How To Give Jimmy Dore A Headache In His Eyes

Jesus tells me that we’ve got a very important shirt announcement. We’re the only show in America that does a shirt announcement at the top of the show. No, I think Anderson Cooper does that sometimes. Yeah, the ‘Keeping Them Honest’ shirt that Anderson Cooper is selling. He wears that ironically. That is so funny they have segments like that. That is so funny. There’s a new segment on Wolf Blitzer’s show – it just lasts a couple minutes – it’s called ‘Journalism’. Bob Beckel – this is true. I was watching CNN and Bob Beckel is on a panel with Don Lemon and a couple other people and he says that, “You know what? People want to know more about Hillary Clinton” “and more about Donald Trump. And if you did some investigative reporting I think people would love to see it.” Well, that is an interesting thought. Bob, how lucky you’re actually on a news channel right now! Oh wait a minute. I’m sorry. Bob Beckel’s request for journalism has been denied. So apparently the neon shirts are on sale. I don’t know. The reason I’m telling you this off the top is not just because they told me and I’ll read anything they have in the nonexistent prompter at the Young Turks. It’s because at my kids’ school it was neon day. Like you were supposed to wear stuff with neon. So it’s not, it’s not national neon day. Wait, there’s literally a neon day? Probably. I don’t know. There’s an everything day. Do you see what I’m saying? So everybody at the school is wearing something neon? I couldn’t see that being a problem. That would be very – I could get a headache in my eyes. I think if you want to give Jimmy a headache in his eyes, go to and get the Young Turks neon shirt.

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  1. he get that everytime his boyfriend cums is his eyes..the salt makes him even more unfunny like meteorologist level unfunny trying to make rain jokes

  2. The only thing I'll ever find funny about Jimmy is if he took a shotgun to the balls.

  3. Hey TYT, gonna talk about that prominent black lives matter activist (Charles Wade) who was busted pimping out a 17 year old girl from a motel room? No? What's it been 2 weeks and counting? I'm sure bullshit stories like this that don't go against your narrative are much more news worthy…

  4. when will you guys talk about turkey pulling their diplomat from germany because germany declared the armenian genocide was a thing?

  5. Why isn't there a don't freak out shirt. I would buy a Jimmy dore show t shirt. All I see are a bunch of shit with tyt logos. And some other funny shirts. I want to wear a Jimmy dore show shirt

  6. forget his eyes, what can i do to his internal organs?

    can i put things in his urethra?

    how much pain do you think jimmy could endure before he passes out?

  7. Jimmy Dore is so horrible…how often do you have to bash your head against the wall to think that guy is even remotely funny or smart?

  8. I would never be willing to wear a shirt that says "The Young Turks" because of the Armenian genocide…

  9. I Love how they'll give girls grief about yoga pants and how distracting they are for boys when you Sit Down in a class, but they'll have "Neon Day" where one can be distracted standing Or sitting. XD

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