how to deal with depression – my way of overcoming being depressed

depression what the hell was up with
that right now before I used to think depression was
different from the depression that is imposed on me by this monster multiple
sclerosis there is a changing chemicals in my brain or particular ways the
pathways of the nerve travel it affects me some sort of cognitive issues part of
that is depression now for me personally I used to think that that is different
from some of those really depressed really depressed it’s all the same
you’ll bring about my brain and by extension your brain because my brain is
the same as everyone else’s right no but this is the what I do okay because my
brain doesn’t know the difference between depression from being whatever
reason is causing the depression to depression being caused by a chemical
imbalance they’ve shown it is a clinical condition of being depressed people with
MS are more likely to get into that state because of the way the nerves work
in the nervous system in the brain area and the stuff like that so to me those
two things are the same and so the way that I deal with depression is going to
be the same whether it’s induced depression from MS or is actual
depression but whatever it is your brain don’t know the difference
it just goes oh what the ho for me personally depression isn’t being sad or
troubled or it’s apathy great apathy I cannot be bothered I can’t even be
bothered to be bothered that kind of thing so the way I look at depression is
is like a wave coming at me from the ocean stay with me now this is my kind
of allegory my oh my my what’s the what’s the word they’ll go use the other
day analogy okay like the ocean if you try to fight it because there ain’t no
fighting depression it your own brain Jesus sucked it out me if
a wave comes out you try to fight it’ll knock you down it’s got the whole world
of weight behind that wave and the same with depression is the whole world is on
your shoulders pushing that depression at you you could try running away from
the wave but it will just follow you until you run out a beach and then kuku
that’s where that happens so what do you do do you surrender to it no you can’t
surrender the depression because it will just take you away with it and you won’t
wallow in your Myers but like the advice I saw from the internet the other day
about some bloke turn talking to his daughter who was sad he said it’s okay
to be sad just gotta get over it you know he can’t be like that all the
time and so my approach to my depression and getting over my depression and
handling it is just to let it pass the wave you who let it wash over you it
will go away eventually this too shall pass eventually it will go away from you
sometimes it’s rough water sometimes is not as frenetic but still with the wave
is always that there there ever-present and but the advantage is but with the
real ocean you can have spawns of seeing there’s no get away from those waves but
with depression is only ever was this high there’s nobody ever goes up this
much so allowed to go through don’t surrender to it don’t fight it don’t run
away from it there is no getting over it sometimes it’s okay not to be okay and
so one of the things that I do as as well as look at it and perceive it as
this is not to make life-changing decisions if you ever walk past a bridge
and you thought what I’m gonna be like to jump off it there is a French
expressional it’s called l’apelle du void no l’apelle du vide the call of the void so
you feel like you want to do that but what you’ve got to do don’t make any
life decisions when you’re through that let it go past you luckily
I can stay here in the Batcave I’m playing on my toys and I try not to
communicate too much with other people some p1 I was lucky
still have to go to work still have to deal with Sharon down in HR cow huh
that’s what they think maybe anyway but try you have got your responsibilities
to yourself to try not to run with scissors when you’re feeling like this I
think I think it works for me and possibly a work for you I know nothing
well or not but try give it a go look at it like it’s a wave and it’s gonna pass
try not to do anything try not to walk the boat when you’re in a stormy sea
because you’ll sink

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  1. Well said matey really good advice I thought. Happens to us all at some point no matter how much wealth we have. Just couldn't understand that other reply you got from gangnam style lol.

  2. Loved that blog… i too have am struggling….you hit nail on head
    … its ok to be sad….my ms has taken away the memory part so…. i easily forget things good or bad…. but as you said dont make any decisions while in that state…. i 4 years into that…. sometimes its a blessing not to be able to grasp your thoughts or feelings…..we have to take every small positive thing and run with it x

  3. I watched this when you first posted it and i found it very enlightening im in a low at the moment and remember how it made me feel better before so ive come back to hear again your words and there is a lot of logic in those words , cheers bud here is to the ups

  4. Wonderful sensible advice Andy my sister suffers with depression and I will pass this on . Hope you are doing ok best wishes Elaine xx.😊

  5. Deppresion is afwul, But the tub of vasaline next to comluter screen doesnt look suspisious one bit ! Haha just kidding, thanks for sharing, 🙂

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