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I am Dr.BV. Pattabhi Ram. We are discussing about soft skills. What is meant by Attitude? Let us discuss what
should we do, if a man.. ..wants to grow from one
state to a higher status. Greetings! By seeing my channel
weekly enthusiastically… You are giving the reponse sopntaneously. Very rapidly that number is increasing. I am feeling very happy. Again you are creating a
new happiness in me. Every one should be good
and importantly Indians. And Telugu people showing
more interest in personality development. There are more Telugu books
in personality development.. When compared to other Indian languages. In english there are many books. Many books are coming in Telugu. I only wrote 56 books. Yandamuri Veerendranath also wrote. Kantamneni Radhakrishna also wrote. Kranthikar and Kamalakar also wrote. Satya Nagesh and Gampa Nageshwer Rao.. Many books and all are in good sales. I mean in these days
no one reads the books. It was a lie that book reading is fallen down. Book reading is increasing day by day. In that Personality development,
our book publisher… ..Emesco books Vijay kumar will say that.. We thought that books have fallen down,
if we see the yearly sales.. In that number 1 place is
personality development.. ..and second place is many are
reading regarding devotion. They said novels and stories are less. I am very very happy. My request is.. Today I am going to talk
about a special subject. Persons who are reading the books
should implement them. There are many books
on personality development. But.. the persons who are in tension
and who are anxious.. And who are depressed and
who harras others with their words… ..are not decreasing in number. Not only in India total world
it is going on like this. That’s why on April 7th health organization
members issued an special slogan.. What they called is… ‘Depression let us talk.’ See the small presentation. World Health Organization expressed
concern that in many countries.. There is little or no support for people.. ..with mental health disorders. They do not care. He is mad that’s it, and he is mental. If they say someone is mental
they are leaving him. But, if it is mental there is no
need to go to psychiatrist. Physcologist, Teacher,
Physco analyst are enough. One mentor, person who speaks with love. Physcological problems starts
when we say there is no one for me. Here a small question. Did you ever feel dissatisfied
with yourself or your life.. Or job without really knowing why? Sometimes I do not understand. Tension they will sit lonely, they feel sad.. They close the doors..
what is the reason for this? Many of the members
do not know that it is Depression. Depression is not like mental. Anything, If we go away from normal world..
It will be the reason. So that World Health Organization
send an message. It’s name is ‘Depression Let us talk.’ The World Health Organization is running
a mental health campaign.. tackle the stigma and misconceptions
called “Depression: Let’s Talk.” Depression means it is not madness. We may have worry, fear, confusion,
and feelings of insecurity in some matter. Now world has became very small. We can talk to people in
America within 5 minutes. Let us share. It is your attitude not your aptitude.. ..that determines your altitude.
Said by great people. You see, the person who founded Apple,
knews that he had a cancer. He knew that he would die. If he was depressed and truely
if he went into depression. We would not have iPad today.
Think. You can over come it. We have good books in Telugu and English. Now we are getting them in channels. Like mango TV different type of
programs..and many.. By seeing mine, how much
increment in subscribers means.. I only feel suprisied.
Right. The World Health Organization in its
new global health estimates.. ..on depresiion for 2015 said while over
five cores Indians suffered from depression, Over three crores others
suffered from anxiety disorders. It mean.. nearly more than 1/4th
people are depressed. And the probelm is..
They do not go to the doctor. I do not have anything.
It is your family members. You go. Take your father and your family members. There is nothing wrong with me. Depression means there
is no need to use medicines. There is no need to consider
it is as madness. You all know this girl Deepika Padukone. Deepika Padukune,
Bollywood actress has been.. Openly speaking about her days of depression
and how she recovered from it. In doing so, she has brought the spotlight
on all kinds of mental illness. Once upon a time,
she was seriously depressed. Many people..
it is not good to say their names. Great stars hero and heroines in Hindi.. well as in Telugu established actors
also went into depression. They went and they came out of it. Another surprising matter is.. you see here. Secrect to success. Mahatma Gandhi once decided
to commit sucide. He has made some mistakes, Some one told him
if you eat Oatmeal seeds you will die. He ate and he had a felling that he was
going to die and hurriedly came out.. And wrote a letter to father that.. Daddy I had committed robbery,
and done something.. I had sold golden bangles of my brother
and ate meat. Something he wrote and treatment has
undergone and he became normal. As well as Abraham Lincoln. Abhraham Lincoln has faced many insults. Abraham Lincoln and Mahathma Gandhi
both suffered from depression. But flourished as a result. According to Psychiatrist professor Nassir. He opined that some of these mental
problems can infact make for greatness. Once in depression and recovery
they can grow vigorously up. No need to fear depression. They would not tell to any one
and they do not share. There is only one simple secret
that is.. H O P E, hope. Hope means we should have
some expectation. Hold on. We all know how Sanjay Dutt has
gone into a terrible Depression. For a very small mistake
they sentenced him terribly. What ever may be he faced
many difficulties and went to jail. With perseverance he came out
and had done “Munna bhai MBBS.” Right? “Shankardadha MBBS”
after that..another one.. It is a super duper hit movie. one thinks that he was depressed
after watching this movie. Deepika padukone came out of
depression before “Chennai Express.” Now she is a star. Some innocent people, commit sucide
without understanding. Among that recently Telengana MLA Jayasudha’s husband
Ranganath .. This Young hero, right? Silk Smitha,
Aarthi Agarwal and Phatapat Jayalakshmi These people committed sucide. Sucide is a permanent solution
for a temporary problem. If a problem arises, remember that.. If you observe these sucides this problem was
not there before 30 years ago. Why because we had joint family system
and if any problem arises.. ..solution is given by grand father, uncles, cousins
and father in law and.. Now no one is there to say anything and when one is
sitting in a room crying and writing final letters.. Wrong.. come outside openly. Here I will give some tip to get out of depression. First one situation happens. For that our way of thinking
someone may think in positive way.. ..and some in negative way
Some may think in creative way.. What physcologists say is.. Not all these positive and negative.. Think clearly, Now I failed in exam. One thinks he wants to die.
Another says that I will write next time. Another thinks that
he will write very good at next time. Not all these, Is there any
foreign conspiracy behind that? You did not write well thats it. You did not write well
and think that you will pass. You thought that someone would help you.
And his place was changed. He will say that you speak these facts. Now a new latest book called
“The Art of Thinking Clearly.” He will say clear thinking. If you think clearly you will
know reason for the failure. According to that, your behaviour changes,
mood changes, and body biology also changes. Again situation.. What matter must is how you see yourself. Your body will respond
on basis of how you see it. Here some tips are.. For someone living with depression,
talking to people.. ..they trust is often the first step
toward treatment and recovery. This idea was made by
World Health Organization. Talk to the person who is very close to you. You talk to them and share your feelings. Here what a small thing
you should remember is.. It is good forever if girls talk
with girls and boys talk with boys. It mean close friend. Or else
I have a girl friend I will tell to her. If she comes in contact with another
guy then it is another depressing thing for you. So, only girls to girls and boys to boys. Maintain a close friend who is
very close and not homosexual or lesbian relationships.. This is the first step. Second step is.. Participate in service and religious activities. What should I do if I am sad, lonely
and in deep depression. For poor people food donation service
will be going on. Go and serve. You say I will serve. Donate blood. Make a person live. What is there in dying? If a person has AIDS and
died we will take it light. They are the people who are boldly
doing service to the society. So, Donate blood, your blood
probably may be a rare blood group. There is no profit after your death. Third one, if you educated to some extent.. Okay, you can not live
here and go to a village. They do not have any chance to educate themselves. They are in difficulties and do not
have anyone to teach those poor people. Go there and educate those people. Educate them. Definitely god will solve your problems. If you run away from everything,
from life means how will it be? As well as regular physical exercises. Walk how much it is possible for you. See him he goes to a fitness center
and there also he is uses an escalator. What it means.. they would
not think of a solution to a problem. They will think a problem is only a problem. Next manage your stress
through jack ups and relaxation. Yoga.. a days many
Cd’s are available in the market. Mine are also on YouTube such as relax,
increase your self confidence. In my prior videos, I explained
how to perform self hypnosis. How to go in to a trance in 5 minutes
without any chants and.. Without any god visualization
and without doing like this.. You yourself and next see about your god. Next, obesity may also lead to
depression, regular food habits. Timely food and timely sleep
can reduce depression. If there is depression..timely food. Not that serials.. I will sleep exactly at
10 and wake up exactly at 5 or else 6. Get up and go for a walk. Walking means no need to go anywhere. It is okay if you walk near your
house and have the Sun rays fall on you. If we do not have Sun light
we might have vitamin deficiency. Next stop negative thinking
develop positive mental attitude. Any work you do, if it does not succeceed? You are becoming your own enemy.
you do not have external enemies. You are your first enemy. From today onwards, I am the winner.. I should think that
I can win and my habit is winning. Next do not depend on faulty methods
like smoking and alcohol. Some people think that
if they drink they feel relief. Nothing will be there.
It is temporary. Smoking is a permanent problem. Finally I will say five things
for depression management. First one spiritual, Devotional programmes,
Bhajan and sathsangam. Second is do physical exercises. Third is emotional relaxation. You spend the time with your family members
and poor people in the society. Fourth mental relaxation. Do meditation and yoga relaxation. In case there four do not help,
then the fifth one.. Medical intervention. Then you should use medicines and
doctor will correctly suggest you. So, depression is not a disease.
That is not a disease. It is just an disorder. If we get headache and
some pains like that… If mind gets irritated and we are restlessness. I have to divert my mind. Without diverting my mind and suffering
with that if I think why this happens to me. And I get angry and I shout
at people I come across.. Breaking things..
finally I want to consult a doctor. Without that we have many systems in India. You follow them and do miracles. Okay, Greetings. After watching this program
if you have any doubts, comments.. ..suggestions. you can post your
opinion in comment box.. So that I can give you answers.

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