How To Get Rid Of Headaches

hi folks I really hope you’re well this
is dr. Lawrence woods from this winery and I’m here in the middle of Germany
somewhere I came over to visit one of my colleagues kind of interesting day I
went into his office and his secretary was whispering the lights were dimmed
down as I approached him I could tell he wasn’t well and here’s the guy’s been
start from I’ve known for ten years he’s been suffering with chronic headaches
for last ten years nothing medical has had all the tests
and I just absolutely had enough of it I said listen listen listen to me for once
you’d like listen to me about your health I went to his house I went
through everything with him and I think
we solved the problem and I’m gonna share that with you two here today so
off I went to his house and let me give you a little bit backstory here I’ve
been practicing for many years and I’ve had phenomenal results treating
headaches and I’ve pretty much
exclusively attribute this to what I’m about to share with you today and these
methods should work for most of you even if you don’t suffer with headaches you
want to keep this video in just in case you do get headaches someday or you know
somebody who suffers with headaches because they’re really gonna love you
with these tips that I’m about to share with you and of course I’m gonna have
everything time-stamped below and let’s just get right to this video headaches
are not only irritating they can literally ruin your life if not dealt
with properly headaches are really common according to the World Health
Organization nearly half the population experienced a headache
at least once a year making it the most common disorder of the nervous system
and generally treatment for those suffering with headaches are typically
over-the-counter medications for relief there are are other options
not only for treatment but those who want to circumvent headaches in the
first place ok let’s start with the
labels or what I call shoptalk and what the experts classify is the most common
types of headaches most common types are
of course tension headaches affecting 70 percent of some populations and tenant’s
tension headaches are result of stress or musculoskeletal problems and if you
read my book explains the mechanism for this and this primarily due to poor
posture and these types of headaches feel like pressure or tight band around
your head and most of these resolve within a few hours but chronic cases can
last forever it seems like and they’re disabled and there’s other types such as
migraines or as they say in Ireland migraine which triggers in your brain
and causes the release of a pain producing inflammatory substances around
the nerves and your blood vessels in your head
the third type would be cluster headaches which is a
describes a brief but extremely severe headaches that occur frequently and the
thing with cluster headaches it’s usually around the eyes and then the
last one and this is kind of crazy sounding it’s medication overuse
headaches which is ironically caused by
chronic use of headache medication so there are many points to my method and
the first point is looking at avoiding headaches in the first place preventing
a headache is even better than treatment one so you want to start by avoiding
anything that could possibly trigger a
headache and these triggers can vary from person
to person but most of these triggers are food so I’ll go to his house I open up
his kitchen cabinets and I start looking through all his foods and I see
everything everything is eaten everything is all his foods are a
potential trigger and so here’s my advice to you and my advice to him was
we eliminated all these foods that were triggers just cut them out for a bit and
and and not forever but for a short period of time until the headaches
stopped and then we introduced these foods one at a time back into your diet
to see if that is the culprit so let’s
look at the common food triggers for headaches include inflammatory inducing
foods like cured meats and aged cheeses and that’s about like all they eat here
and he ate mostly that Gruber met bushed
Bal now washed and Bala and liebe Vorst oh and folks never eat swine wash brains
Siobhan’s aged cheese’s including like gorgonzola Cameron Burt cheddar and
what’s the big one here in Germany it’s
called oh yeah burqa fish alcohol especially wined we saw that he consumed
every night there are bottles everywhere I thought he would drink beer but it was
a merlot
I hate Merlot oh and here’s one you probably never thought about if you’re
suffering with asthma that too could be the cause of your headaches typically
headaches and asthma are caused by inflammation and so if you have
headaches is the blood vessels for headaches that with or inflamed if you
have asthma is the Airways or bronchial tubes which are inflamed so if you’re
one of the poor sufferers who has both
asthma and headaches researchers suggest that maybe being a little bit more
aggressive might be the answer and so one thing would be to optimize your
venom in d or vitamin D levels and this is absolutely crucial that which means
get it more out in this get more Sun at least 20 minutes a day
or you can take d3 with k2 other vitamin deficiencies have been linked to
headaches and these include like the B vitamins b2 b6 b12 and also folic acid
not all treatments worked as safe for everyone which it might be worth your
while to investigate a variety of
different therapies and some of these treatments may seem odd but they can
actually provide fast relief since the beginning of time people from all of the
world have been using herbs to treat headaches and a great example of this
would be ro Delia Delia is incredibly helpful for someone who suffers with a
tension headache because it increases the levels of serotonin and this is
important when dealing with headaches and it also makes you feel great you
should also try a combination of feverfew and ginger but this is used for
migraine pain or as they say in Ireland migraine and some people achieve this by
just chewing on raw ginger which is said to give instant relief
chamomile tea is another option especially for the relief again of
tension headaches however only you use
pure chamomile tea bags when you use this remedy another great tip would be
coriander see tea and coriander CET has both anti-inflammatory and anti-pain
relieving effects something to note though when you’re if you’re going to
use coriander seed tea let it steep for at least 10 minutes before consuming and
try not to add anything like citrus or sweeteners since this could interfere
with its effectiveness applying pressure or massaging your headache seems also to
be a great place to start for a relief of pain you can do this by applying
pressure to your head using a headband or a bandana which can quickly reduce
headache pain and this works because the applied pressure can help reduce the
blood flow to your scalp which ultimately means less blood flow to the
pounding blood vessels in your head you can also achieve this similarly by
gently kind of massage your your temples your neck the base of your neck your
scalp then this can help relieve a tangent headache however if tension is
causing your pain if it’s a direct cause of your pain consider trying some
stretches that are specifically designed for tension headaches for one thing you
can stretch these muscles out and here in the front to call the
sternocleidomastoid and you can just gently just tease these out with your
fingertips just gently just stretch this side on the on the left and then do the
same on the right or you could take your fingertips and just gently stretch that
we’re the base of your skull meets your spine there’s what they call the
suboccipital muscles you can just gently in circular motions just roundly
just work these muscles out back in here and that works really well as well
here’s another one did you know that so can your feet in warm water is an
ancient method that actually works the idea is to draw blood to your lower
extremities to reduce the blood vessel pressure in your head and you can do
this really simply by filling your tub full of hot water
you could add things like magnesium salts or even mustard power to give it
that extra kick then soak your feet for about 30 minutes and then finish with a
towel dry who would ever guess that one
way the cure your headache would be through your feet as I mentioned earlier
headache pain may be derived from swollen blood vessels and one quick
remedy and this sounds crazy is but it’s the drink a cup of coffee and is
surprising I know but the coffee can help constrict as a vasoconstrictor the
blood vessels leading to your head help and relieve pain and if you don’t like
coffee you can try ginger tea which
works well or as I mentioned earlier coriander see tea
now here’s another one although I’m not
exactly an expert on essential oils I do know that they carry biologically active
volatile compounds in flowers and plants in highly concentrated forms and these
compounds appear to help with headaches
and there are different herbs that are said to work with different types of
headaches for example my patients all tell me that peppermint works best for
tension headaches especially take a drop of it rub it into the area hurts
peppermint and basil works best for migraines and also rosemary rosemary is
a general all-purpose headache pain reliever learning how to understand your
body so you know how to respond naturally the headache paint works great
too and this is called biofeedback and it is performed by electric sensors to
track your body’s primary function such as your temperature your blood pressure
heart rate and your muscle tension and
then the data is sent back to a computer and to the patient in the form of
computer images and sounds and these images and sounds are ultimately meant
to teach you how to prevent headaches from occurring by learning to understand
and control what your body is telling you I know that sounds like a mouthful
but here’s an example if you see that your heart rate is going up and you see
that on the screen you might try to slow down your breathing right does that make
sense and researchers say that headache
therapy such as biofeedback may end up being more cost effective than perching
prescription medication and probably much safer over time
furthermore regular exercise can reduce the frequency and intensity of headaches
and migraines and this is because when you exercise your body releases
endorphins which are the body’s natural
painkillers and also gets the blood pumping gets the blood flowing which is
really important so consider things like cycling gentle running swimming or even
fast paced walking to reduce pain even a quick cardio workout may be enough to
halt the headache from progressing and this is because it triggers that the
release of pain reducing
neurotransmitters and similarly if you get migraines you want to consider maybe
even trying yoga because if you combine breathing exercises with physical poses
and meditation you may feel more relaxed and your muscle tension your body might
feel a heck of a lot better that brings me to my next point is which is the
tension might be the direct cause of your headache in the first place which
is why according to a recent research paper any sort of relaxation technique
such as like deep breathing or using mental imagery or listening to relaxing
music might give you relief something that very few people consider is that
blue or bright lights might trigger a headache and for this I recommend that
app called flux which will work on all your media devices or my personal
favorite is to pick up a pair of blue blocking glasses and you can find these
glasses pretty much anywhere on the internet you may need to regenerate your
cell your batteries to eliminate the underlying cause of your headache your
cells have these things called
mitochondria which are the tiny motor of your cells and they may need more energy
in a quick way to achieve this is by taking a supplement called coenzyme q10
or also known as ubiquinol and this tends to work great for most people
about half the people with three current
headaches are deficient in magnesium so increasing your consumption of dark
leafy green vegetables which are high in magnesium may correct the direct cause
of your headaches there are so many
options you can try as well again another colossal one that most people
never even think about is practicing proper posture make great posture part
of your everyday workout it makes all the difference in the world in terms of
frequency and severity of headaches however if chronic headaches persist
even after you tried all the natural options that I discussed in this video
maybe you should seek out a natural healthcare provider who can help you
determine and resolve the underlying issues that might be

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