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  1. IMO, procrastination can also be a symptom of low confidence – why do "it" when "it" will suck (student needs to write a paper: I'll get a bad grade, I will look like a fool, this subject can not represent the real me/no one will understand my point of view.) Like my dad said, "Why put off til tomorrow what you can put off forever?" If it has no value, don't say "you will do it", and hate it; keep your promises by only making those you'll keep happily.

  2. This is the first time I've commented on a youtube clip. This was really informative and I appreciate you taking the time to put it together. My students at Manawatu college in New Zealand will thoroughly enjoy watching this. Cheers and all the best for the future.

  3. one tip to end procrastination or just even limit it is to use a time tracking software. there are simple and user-friendly time trackers that can be used even for personal tasks. try, for instance, freckle time tracking.

  4. I like what you're saying here but I've alway's been nervous that being that structured is going to turn me into a bit of a control person.

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  6. One of my weakness in school is "Organization" I can't seem to focus. It be organized would only last for a couple of days of the first week of school, but after that, I get so lost. My goals in life is to become a straight A student in everything I do, not just in school but in my profession as well. I would like to become a Lawyer, so with that said, time management plays a big part in becoming one. On the other hand, YOUR video had helped me break some of these blocks down, SO THANK YOU!

  7. tat's grt…not tat we didn't know…….it (the way/s we waste time)
    all looks so silly when someone points it out on u-tube …tanx so much….

  8. I manage my time poorly because i just dont care… I set goals and they become distant, everday day feels bland "Variety is the spice of life" guess im not getting enough spice 🙁

  9. I wasted so much time this weekend. I'm very tired .. =/ It's hard to stick to my schedule, im really tired what do I do!?

    I have so much homework I can't rest on weekends, and its hard reading for every class. I have Biology, Math, Chemistry, Arabic, Psychology
    Should I try lowering my course work since I'm a science major and the courses tend to be very intense?

    I feel overwhelmed with all the complex stuff I have to learn so quickly

  10. Thanks for this! I did watch Randy's lecture before finding this video, but since I took handwritten notes I couldn't read some of the things (doctor handwriting type of premed student, here) and I might lose them in the future. Evernote is fixing that for me, haha. This is a great summary of his lecture! It helps for me, personally, to see words rather than hear them. Great video! Also glad that you gave credit because some people don't!

  11. Thanks for this video. You pointed every single problem I have… But every time I tell me to do this or that, I have like an hour for the first thing and an hour for the second too, and it always take me much more time to do it, I can't.. I worke very slowly and everything comes at the same time… 🙁 I'll try to be more effective thé next time. 🙂 it just the fact that I listened this I'm sur I'll be able to retake control over my school work
    Thank you 🙂

  12. I'm really fan of you. You are doing a perfectly work.I study Psychology so every single word that you've said it's truly interesting.

  13. Agreed this video has given me some great tips for managing my time and I will get on that straight away 🙂 

  14. Thank you so very much for this video! I have been in a real rut lately and all the points you made here hit every question I had right on the head. I would say that I, at the present time, fall under the classification of a student who doesn't get hardly enough sleep as I should, I continuously find reason to procrastinate, (Texts from friends, video games, television ect.) and I keep finding myself feeling like a zombie when I attend class (I sit there and think about everything else besides the lecture…). Good luck to those of you in the same spot I am in and I wish everyone success with there future goals/plans 😀   -Dan

  15. Worth watching…. one of the best videos I have seen on time management.  Thank you… These many days I was not able to manage my time due to spending time on unimportant things. I realized it after watching this video….. Got confident on doing my work in right direction… KUDOS to you madam!!!

  16. Great and Cool Video! 

    In Life, I have implemented 80-20 law to the maximum and the results has been awesome. 
    I manage all my 80 and 20s using a mobile app called "80 20 pareto" by lokesh hanumappa.
    I am so lucky to know this Pareto Principle!

  17. This video helped me out so much! Time management has been the one thing that has screwing me up with following up on my assignments for my classes. I'm always concerned with this because I always want to have time to do other things like hobbies and spending time with my family, while still getting used to college life. I really can't thank you enough and those tips are so useful and it's helping me tremendously, so for that I'm forever grateful. It's all about maintaining a balance.

  18. I am cronically having problems with time managemnet. I did not find your advice helpful, because I KNOW all this, and if I invest enourmoust effort. I am able to make it and manage my time well. However this is totally not easy for me, it stresses me out and makes me exoted. I do not know if there is any reserach done on poeple who have time managment problems, but saying that this is purely question of will to me seems like that you are saying to a dyslectic that spelling correctly is a question of will. 

  19. Thank you for the good luck at the end of the video it is very encouraging. Another thing I would say is that people should practise meditation to help them with controlling their impulses!

  20. This video was placed on a online workshop for a low-income program for my community college. One thing I would change is instead of talking about tv, talk about being online. For me, that is what kills me the most. I have 2 part time jobs and I go to school full time. I get tired. Going online is a stress reliever for me. Unfortunatly, it has become a crutch not to do what I need to. Also, the stats were great!

  21. I use time tracking software. It helps me. It helps to concentrate on the task. I work with "Time Tracking primaERP"

  22. thanx a lot u r completely right not only weeks but years pass by unnoticed … I will do arrange time schedule as soon as possible ( not pr0crastination lol ) Essam Elmisherghi from Libya -Tripoli

  23. You kind of can't really say "studies show this" without providing example studies or specific names or data because honestly it just kind of makes what you're saying not believable or less credible. Like saying "they studied this and it turns out it's not true" but not giving info on who "they" are (the ones doing the study) or any sort of actual information on the study kind of just kills your point.

  24. Very Informative… Made me really evaluate time management more in depth. This will make me very successful academically and professionally as well. GREAT VIDOE AND SUGESSTIONS!!

  25. Really practical tips! I'll be doing the time journal tomorrow. Time to shed light on what really eats my time supposedly for study :))

  26. I'm curious where the numbers on the chart came from because a lot of them could be misleading and opinionated. Do you have any sources for this video?

  27. I would love some advice on how to be a single mom who is a student with a special needs child who is completely dependent on me. (And I have no help and can’t just drop her at a daycare) I have literally no time without interruptions. Please help, I drown in homework because of my inability to remove all distractions.

  28. Watching this video showed me how much I do manage my time ,we use it when it best fits us. Do not compare yourself to others you are only insulting yourself.

  29. This information was very helpful, Iv had 3 kids to raise and 1 grandchild , had to work 2 jobs and was very busy , Had to manage money and time very closely,I have learned to manage money , time and also live a stress free lifestyle . This was very informative Thank you.

  30. I know that I want to be the best at this class because I need it to open my open business for me and kids or grandkids and hope they follow.

  31. Thank you for this video. I start my first college course next week and I am juggling being a full time mom and having a full time job! This video was inspirational and I plan to take the steps to help my time management! Subscribed to your channel as well and looking forward to seeing more.

  32. Thank you for your approach to time management. These techniques make it possible to evaluate what is useful for each of us and lead to self fulfilment.

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