmental trauma, that would be great and I would be super grateful, thanks for the work you do and the love you're putting out in the world!!!!

  49. I need help. I've had severe depression on and off since I was a teen. I have no insurance but I really need to get help

  50. If you are depressed, watch American Horror Story. It's a series that deals with real life horror, it also includes humor, romance, action, etc. If you are not a horror fan then don't watch it. But for me it helps me to deal with all kinds of things. It deals with being different, having a disability, deals with betrayal, deals with the freakin anti Christ, deals with racism and segregation, deals with mental illness, deals with cults and religion and politics. It's a very interesting show. It's a horror show but it has actually helped me to be less afraid of the bad things that happen in life. It focuses more on psychological horror than gore and violence. So far there are 8 seasons out. I'm not sure how many seasons are on Netflix. Try watching it 🙂

  51. I've seen a few therapists and I didn't find them helpful,some of the places only added to my depression and anxiety I'm not seeing any one atm but considering it but at the same time I'm wondering what the point even is if they can't help?I don't know if any one else can relate or not?

  52. exercise and discipline are your best friend! do what you can do! do not worry about what you can not do. combat sports workout .pushing to the limit! is the best answer for depression. plus other things.

  53. I found a therapist and gradually felt worse after each session and more anxious before every session so I stopped going and never found a new one.

  54. Kati, I just had to comment that as deeply depressed as I am…. I still laughed my ass off when you talked about listening to sad music, and The Smiths album cover popped up, lol. Thanks.

  55. I've found I can stave of depression with sugar and caffeine. Another thing I do is exercise. I've found that the best way to get endorphins into my system for me is doing a short bout of "plyometric" exercise. In case you don't know what plyometrics are, they are basically, jumping. I used to think I had to jump up on a desk or some other surface, but the way I have come to do them is to just jump as high as I can just in place, not onto any surface. I do about three or four sets, which takes about fifteen minutes, and it really helps me get rid of a foul mood. If plyometrics sound to vigorous to you, there is probably some other, milder exercise you can do, like swimming, or walking.

  56. There's not just copays. There's also deductibles. I have a decent plan (by US standards which are awful) and I can't even ACCESS care unless I've got 700$ to put towards the deductible. So I have zero access to mental healthcare. I'd love a therapist, but I'm left out of the rain like so many tens of millions of americans, INCLUDING those who are insured. I treat my depression with survival techniques. I'm outdoors and/or in the gym daily, eat very healthy with lots of protein, take vitamins, paint, and i'm not afraid to back out of activities when I'm too sick mentally to go anywhere. I do force myself to see family though, because I keep in mind those people wont mind me being in a depressed state and usually have a thing or two to say to comfort me. I don't feel like its enough. I feel like I need intensive treatment with weekly therapy visits, but owell I guess. I won't let this illness kill me.

  57. So, i didnt fall into a deep depression until i took prozac because i was starting to have anxiety attacks again. It had a horrible effect and i cant shake the depression. Ive been off of it since june 3rd, i got on pristiq and im currently tapering off of it because of bad side effects. Im not even sure what to do, i dont understand why i fell into a depression because of that medication. I want to take supplements for it (saffron, turmeric?) I just dont know anymore…

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