How to Identify Signs of Depression : Fatigue: Signs of Depression

Hello. My name is Leslie Moselle and I’m from
Tampa, Florida. And, on behalf of Expert Village, these are the signs of depression. For a doctor
or other health professional to diagnose depression, most of the following signs and symptoms must
be present for at least two weeks. Fatigue or Slowing of Body Movements: Fatigue or slowing
of body movements is a sign of depression that may leave you with feelings of weariness
and a lack of energy nearly all day long. You may feel as tired in the morning as you
did going to bed the night before. You may feel like you are doing everything in slow
motion or even speaking in a slow, monotonous tone. This is caused not only by the lack
of sleep, but by a lack of motivation. You’ll not have the energy to do the activities or
participate in the things that you once did, but you still feel just as mentally and physically
tired. For instance, you may not even have the energy to answer the phone, the doorbell
or even get off the couch at night to go to bed, assuring that you get a good night’s
sleep. If you’re seeing these symptoms in yourself and you know that it’s not just a
sign of being lazy, but just a lack of energy, then you may have depression.

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