How To Keep Going – Depression

Hey what’s up I’m Rachel Star
schizophrenic so I’m asked this question a lot whenever I do like interviews um
speeches and different things What Kept You Going? and I know what they’re asking
me you know what when I was going through different bad times in my life
and I’m suicidal really depressed when my schizophrenia was like out of control
when I was in like major breakdowns completely psychotic what kept me going?
um people are always looking for some really sweet squishy answer like well
I’m a pop pop he told me or you know I had to do this to get myself through
college because I promised so-and-so and it’s not my answers always what was my
other option seriously what was it I What was my other option? Seriously, what was it? I mean you you have two, to curl up and die
or you keep going you know you have to make that choice and especially when you
are in the midst of a psychotic break depression and whatnot it can be really
hard to make that decision but those are your two options
um and I do think it’s dangerous when someone whenever I even hear someone say
like oh well I’ve always been to keep going because of something because of
some person because in your life at some point whatever it is you’re clinging to
will fail if it’s a person it will fail if it’s your kids they’re gonna move on
they’re gonna move out and you’re gonna be alone and guess what’s gonna come
back that depression so I think it’s dangerous even to like have someone or
just this thing that keeps you going it needs to be a decision that you make and
that you if you’re watching this video you’ve made like a million times okay
it’s not like you just make it once it all right like no you make it over and
over again especially if you’re constantly going
through depressive episodes you make the decision to keep going
because you don’t know what’s gonna happen you don’t know where you’re gonna
be at in a year five years hell next week what could happen what changes you
could make to your life what changes could be made to your life oh so yeah
make the decision keep going there’s never gonna be some like magical person
or thing that can save you you’re gonna have to save yourself and the best thing
about that is that means you can actually depend on yourself so keep
going i’m rachel star like subscribe share
high five okay *outtro music*

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  1. Ppl do better with support groups … the right ppl can make an impact… and you're right, you gatta save your self tho!

  2. Lmao my Bluetooth headphones must hate your chance because they always disconnect when ever I watch your videos or maybe they want me to share it with my family through my phone's loud speaker or sumpthing and it's only on your chance that this happens have a grate day Rachel I love your chanle and as a fellow schizophrenic thank you for all your work for the community have the day that you chose to have but I hope you chose to have a good one

  3. High five! I second this message! ♥️

    When someone places that level of emotional dependency on another person in order to have them as a "reason to live", it will also inevitably really fuck up that relationship. So they end up two times as miserable.

  4. Always excited to see your videos in my feed! You are always kind, and frequently talking about important topics, that should be discussed more freely in society. Anyways, thank you so much for posting and for your good advice 💕

  5. Hello Rachel, I'm not schizophrenic but I'm very depressed, even though I have had a loving husband, who's been by my side thru what I've gone thru. Both of us, has had to deal with so many deaths in my family within a short length of time. We got married in 2015, but my only sister suddenly passed away in February 2015 from falling on a patch of ice and hitting her head, she was only 37, then a year later, in January 2016, my step dad passed away from lung cancer, then 2 months later, in March 2016, my dad passed away from pneumonia and Alzheimer's disease, then 2 months after that, in May 2016, my mom was diagnosed with lung cancer, and then in March 2017, I arranged for my mom to come and live with my husband and I, but then in May 2017, we had to get the hospice to come and help us take care of my mom. She was taken care of to the best of our abilities until she passed away in March 2018. I've been so depressed from losing my entire family and it's really taken a toll on my health and my husband's health because we're both disabled. But we had to do what was right by taking care of my mom because I loved her so much, I was the only family member that she had left and it was my responsibility. But now my health is so bad that I wanna die and I just can't get over this bad feeling that keeps hanging over me everyday. Please give me some advice. 😩

  6. Rachel you kill me, please, brutal, I have learned to live with the devil in I. when I was a kid I would hear voices coming through the wall elec sockets my mother told me the wires were picking up radio waves but she was bipolar two. the only problem I have in life are the mainstreamers I can live with my problem until my body quits or the mind tells me it over. I have a saying for all the mainstreamers in the world FTW,FEI thanks

  7. Oh Yeah, Just right that, You can felling it all ..But anyway it's just your few..Thank you for posting it

  8. this video came at the right time. it's true. i'm normally super manic. lately, i'm having mixed episodes of mania and depression. its understandable why. you make some excellent points. "the one who is depressed, has to make the decision to keep on going." i relate to that. also, "we don't know what's going to happen." things could drastically change for the better. thank you for posting this video. i made some new videos of my daughter. they released her after 7 months in a "behavioral health place," and neglected to start up her social security, or food stamps. instead, i've been paying for a motel. i could be bankrupt, before the SSI starts up. it is completely irresponsible for a case manager and mental health facility to discharge a gravely disabled person, with the degree of symptoms, that my daughter has (even on the lousey meds that don't really work). and not have her supports in place. i could go on all day about this, however, i won't. thank you for the video rachel. i'm comforted to know, that i'm not alone in this, whatever it is. ha! a TEST OF ENDURANCE AND I WILL NOT BE DEFEATED!

  9. This one hit me. I thought music and art was my rock. I just did music and art I didnt even date. Then my MI morphed into MDD.I lost all interest! I broke down and some planning/ rehearsing suicide. Then I thought hey lets do the "adult" life and find a mice girl. Yeah, it is going soooo well( gun shot). This video applies to everybody.

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