Doctor David Burns have found in his late research on cognitive therapy that depression can be cured naturally. without taking any antidepressant drug We’re going to go through the process about doing so but first i want you to keep in mind That you’re not the only person , who’s suffering from depression taking in consideration that Others have gone through the same painful experiences Can bring about , a relief and a sense of unity Also if you’re someone who’s positive and you think that depression is not for you anymore and that you have worked it out long ago i think you should reconcider that thought again. in many cases , positive people get so Egotestic about their positivity to a point that they start resisting unpleasent emotions like sadness it’s like saying “oh i got to be positive” “man are not supposed to cry , i can’t fall into this sadness thing” “because if i do i won’t be able to maintain my positivity” and ironicly by resisting their mood swing they get depressed sadness is not depression it’s okey to feel down every now and then. The Big idea from this introduction is to stop resisting the state that you find your self in. even clinging to positive emotions can make you depressed Emotions are just ‘chemicals’ running through your body and those emotional chemicals are not permanent. they are meant to come and go. just like any other experience. everything is in a constant state of change. and now with that said , let’s move on to the cure for depression. First we need to understand how you got depressed in the first place and then we get to solve your illness. think of it as a math equation , if we happen to internalize the rule we can solve the equation. let’s say that we are sitting in a restaurant and unintentionally , you a glass infront of me since am positive , my reaction would be to laugh hysterically like if it was no big of a deal it’s funny for me. as for you you got pissed off by the noises it produced when it hit the ground notice that , it’s the same Event for both of us the only difference is the way we perceived that event. so the rule here is simple : your thoughts create your emotions. you feel the way you do because of the thoughts you’re thinking right now that’s why in some guided meditations , they tell you to focus on what you’re thinking at the moment to identify what you’re feeling. if you’re confused about an event that happened to you lately in the day Then , your emotional , state at the moment could be confusion Doctor burns describes how depression occurs First : we have the event that takes place in the outside world Second : we interpret the event with a series of thoughts this is called your internal dialogue. and finally : your feelings are created by your thoughts and not the actual event in other words the way you think in any situation will determine how you will feel about it. Now that you’ve got the rule , let’s look at the equation. When you interpret an event as negative , doctor burns describes that as “cognitive distortion” if you perceive an event as negative you create distorted thoughts and therefore unpleasant emotions. sometimes you could be right the event is unpleasant it needs to be interpreted that way and we have to be realistic about it. but , for people who suffer from “mild” levels of depression those cognitive distortions become so habituated to a certain degree That they start perceiving everything in black and white. doctor burns cited ten different cognitive distortions that you tend to have when you’re depressed. let’s look at some examples for the most common ones let’s say that you want to learn improv-comedy. you took some classes and after a month you decided to give it a shot and go live. so you go on stage and start cracking the lamest jokes ever since you’re nervous and it’s your first time. the audience got bored and left as a result , you think to yourself that you have no chance of becoming a comedian or that you will never going to be good at doing anything this kind of cognitive distortion is called all or nothing thinking either i’m good at this or i will never be , even if i put it into practice. either i’m a charismatic confident guy , or i will never be that way. and you can clearly tell that it’s all pure nonsense. this type of cognitive distortion is conveying an exageration of a negative event the event itself is negative but instead of perceiving it as a passing experience you hold on to the cons. this leads us to the second cognitive distortion this one is called “mental filtering” you take one negative thing in any situation and keep dwelling on it this video as an example. no matter how much i put the time to make valuable content for my viewers there will always be that one guy who will filter all the value and leave a negative comment. instead of saying “okey let’s evaluate this objectively” what did i learn from this video ? i learned about something called “cognitive therapy” i can cure my depression without taking any anti-depressant drug see ? at least you learned something. to be honest i’m not resentful toward those people because they are so addicted to negativity that it became normal to them just as normal as holding a fork. people who perceive reality from a mental filter no matter how hard you try to convince them that the event is actually positive they will always find something negative about it. let’s say that you got hit by a car you’re on your way to the hospital and no matter how much the doctors keep telling you that you didn’t get a scratch you just got dizzy and you’re ready to go home in three hours you keep thinking to yourself : oh my god what if i got brain damage ? and if my brain is damaged will my girlfriend still want to go out with me ? this one is called “jumping to conclusions” this is like exagerating with your expectations. and projecting to unrealistic conclusions. since the process of emotion formation happens in a fraction of a second we have little to no control over it. the good news is however , even if those thoughts get distorted and you fall into depression you still have a chance to re-construct them after their occurence. you have the opportunity to re-frame those distorted thoughts and therefore change your mood. it’s scary how one thought can have the power to change someone’s life for the better or the worst david burns presented us with some practical strategies for dealing with these cognitive distortions. the first step : is to start being mindful enough to catch those automatic negative thoughts and write them down don’t let them buzz around in your head. the second step : is to learn precisely how you are twisting things and blowing them out of proportion. and the third : is to substitute a more objective thought that puts the lie to the one wich made you look down on yourself. if you hear a thought telling you that you are not good at doing anything catch that negative thought and write it down. now write a logical more realistic counter thought to it try to find out all the logical reasons that convey clearly that you are good at something no matter what the thought says. you can read that paper every morning before you go about your day and with time the subconscious will re-wire itself. and instead of weighing you down your thoughts will start boosting your mood naturally. this is the basic gist of cognitive behavioral therapy. so far we saw three big ideas. the first big idea is that your emotions are created by your thoughts and not the actual event. the second big idea is cognitive distortions. we saw the most common distortions that you tend to fall into when you’re depressed. and finally we looked at the practical side of the book. wich is to fix those distortions by writing them and replacing them with more realistic logical thoughts. and with time your brain will re-wire itself for the better.

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  1. Hey 🙂 i hope you're doing well , this one is about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy .

    If you can somehow master the Art of 'Reframing' your thoughts after every negative experience , you will take total control over your emotions , you'll be able to choose what emotions you want to feel in any situation , it's all based on your thinking .

    i wanted to point out that cognitive therapy goes hand in hand with mindfulness/meditation , if you're not aware of your day to day thought patterns then your thoughts are in control right now . start by cultivating awareness .

    i hope this was helpful , thx for watching , See you guys soon .

  2. Props to you for making all these awesome videos ! Very instructional, easy to understand. thumbs up ! keep up the good work !

  3. really like this type of background music in your videos. I feel like it seems more positive and optimistic. overall keep making great content; love to see more! 🙂

  4. I like this video. I had Severe Depression. I find my thoughts follow my feelings more than thoughts coming before the feelings. I am guessing I am missing thoughts underneath my conscience thoughts? Or my body is just reacting the way it has for years before I was trying to view things differently?

  5. really great video. I learned a lot. I will take this into consideration and use this knowledge to my advantage. Also, I will buy and read the book. I hope that I can gain some more insight to the information that it'll provide me with.

  6. i like how the way you present your videos, you always show some solutions, which can be useful. Unlike other videos where they talk everything but never did mention of any solution and if they did they would simply touch the surface.

    Keep up with what your doing XD

  7. This video is about emotional depression NOT the wholebody diseases that fall under the umbrella of Clinical Depression.

  8. There is no good or bad, but thinking makes it so. -William Shakespeare

    All, but one thing can be taken from a human being, the last of the human freedoms, to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one's own way. -Viktor Frankl

  9. It is so difficult to find uplifting channels on youtube now a days. I am thankful that I've found your channel. Continue what you're doing!

  10. Thank you, for the time you put into creating this concise video review of Dr. Burns' Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy. This is an excellent summary of the cognitive therapy components described in Dr. Burn's book. Looking forward to more of your work! Perhaps the importance of behavioral experiments to modify views of self, others, and world would serve as good content for future videos by you or others inclined to create such engaging video material. I read Dr. Burn's original book and do recall he also described the importance of changing behaviors. Important to note that we sometimes must act our way into believing new things.

    For those who react negatively to hearing, "thoughts create emotion," it is important to acknowledge that mood states and other physical conditions do indeed impact what thoughts we access. A balanced and inclusive view is that, "the arrows go in all directions". Specifically, ever-changing physiological states both centrally (i.e., in the brain) and peripherally (rest of body) do also impact cognition. As well, changing behavior that impacts cognition can result in changes in cognition. Finally, we likely don't "fix" or get rid of maladaptive thoughts – we can however learn (with patient practice) to treat them as outdated and as "background noise" through CBT.

  11. I found enormous value of your videos. This one and many others on your channel, very positive. Thank you for your work! Who are you? Maybe some video about yourself or about the idea of creating the channel??? I'm curious 🙂 take care!

  12. Hey dude. I appreciate your work and thank you for this video. I translated your video to Turkish and put my channel i know i've should it asked that before i put and i am sorry for that ( I use youtube translator that's what happens i don't have copy of that video).Can i have your permission?

  13. Great video content! Apologies for butting in, I would love your initial thoughts. Have you researched – Lammywalness Erase Depression Guide (probably on Google)? It is a good exclusive product for beating depression fast minus the headache. Ive heard some incredible things about it and my cousin got great results with it.

  14. The Journey videos contain extremely valuable insights and step-by-step guidance for turning negative thoughts into positive actions and positive attitudes.

  15. Dude…

    You make the most sense to me thank you for doing these videos. I'm sure you don't do it for the praise though.

    P.S. speaking of depression, the praise and blame game usually leads to depression lol

  16. The Daily Mood Log is very helpful to help with tracking and understand the distortions happening during triggers! Writing them down and seeing them in front of you is very powerful! You can get a off copy by googling it!

  17. I think the idea that thoughts create feelings and everything can be broken down to personal interpretation and therefore we can choose more rational thoughts thus cure 'depression' is simplified silliness.

    We cannot separate out component parts of experience because we are a totality -emotions and thoughts are more like the weather constantly shifting and changing depending on many things most of which is outside of our awareness – we're affected by internal states and our environment constantly in addition to our histories most of which is forgotten to memory but shapes us none the less – we experience many cognitive bias's and given the pace of life and the total saturation of the senses by media and devices and a largely disconnection from nature, family and meaningful work etc we're emotionally charged, stressed and fearful and always on.

    CBT also largely reduces the environment to a mere trigger for some hypothesized internal pathology a bit like feeding a fish while you piss in its water – this reductive minimizing of the environment helps to obfuscate where the real issues are – within our disordered cultures and power abuses – this is the water we swim in and unless and until we change that we will be engaging with nonsense like CBT and the thousand other 'talk therapies' instead of getting out there and changing the world to make it a place conducive to life on earth

  18. Thank you for another excellent video with straightforward step-by-step guidance to get rid of negative thinking through CBT.

  19. This channel should be featured in all primary and secondary/high schools of the world. Hope you can make a deal with a government, municipality/province to keep up the great work.

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