How To Instantly Relieve Stress & Increase Happy Hormones

Hey guys, in this video I’m going to show you how to instantly calm yourself down and relieve stress, anxiety and release tension. and bring yourself into a state of focus and calm piece of mind. this is called alternate nostril breathing it’s an old ayurvedic technique to relieve stress, balance hormones, calm the mind
it real does relieve stress almost instantly it’s really easy. take a nice big, deep breath exhale out completely then cover one of your nostrils take an inhale through the other nostril cover the other side exhale out that other side inhale inhale completely cover the other side, exhale inhale completely again, cover the other side, exhale inhale relieve stress and exhale again repeat to instantly relieve stress. so you want to inhale through one side switch nostrils, exhale, inhale through that nostril switch sides, exhale repeat to relieve stress, and it teaches you to expand your lungs how to take a full, complete and relaxed breath and it teaches you how to fully release the breath from the lungs, and let go completely with each inhale you are expanding your ribs, with each exhale you are releasing all the air from your lungs and you’re concentrating on your breathing in a way you normally don’t do. or focusing on your breath. it takes your mind away from what’s going on in front of you from work, from any stress you are feeling at the time. it allows you to center become grounded and relaxed and to instantly shift your mindset and your body so you are much more relaxed and at peace and focused. give it a try! leave me a comment and let me know how it worked for you. subscribe to my page. subscribe for virtual hugs!go to to join my newsletter group for free gifts and goodies. to help you become more fit, healthy and happy and that’s it see ya soon! much love to you! bye.

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  1. this is pranayam technique called anulom vilom, given 10000 years ago by Indian saint Patyangali. I am proud how Indian culture and Yoga is being widespread all over the world and how people are getting benefit out of it. stay blessed everyone

  2. This actually really worked! Last night I heard some terrifyingly sad sounds outside, that have scarred me for the whole night and the whole day. The whole day I have just been sad and I needed something to release the stress and sadness from the past weeks of getting bad grades and all that. But my grades have gotten better and I have an A in math instead of a C. Thank you so very much.

  3. thank you. i had a crazy stressful day at work. i hadnt took my crazy pills in a week and to my suprise this actually worked!

  4. I respect your channel. Please look into out my clips for similar work. I would love to work. Muck fortune and continue up the fantastic work.

  5. FUCK I'm so stressed right now I'm shaking and I can't even breathe through one my nostrils is clogged so FUCK ME MORE DAMNIT

  6. this jaka-wahk shit dosent work! ive been doing this for the past hour thinking it worked when actually all it did was make me light headed and i almost gave myself a concussion. if this were the middle of my highschool class at about 9'Oclock ish that would be great, but you almost caused me valuable sit at home and live my shitty life routine! #UPSET #TRIGGERED # ….. uhh .. hash..tag…

    What am i doing with my life -_- back to sadness

  7. its up to you what you do but please tell us its a form of yoga as some of us on this planet dont practice it for one reason or another. glad i read the comments first.

  8. This didn't work for me. I think for me, I'm experiencing extreme tension and the symptoms are both nose getting plugged. This exercise didn't help. I did it for a few minutes. Should I do it longer??

  9. it is real u shoud close ur eyes and concentrate the screen appears in ur eyes even if it is close
    while doing this ur concentration should not be missed acutally is is a yoga known as pranayama tri this

  10. I had 2-3 years where I felt extremely bad. Couldn't leave my apartment at all. Felt so shit all the time. I used kind of like this everyday, I squeezed as hard as I could for as long as I could both nostrils to help me just a bit with feeling like complete shit. It worked for a bit everytime I did it. Bad thing is, I did it everyday, and I squeezed all I got for as long as Icould several times a day. Now my nose looks like shit, dark and veiny spots on both sides of my nose. I'm an idiot. 🙁 Everytime I look in the mirror I get reminded of this and my extreme sadness and depression I had.

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  13. Namaste beloved you do know that you can use your index finger and your ring finger and do this i uae my dominate hand right.kudos☺☺🌸🌼

  14. Why don't people like to refer to the origin? It's called Anulom Vilom. By the way, there is a nice free Android app that helps you do much more patterns of breathing gymnastics offline, it's called Prana Breath.

  15. I tried this but it didn't work, realizing it may be because I'm allergic to grass, trees, and pollen. My nose has a STEEL DOOR inside one of the nostrils.

  16. A friend tagged me in this a year ago and i had a major panic attack with prop anxiety for several weeks I have pain in my neck caused by vertebrae issues and collected anxiety and I did this and the pain in my neck has almost completely subsided!! Thank you so much for this!! I will remember it in the days to come with my stress. It really helps to hold the nostril by slowing focus on your breathing what a wonderful technique. I pray this can help before a panic attack has a chance of striking. (I haven’t had a panic attack in many many years)

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