How to fight depression & support someone with depression with no medications/antidepressants

Hey, how are ya? I haven’t see you for a while, Can’t you
tell that I am depressed?! Seriously! Oh, I thought that you are busy assisting
someone with their depression. Well, you’re not wrong there, that too. Did you go to the doctor? Yeah, and I am not interested anymore, neither
that I want to take antidepressants and medications. The only question is can you help? Certainly, I would love to. If you have been having this internal dialogue,
then this is a must watch a video for you. In this video I will share with you five practical
tips that I personally use to fight my own depression and help you fight your own. And at the end of the video, I will have a
bonus tip for you, showing you my templates so you can build your own and put it all into
action. Coming up !! Welcome back to another quick tutorial in creating your own new limitless world & For those who are meeting me for the first time, My name is Joe Isaak I am a global presenter, NLP practitioner and few other things. I live in Australia but I’m not originally
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videos. How can you fight your own depression or perhaps
you want to help someone with their depression, you are not interested in taking Anti-depressants
anymore or medications. Look, I want to share with you a quick story
about myself. I have been fighting my own depression on
and off for years and I’ve shared a lot of the things that has worked for me and how
I came about is I identified some patterns, I studied myself what makes me happy, what
triggers some emotions to come through and I draw from those pattern certain actions
that has been in a way consistent to help me feel better. A bit of a disclaimer though this gonna be
clear that this is not a medical advice and I do understand that sometimes our depression
severity is not the same and everybody is different. The goal of this video is to share these tactics
with you and hopefully they work for you as well, and for you to know that you are not
alone and it is OK sometimes to be UP and sometimes to be down. The idea here is what can we do about it! So, what can you do to cope with your depression? what can you do to fight your depression? Without further due let’s jump into the first
point keeping in mind that none of these actions are in a sequence you can choose whatever
it is that you want to start with, and they don’t have to be in any particular order,
let’s jump into the first one. I call them mood influencers, find a memory
with physical evidence this is based on psychology and it’s called positive anchoring, all of
us, every single person, we have a particular memory that reminds us of something that we
really admired maybe when we were little, maybe when we’re teenagers, whatever it might
be, so if I share with you a little demonstration on myself, if I am feeling depressed 1 of
the things that has worked for me I go to that physical memory, when I say physical
I mean something that you can hold so it could be a particular perfume smell that is associated
with a positive memory that you have had before in a certain country or a particular meal
for me I look sometimes for some of the videos that my students have sent to me saying that
they are very grateful that I helped them with something or a birthday card from a special
person on a special occasion with a special writing too many specials I suppose but anyway,
these things instantly work and moderate the mood, so this is the first tip, now when you
are working with the mood influencers it’s very important that you commit to whatever
it is that you gonna do such as I’m gonna watch this special video when I was 12 years
old birthday on Monday at 9:00 p.m. after dinner for example so you can see the level
up specificity that I am trying to specify here and clarify to build that visual image
that on that day I will be doing this and commit to it you could have your own you need
to find your own memory triggers associated with those anchors and the sky is the limit
everybody is different. Tip number 2
How to socialise, now, I don’t wanna give you socialise I wanna tell you first of all
I’m gonna call it force yourself, fight yourself out of your shell, do something social for
example call someone that you haven’t spoken with for quite some time that makes you feel
very comfortable some of our friends have that tendency to give us that feeling, a family
member you haven’t spoken to them for quite some time, your grandfather that you haven’t
spoken to since last month whatever it might be that works for you, but you gatta force
yourself and fight yourself out of that shell because when depression happens and it kicks
in there is a lot of hormones associated with it Now with these hormones such as dopamine,
serotonin etc the percentage of these hormones can affect that mood and get you to withdraw
and wanna be on the couch and don’t wanna get active. Now, some of the people suggest
& in fact there are a tons of studies that tell you to go to the gym but because I’m
keeping this video about what worked for me I’m not gonna tell you do that because when
someone told me go to the gym and exercise and I am depressed and I really wanna be on
the couch, I was like I felt like are you even feeling what I’m saying so because I’m
talking from my experience it didn’t work for me but what I have done is I pushed myself
1 step at the time and that has really worked for me wonders!!!! Tip number 3
create that dynamic fun and break your routine very very very important and for this 1 I
know sometimes that we get physically withdrawn and we don’t want to talk someone that’s
what or how I personally was feeling and I’m pretty sure there’s a lot of people that will
walk the same journey with me so I started to do is to try to basically trick myself
into things. so normally I would have lunch in the office
and I will be by myself and I’m trying to switch off. when I am in that sort of peak of my depression. I will force myself to walk to the park across
the road quick walk 5 minutes And have lunch in the park and then come back and that has
really worked for me this is just an example you might have your own things that can work
for you but break that pattern I have a particular coffee shop that I buy coffee from when I’m
going to work every single morning, when I get those times I have to go to work, I’m
forcing myself for it, to go to work, I gotta go so what I do is I force myself to buy coffee
from another shop or I by a different coffee rather than Mocha, I will probably buy cappuccino
or something like this so you gatta break that routine by creating that fun dynamic
thing if I want to take the dog I’ll take the dog for a couple walks or I will run and
get the dog to run with me do something different it doesn’t have to be a whole entire new design
to your life but it has to be something simple 1 step forward and this is how you get take
yourself out. now goes without saying that every tip I’m
sharing with you has to go with commitment such as tomorrow I am going to walk to the
train station and not take the car on Thursday I will be doing this make that commitment
so you can envisage that coming forward for you and this is something that we can look
forward to and 1 of the things that I personally have
experienced when I am in the peak of my depression I feel that there’s no hope I feel that you
know what is this life about and 1 of the things that I realized is by creating that
hope for tomorrow that actually does help me and that came to me as an idea that I studied
when I was at school that something replaces something rather than fighting something sometimes
by pouring something else that replaces whatever is inside so if you imagine there is a glass
in front of me right now and this glass is empty it’s not really empty if it was it just
got air once you pour some water or whatever liquid that you put in the air comes out and
this is the tactic that I have personally used to battle and fight my own depression
while strengthening my mental fortitude to battle and challenge those feelings. Tip number 4
trick yourself into action with fast pace, There are a lot of studies that suggest physical
activity will help the brain and that will also assist you with your depression now talking
from my experience sometimes it is hard to go to the gym or force yourself into doing
something you’re not exactly excited about but what has happened to me before, I have
always admired those dancers that do Latin dancing on TV as I was watching TV shows merengue
salsa bachata and so on. and at some point when I was probably in the
middle of the depression cycle that I was at, at the time, I saw a flyer coming right
to the office saying that they’re offering some free classes if you come this time to
that time which was precisely after work so I decided to force myself into it I have to
leave the building it was in the building just inside sort of the basement so I went
through and I have never stopped that have been dancing since so sometimes things do
come about in a different way now you need to find what works for you something you’ve
been inspired by maybe this is the time you you can venture through that part Tip number Five is an interesting thing I have faced so what
I feel sometimes even recalling those events even put me in that kinda depressed feeling
but I noticed that negativity is just crawling everything seems wrong and what I realized
that it’s actually one of the signs of depression when negativity becomes the magnifying glass
that I’m wearing on top of my eyes so what I suggest for tip number 5 is that you drain
the fuel of depression which is that negativity spin it comes on everything it’s an overwhelming
feeling so 1 of the things that I have encountered if i gave a presentation to someone and they
really liked the presentation they really admired it, I go an say Ummmm they said that
they really loved BUT I think they just trying to be nice, So I don’t take any credit for
anything, if everything is perfect there is only one factor that is imperfect somehow I
get to see only that one factor and if that’s you then you probably on the same journey
as me and what I have found that I started to use CBT or cognitive behavioural therapy
which is you are the one in charge you are the person that is gonna battle everything and
challenge those thoughts so for example they loved my presentation I say nah I think they
just being nice then I ask myself why am I saying that I am not saying go like some other people
might say I say I’m fantastic I am excellent stand in front of the mirror repeat it 100
times that never worked for me I did try by the way I did hear it from some very popular
coaches but it didn’t work for me but what has worked for me is the CBT or the cognitive
behavioural therapy where I was my own coach and I will ask myself the questions OK I’m
saying that they are being nice why? What did I see myself doing wrong that I think
I didn’t really do well? so I start to challenge myself into logical reasoning with some of
these statements that I make without any evidence, one of the other interesting things that sometimes
if I find myself becoming the best or i don’t know the worst fortune-teller in the world by predicting
the future and the rest of my life, is another negative spin that can come and
I have seen it probably more than few times and people go through a relationship, their
relationship is over and then they make that statement I will never find someone or I will
never find someone like that person and what really happens here is that sense of depression
just makes there’s no light at the end of the tunnel and that’s what I have countered
and later on down the track after a period of time these people might find themselves
with someone who is even much better than before so the idea for the cognitive behavioural
therapy here that we can start asking ourselves what did they have that was so outstanding
that doesn’t exist with any other human on the planet and then we go from there, challenging
those ideas to build that mental commitment that whatever we’re making is not logically
reasoning with the evidence surrounding it so many examples that I could give you but
the most important part of my share here is how I will challenge these thoughts that come
to me using that mental fortitude momentum of Ok, why are you making that statement what
are the evidence presented and try to challenge it and please do let us know what challenges you & if you have figured a way in the comments below Bonus Tip
A frame that I have been using that has been working for me fine and I hope it works for
you as well and please do let me know in the comments section below
It is called the L.E.A.D it is a word of 4 letters mean for different things and it
is a step-by-step model. The L learn something whatever it is something
simple cooking a particular dish or even adding a new ingredient to a dish that you know,
whatever simplicity you can add, learn anything it keeps the brain going and it really helped
my mood. That is the learn. E for Empower empower someone that cleaned
your house or it could be a doctor you visited, could be a friend of yours just think about
something that they have done that was nice and empower them comment on it etc. The next one is A for Action take any small
little action a little walk 3-4 push-ups whatever it might be, any action that you could do
a little bit of a zumba class whatever works for you
D which is the last one For dedicate. Dedicate some time for yourself. Dedicate an activity for yourself, what’s
been working for me is I will dedicate 5 minutes even though my schedule is crazy busy but
I will say OK 5 minutes on this day for this thought or couple of pages from that book
or couple of shots from that movie whatever it might be that inspired me and I have been
following the lead for quite few years and let me tell you it has been helping me a lot
and my depression severity and cycles have been responding very well to the LEAD frame
that I have been using if you do have a tip that has been working for you Please Please
Please do share it with us in the comments section below and don’t stop there if you
can send this video and share it with someone that can help them please do so be an active
member in our community. So in summary
we have covered 5 tips of how to fight your own depression the 1st point you can see is the
one that I have developed some examples for myself I have it normally on my phone
using One-note and I can do a tick Box to what I have achieved and what I have decided. Mood influencers and anchors for example locking
a particular time to a see a video as you can see
number 2 is fight yourself out of the shell by getting social one step at a time and seeing
any opportunity to socialize that just requires just a little move. And the 3rd one is how
to create dynamic fun environment by ensuring that you are breaking your routine number
4 trick yourself into action by doing very little small physical activities number 5
is draining the depression’s fuel by assessing your negative thermometer and assessing every
single thought that comes to your mind remember you are you and the thought that comes to
you is a perception that may not necessarily be true so challenge that perception ask yourself
the questions was it really true? why did I say that? and create those challenges ! and
overall at the very end put it all into the lead frame of the four steps If you did like this video please hit like
and subscribe to the channel I’ll be looking forward to see you on the next one and super
pumped because the next one is extremely important topic but for now it’s a bit of a secret that
I am not going to tell you !!!

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  1. Great tips! Thanks for helping those out there who also battle depression!
    Personally I also have found CBT to be extremely beneficial and recommend daily meditation using an app like Headspace – has really helped me!

  2. Hey Joe, thanks for your videos. I watched your video on Friday and to be honest I was very surprised by my change in mood following some of the advice you give. In fact I only realised after I had time to reflect on the day how much my mood improved following your advice. Thanks Joe.

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