How to Identify Depression Symptoms : How Thought Processes Affect Depression

Hi! I’m Brenda F. Dixon. I’m a licensed
clinical social worker both in Tennessee and in Kentucky. We’re here with Expert Village
today. We’ve been talking about the causes of depression and we’ve been spending a little
bit of time talking about the different types of depression. When people come to me, the
first thing that I do is I spend a little time talking to them and finding out how they
think. It’s the way people think that creates the depression along with these other components,
the genetic, the environmental, the imbalance. It’s not just any one thing. Remember, it’s
no single thing. It’s several things coming together. When I talk to them, I find out
a little bit more about how they think. It’s important in the thinking to determine where
the sadness comes from, where the grief comes from, where the thought that’s pulling them
down comes from. I will inquire and find out a little bit more about them through the way
they think.

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