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Hi, I’m Sophie and welcome to my world. and I’m Connor and I’m really stressed out Well then it’s a good thing you’re here cause guess what we’re gonna be making today an unstress machine? Stress balls! Those are actually really cool. yeah it’s like the perfect thing to
get your stress out. So, you want to learn how to make one? Do you feel less stressed already? Marginally, OK. Well keep playing with it. So, here’s what we need to make our own
stress relieving balls you’re gonna need a funnel, a half decent sized funnel this is a pretty big one and the bigger the
the nipple part the better this is really important. You’re gonna need sand. You want some scissors and these are 11-inch balloons. You’re gonna want to have at least 3 11-inch balloons per stress ball and then for extra fun you might want some Sharpie markers so here’s what we’re gonna do Connor the first thing we want to do Can I name him Timothy? You can name him…Timothy the stress relieving kinda looks like a tomato doesn’t it?
Timothy the tomato stress reliever You’ll just need a little green newbie, yeah. Okay so first thing you’re gonna do is take this balloon and put it all the way onto your funnel nipple. So you gotta open it up a
little bit and then just all the way down until it hits the round part exactly like that. That’s it. now this is going to be the most
important thing is that you hold on to this part while you’re doing this.
You’re gonna take your sand and I’ve got my sand here in a measuring
cup makes it easier because you just pour it in but you can use just any old plastic cup
or anything like that Regular cup. So, you want to pour it in and you gonna see that its gonna get to a certain point where
it won’t be able to take any more sand so here’s what you wanna do Connor You wanna put it down on the counter you wanna take your take your funnel kinda push it in and you wanna shake it right shake it and
then pull this up but you wanna hold on to
this nipple part of your balloon because you need to pull and smush and pull and smush and pull and smush now see you wanna make sure you’re holding on to this nipple yeah, that part because that’s super super important. Or else all the sand goes everywhere. yeah that’s okay. You got it. Pull and smush and pull and smush. There you go. Okay so now it all went down in now you can leave it at this size if you
want but I like to add a little bit more to mine. you make it as big as you want here. So, you just add a little bit more of your sand you might need some stretchier
balloons well actually you know its it’s funny but an 11-inch balloon is
all you really need here but the main thing is make sure you’re holding on to
that really tight so that you pull and see when you pull it
releases some and then you smush you make more room pull and smush pull and smush pull and smush pull and smush pull and smash you could make a song out of this and push and smush. I feel like I am milking a cow kind of. OK. So, when you get it all the way
down so that is all the way down in there you
kinda shake it. Give it a good shake to make sure there’s no sand in here
and pinch it off right at the bottom there and now you can release this. Now you roll it off of there. I’m gonna put this over there So squish it down oh that’s why you
wanted to pull it up and just make sure that you got all
that sand there you go that’s it. You might wanna do this over a
paper towel True. You could cover your work area or you could do this outside. or maybe on a table you really don’t
like you like that one Aunt Marge gave you. OK so now that you’ve got this all mushed in what you want to do is pull this up. How are you doing in getting your all mushed in there? Okay so now what you want to do is pull this up and wrap it around and tie it off. pull it, wrap-around tie it off try to make sure that you don’t have any sand in this part that you’re tieing off and what I like to do is tie a double knot so tie it once and then tie
it twice and I know that’s gonna leave a little
bump that’s okay that’s going to become our nose on our stress ball also so don’t get worried about that so
they’re all gonna be personified they could be personified they are going
to be balloons personified or stress personified okay
now what we’re gonna do you see this little
nipple we’re gonna cut that little bit off where we cut where we had tied it off on the second
one we’re gonna cut it off right there pretty darn close to the edge there, so he
doesn’t have a really long Pinocchio nose exactly. You doing OK there? Now you could technically leave your stress ball at
this point but you want to make sure that it’s gonna stay solid and not ever explode leaving sand all over your house cuz that would make your like I know would make your mom pretty upset. It would make me really upset Actually, it would probably make you more upset than your mom, wouldn’t it I’d be the one who has to clean it up. Or make your brother Chase do it. so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna
take another balloon and I like to do an opposite color different color not the same color but you could do the
same color if you want and this is what we’re gonna do right here see how the
balloon comes down you got the nipple right and then it flanges out into the big
part right here where it starts to flange is where you want to cut right across your balloon. Okay so you’ve got like a
little noise maker sorry I don’t want to get spit all over you so nice, so nice…you should be Now put your fingers in
there and you’re making like almost like a little miniature like swim
cap. for a very tiny little head. Place it right
over top of the nipple and I like how you do this so everything so
easily yeah I’m a few steps behind. Years and years of practice my dear. and the people doing in the video are like
it’s really easy now don’t be worried if you end up with
a little extra smooch that’s okay cuz that’s gonna get covered now you should end up with like a little kinda bull’s eye, right and there’s our
little nipple on the side that nipple’s gonna become our nose so we’re going to take one more balloon because three is always more secure than two and again you’re gonna cut it right below where it starts to flange out and you’re gonna have your covered covered end down and your open end where you’ve got that little circle up. Make that little swim cap using your thumbs you can really place this wherever you want. You wanna try to get
it over that little nipple nose this is the nose. Yes so that’s the nose so you wanna kinda just with your fingers push it up and over so that you make a
little mouth and then you get to take a Sharpie pen and decorate and make your stressed out eyes all I’m making mine really stressed out because I’m really stressed out I really don’t wanna think about stress so I’m gonna make mine really happy okay. Like that Pharrell song. okay I gave him my face. Your turn. So here’s a funny
little thing just while Connor’s working here. If you ever run out of a rubber band and guess what you happen to have balloons around, balloons make awesome rubber bands and not just
this nipple tip here you cut that mouth of the balloon off that
makes a great rubber band right would you know rubber bands often
like rot and tear apart. Will it do that? well you know…you know any rubber will
eventually degrade did you know that? eventually it will do exactly what you
said it will dry out and it will get brittle and it will crack but it will hold up for a long time but not only those ends check this out
Connor even the regular part of the balloon can make a good rubber band. I know isn’t that cool. you can make so many rubber bands from just one balloon. Exactly So if you end up with some extra
balloons you can make rubber band out of them and they’re really they’re really
actually very very good rubber bands so if you ever in a tight position, like it’s the end of the world and you only have balloons and you
need a rubber band you can use your balloons. How’s your stress? Oh very nice. He’s kind of a monster he’s had a really bad day show everybody I love him. He’s great sorta looks a little like Haley. You’re so mean! Haley’s a dog by the way So, the other thing that you can do
with these if you make them a little bit smaller is you can make them into juggling balls can you juggle? I can try Give it a try. Stand back. I’m a professional Awesome. Better than I thought I would do. For more ideas that won’t leave you
stressed out come and check us out at he’s like aargh I really do like that one

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