Hey guys, it’s Alyssa over at Books and Cats, and today I shall be talking to you about slumps I just want my hair not to look like poop, can I get that maybe, maybe not If my tongue is red/my mouth, it’s because I drank red powerade so that’s why Also can we talk with the back that I’m actually filming in front of my bookcase I managed to get semi-decent lighting over here. This bookcase is not directly like in front of sunlight. That corner is a little off color-wise but we’re just gonna ignore that and focus on the fact that you can see me pretty well. I was inspired to do this topic because I, for quite awhile, have been in the worst reading slump ever. Really It’s been going on since June. I managed to read a couple things in June but not much and all of July. It’s now August. I’m finally out of my reading slump. Yay, I’d like a round of applause please because it’s been very rough. It’s been a struggle but I am coming at you with tips and tricks of what helped me and all that. I think I previously did a top 5 Wednesday topics on how to get out of slumps or some kind of video about slumps don’t know if this will be similar but I’m gonna do it again anyway. First tip: the top tip, the number one tip, Don’t stress about it. This is very Hard to actually put into practice, but if you’re a worrier stresser Like moi like yours truly That’s a very hard tip to follow. I was just freaking out about the fact that I wasn’t reading and I was like crap I Really want to read like I really want to read but I just can’t like I just Can’t do it and it was just it was really hard and then finally like one day I always like you know what Alyssa? This is not worth it, this is not worth you stressing over. It’s a hobby. It’s your big main hobby Why are you gonna stress about it? You have enough things in life to stress about Reading which is the one thing that you love is not something you should be stressing about it’s not worth it. Tip number two is to Do something else it could really be anything It’s kind of like it was a trial and error thing for me for a couple weeks. I was actually Watching television. I don’t watch TV whatsoever I watch Mainly YouTube there are couple shows that I watch but I’m not like a TV watcher. It’s just Something I haven’t been into for a couple of years just really not my thing so I decided to pick up a TV show I watched I think the first whole season of the show and it really helped because it felt like I was doing something where I had a goal like I was like Trying to watch through the first season or trying to get to finish the show or whatever so I was just picking something that can be another hobby or anything another type of media where you can Manage to complete it or set a goal for that. I Struggle personally was trying to set little goals in life So it kind of like was a little bit of a thing that I had to do to really help me I’m doing something productive. It might not be the thing that I want to be doing that I feel like I should be doing I’m doing something else and that’s perfectly fine. Tip number three is to really don’t force reading when you’re in a reading slump because It doesn’t end up being productive I tried this time when I was in reading some forcing myself to read thinking that will help me It didn’t shocker didn’t help at all I ended up either not enjoying the reading material as much or just Starting and then stopping books and then not being able to finish them. So Don’t force yourself to read because it’s not gonna end well now if you know Personally that by forcing yourself to read that’ll work then great do that I personally found that it’s not really great to force myself to read just many goals Like just set many goals of like, okay I’m gonna read ten pages every day or I’m gonna finish fifty pages by the end of the week or whatever like again set a goal to Where you can be more productive next tip is as you feel yourself easing out of your reading slump when you’re not so like oh I don’t have the energy I can’t do anything. I can’t focus ease yourself in Don’t have too high of expectations start with small books or easy books or quote unquote Fluffy books that aren’t super intense that you know will just be a fun time don’t have serious reading material graphic novels Comic books anything like that Highly recommend. Poetry is also great. But yeah, just don’t be looking to you know, read an 800-page book. I tried doing that and it didn’t end well. As you’re easing yourself out I highly recommend audiobooks if you have a library card, which most people do if you don’t Then that’s cool, too. I highly recommend Audiobooks especially if your library most libraries do any more are through overdrive Highly recommend checking out a couple audiobooks even short audio books really helped me I’ve listened to two audiobooks in the past month span And it really really helped me because of the having super huge focusing issues and audiobooks helped me immensely That was one of the things that helped me read really anything during the booktubeathon. I think my last tip will be to Participate in a read-a-thon. I’ve always loved read-a-thons, read-a-thons are my love, they’re great. They have helped me time and time and time again Get out of extremely bad reading slumps I know with a reading slump usually comes a point where I stop watching as many booktube videos and then I start feeling less connected to what’s going on, what people are reading what’s going you know, what’s the happs. Even though I’m not a very current person I still just feel like I’m not able to stay up with the times. One thing that really helped me was staying current with like people on Twitter and all that. It helps really helps me stay like really connected. Like I still know what’s going on. Go up that way go you can’t go this way go. Even like bookstagram I’m not a huge bookstagrammer, but I found that all that can also help just to kind of feel more connected and feel like there are people supporting me as I’m not reading. Readathons are wonderful, because even if it’s a super small read-a-thon There are only a handful of people participating. They’re still there to communicate with you talk about how you’re doing, encourage you be like “it’s okay if you’re not doing anything like it’s it’s alright, everybody goes through it.” It’s so great So those are my top tips of how I’ve helped myself very very recently get out of a reading slump It was rough. It was rough I don’t even have a July wrap-up because I’m gonna have to combine it with August because I read so minimal books. If you have any top tips of how to get out of a reading slump, please let me know down below I would love to know I always find this is the thing everybody needs help with. If you enjoyed this video, you can go ahead subscribe. Also, all of my social media will be linked down below I hope you guys enjoyed this video, and I hope I’ll see you in the next one. Bye

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  1. I'm in need of a fluffy contemporary. It's just hard be I don't like them, but I need it. So I'm just having this inner battle with myself, lol. Maybe a middle grade, those are fun.

  2. These tips are really great. As someone who gets into frequent slumps when I go back to school or when work gets super busy, I definitely agree withe the tips you've mentioned here! I think a lot of people focus on the reading aspect when they make videos about getting out of a slump so it's super refreshing to see someone talk about doing other things!

  3. It’s so hard for me to not force reading, but you’re so right! It’s just a path to burnout. Great video!! I’m newly subscribed! 😊

  4. This is actually so true! Stressing about not being able to read it the worst. I myself have been going through reading slumps and there are like piles of books on my shelf just lying. But I know, if I force read, there won't be any point. You gotta love what you read and appreciate.
    I loved your pointers girl, you are such a natural!! Just subbed! 😍

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