How to Identify Depression Symptoms : How Postpartum Affects Depression

Hi! I’m Brenda F. Dixon, the owner of Life
Help Now in Nashville, Tennessee. We’re here with Expert Village. Another cause I want
to talk about today of depression is postpartum depression. Twice as many women have depression
than men. After a woman gives birth to a baby, and it’s not every baby that they give birth
to, but after they give birth to a baby, they have this depression that begins to come in
on them. It creates sadness, anxiety, irritability, and frustration. It just pushes them down.
This kind of postpartum anxiety. In my practice, I actually have people come to be after they
give birth to their babies. We work on the techniques to get out of that depression.
Then they get relieved of their depression. It’s really a good feeling for them. Some
people call it baby blues, but it does affect new mothers and it certainly is serious. Very
serious to have to take care of a baby and they’re still with this depressed feeling.

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