How to Identify Depression Symptoms : How to Understand Depression & Brain Chemistry

Hi! I’m Brenda F. Dixon, owner of Life Help
Now in Nashville, Tennessee. We’re here today with Expert Village, and our topic today is
depression. The causes of depression come up frequently in my practice. I want to talk
a little bit more about these causes. Some people say that it is genetic, some people
say that’s environmental, and some people say that it’s imbalance in the chemicals in
the brain. It probably could be all 3 of these total. These brain chemicals; they’re linked
very much to depression. There’s serotonin and there’s like a couple of other technical
names for these chemicals, but they’re very much linked to depression. Some people say
that they are the cause of it if it get too low, and some people say it’s the result of
depression and it gets too low. It’s like chicken and egg kind of thing. You don’t know
which started where or which started first. This depression is certainly uncomfortable.
That is for sure, so it helps people know a little bit more about the causes of it.
When you look at this depression, you’ll begin to understand a better feel for it when you
know more about it.

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