Helping someone
with depression requires
humility, open mind,
and patience. They can’t help you
understand them because they themselves
don’t understand. A depressed person
can be mentally in all kinds of
unusual situations: Not taking showers,
not cleaning up, or
having dirty dishes everywhere
for weeks stand. Don’t offer for them
to snap out of depression
ever. Don’t say
this is unfair and they should
not feel they way they do. If you try to push them,
you’ll just force them to isolate
even more forever. They experience
profound sadness about the past
which they cannot
undo. You want to help? Just be there
quietly. Bring vitamins,
food, and drinks,
and don’t expect from them too much. Be their supporter,
very often —- silently, And don’t point out their
NOT being with reality
in touch. Provide compassion
and your meaningful companionship And listen –
not to judge but to genuinely
understand. Don’t offer
in their home organization your uninvited
leadership. Instead,
ensure they know you’re there for them
and nothing will demand. Ensure they know
that in their dirty home with them
unshowered You want to be there
and by depression you are not
scared. They will be comforted by you
and feel empowered
And open up to you instead of getting
out of their life, like everyone,
YOU banned. Depression takes some time
to realize and process. It’s not your job
to speed it up for them. What you can do
to help ensure their progress
Is offer hope and love. Accept
and don’t condemn. Their mind is in the past
and needs to see some brightness
in the future. If you insist and push,
they simply will avoid you. But stitch by stitch,
you can their broken hope with patience
suture. And you will see eventually
that in the future-focused thinking they will
join you. Help grow their faith
and talk about God’s eternal promises. Encourage them with scriptures
and remind them how David was depressed. Elijah’s suicidal thoughts share as
this only hope encompasses. Depression is not sinful,
it is common and it’s biblical
instead. To help someone
who knows someone with depression,
share this video. Tell them the things you’ve learned
and encourage them to be patient. At first,
sharing my personal depression experience through my poetry with you
I felt like an idiot, But then
I decided to step out of my head and speak out
to help your situation. Thanks for watching. Thanks for sharing. Thanks to all. I hope this video will help you
help someone out of a deep dark
depression hole.

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