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Hey everyone, my name is Tim Schmoyer and welcome to another Youth Questions video where we answer real questions, from real teenagers about real life. If you’re a teenager watching this video and you have some
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though the link you’ll find down there. This week’s question comes from a teenager who’s askin’ something that all of us experience
probably a lot more than we really want to. They ask this: This week’s question comes from a teenager who’s
askin’ something that all of us experience probably a lot more than we really want to. They ask this: That’s a great question and we’re going do our best
to answer it in the best way we can. I know all too well working with teenagers myself the
stress that teenagers have in their lives. Pressures I understand, are coming at you from all angles from parents and teachers and coaches and even from yourself and school There are two ways to handle stress. one is to let it undermine us at which point
it turns into depression, anxiety, makes our bodies miserable, makes us a little difficult to live with and can
even cause addiction. Or put stress to work. If it’s school, if it’s exams; for example, which
is very common at your age. Perhaps it’s about trying to set up a routine for study working out a time table for what needs done when
and working things out in small chunks so that you can progress though it and not feel the overwhelming burden. Make a to-do list. Just get your thoughts organized
for all you have to accomplish. Cause I know school work can be very overwhelming. And then on top of that dealing with um—this generation
of youth is the busiest generation ever. So dealing with all of the demands you have from
your extracurricular activities, the expectations of your parents. If you get all that on paper and you’re able to look at
it in one place it might not seem so overwhelming and stressful. Here’s life, the four-legged-stool. Right? You know our relationship with God and ourselves,
you know our physical you know wellness that includes sleeping and eating and exercising well. Then you’ve got sort of a relationship with family and
friends, and in our relationship with nature. And with any four of these in place you
can pile on pretty much anything but you know as soon as it’s a three-legged-stool
it becomes a little wobbly. And you know when it’s down to two it will
stand for a little while but eventually, plop. So… I see stress as kind of an alert, an early warning signal. It’s kind of a little approach I have towards life. And
that…it’s easy to remember, it’s: 24. 7. And 1. Be sure to be doing things that are gonna relax you a wee bit.
Like for example me and I, I’m enjoying the sunshine while I’m trying to get some work done and stuff so I’m
trying to keep myself calm in a calm environment. That’s not going to cause me extra stress. 24 means there’s 24 hours a day. And you know what? 24-hours a day, maybe sometimes it seems
like we don’t have enough time. We always say “oh I don’t enough time to
do to accomplish everything I need to accomplish” well 24 hours that’s what God has given us. Another thing is to not over pack your life. You might have too many things going on at once with
school and family and friends and parents and all that. Sometimes we just need to evaluate, you know. What’s most important and some things might just need
to go. Some things We honestly can’t do everything. I think it’s important to allow and surrender, to some of the
things that we can’t control and stop trying to control everything. The next number is 7. There are
7 days in our week. And for thousands of years people have taken at least one day of rest. One day where they can recuperate they can refresh they can have recreation. One thing that really helps me when I’m stressed is
to find a hobby I enjoy doing. Something I can do that I don’t do because I
need to or because it’s time to do it. But just something I can do purely for the enjoyment of it. Taking my iPod and finding a quiet place
in my house, in a coffee shop, Taking my iPod and finding a quiet place
in my house, in a coffee shop, or out walking around the neighborhood or whatever it might be
where I can just go and listen to my music and chill and have some me time. There will be days when you will have truly no time at all
except for time that you have to be doing school or something but usually you should have some time
during the day just that you can sit down or lie down and just watch a
movie or just do something to …decompress. Work out what exactly it is that causing you to stress: is it school, is it friends, is it work, is it
family, is it sports that you’re involved with? Be aware a little while, with no judgment over
what situations are causing us stress. And ask is it the situation or is it my reaction to the situation. Is it, you know, because I’m defining myself in the eyes
of others, you know, instead of myself or God. Or am I pretty much only happy when other people are happy with me. And then 1. 1 being 1 daily pause. Just taking some time maybe it’s just 5 minutes
or 10 minutes. Where we pause. And maybe that looks like prayer. Maybe it looks like
journaling. Maybe it looks like doing something you really enjoy. The first thing that I found that helps me
in dealing with stress is, exercising. And I hate doing it, but when I finish I
feel so much better about myself and my situation. To exercise. And I know it sounds very lame
and stuff, but even just going out getting some fresh air, getting a bit of a
walk for about 20, 30 minutes enjoying some fresh air can do you the world of good. So there’s a serenity prayer I love, this is like one
of the best pieces of advice ever, and it goes: “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.” And that last part’s the tricky part. Because
a lot of times we can’t distinguish between— I mean like for example if you’re in a
situation where your parents are driving you nuts or your friends are driving you nuts or you’re dealing with a
whole bunch of things with school or work. It’s easy to think I’ve got to control everything and
it’s hard to know sometimes, you know, maybe I can’t change this person/ situation but I
can the way I react to it. Make sure that you’re talking to someone about this. Make
sure that you’re not going through this stress alone, that someone is on your side helping and supporting you. There’s so much help available to us that we
choose sometimes not to accept or recognize because we feel like it’s weakness, which is really—which is
really lame, because we all need each other. And I’ve been—I’ve been touched by that where someone will come to me and thinking they’re being a burden tell me about a difficult
situation. I kinda find sometimes is a gift. You should probably find that someone you trust. You can talk to about some of the things that you are feeling.
Whether that be an adult or a close friend or someone at church. Just
find someone that you can share your feelings, maybe even a parent if you have a good relationship with your parents. When I was going through a particular stressful time getting an
MBA I had a friend that said to me “this too shall pass” and I heard it but I didn’t really receive it and I’ve gone back to that a lot
of times where I’m going through a fit and I’m believing that “oh man this is pervasive and permanent” and then you get away from it and you’re like “yea pass”. What advice do you guys have for dealing with
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  1. I take my stress out on M&M's. I crunch my frustration on them, and their chocolatey goodness reminds me that life is good.

  2. I have a book mark that has the exact poem that he says at 6:26 😀

    "god grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; the courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference"

    I read it everyday! 🙂

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