How to get out of a golf or baseball slump

Hello, I’m David Kenward, The Mental Coach, and today we’re going to talk about things
you can do to get out of a slump. You know, slumps are the most frustrating things
to people in sports, for serious competitors, because we work hard, we do really good in practice
and then something happens under pressure and we just don’t pull out our best. Here’s
three steps that you can use to get out of a slump. Step
number one – write down what exactly you want. That is so
important. It’s like getting in a car and taking a trip. How do you know where to go, if you
don’t have a map? This is the beginning of your map. Step number two – what’s happening right now? Write that down too. Slumps
are usually specific. It’s against a certain pitcher, against a certain batter, against
a certain team or a field or a stadium or a course. Get specific, write it down, that’s powerful. Step number three – focus on the positive. What that means is focus on what you want, not what you want to
avoid. Now think about that for a second, a lot of times when people are in a slump, they are
expecting to fail. A lot of times what people will do after
a couple of bad experiences is they’ll focus on what they’re afraid of
and they’ll just get it running through their head – oh my gosh I hope I don’t strikeout. I hope I don’t walk this batter. I hope I don’t give up a home run. I hope I
don’t hit the ball down into the lake. What you need to be thinking about is what you want to accomplish. I want to strike out every batter, I’m striking
out every batter. I am hitting the ball. I’m getting base hits. I’m
hitting that drive straight down the fairway and it’s beautiful. That’s what you want to be in your head. Your
mind is so powerful, learn to use it! Sometimes that slump is so big, that barrier
is so powerful, you need to blast through it. That’s when you need an expert. That’s when you call me. I will get you out of your slump. I will help you blast through it and I will
guarantee it and it will be fast. I’m David Kenward, The Mental Coach at

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