How to know if you suffer from depression? Test!

how can you know if you suffer from depression do the simple test along with me and let’s find out you are experiencing some things in your life and you want to know if you suffer from depression but how to know well I want to give you a simple symptomatic test what does that mean it means that I give you the symptoms and then you answer for yourself if you have those symptoms or not and based off how many symptoms you have you will get a result there are nine symptoms in total and the first one would be a deep sadness for two or more weeks second apathy or a lack of interest in all activities for at least two weeks third is agitation you are more irritated with yourself and others for changes in sleep habits you sleep more or less with forty minutes five changes in appetite or weight you lose or you gain three kilos six you are experiencing a lack of concentration it’s harder to take decisions seven uselessness feelings you feel a lack of value or guilt eight dark thoughts thoughts about suicide or death and the last one tiredness or a lack of energy in all activities here we go guys this was the test now let’s see the results and now for the results if you have 5 from 9 symptoms that means that you suffer from depression but if you have lost somebody important somebody dear to you in the last 18 months you are in mourning if you didn’t then you suffer from a major depression if you have 2 to 4 symptoms then it could be possible that in the near future you will suffer from a depression there you go guys this was the test if the results showed you that you suffer from depression make sure to subscribe to this channel because I will post videos I will give you tips I will give you habits I will do whatever I can in order to treat your disease as well as possible so subscribe to my channel share and like it and until the next video have a good one [Music]

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