How To Overcome Depression: 5 Tactics That Work Immediately!

– This is Julien. And I’m here at Stockholm, Sweden. And what I wanna talk
about in this video here is what to do if you’re feeling down, what to do if you’re feeling
bad, if you’re feeling sad, if you’re feeling depressed. Okay, five steps to get
out of this and this is not some mainstream bullshit,
this is not some dumbed down Buzzfeed-ish type advice
where you’re like, oh, five steps to get out of depression. Like this is the real, raw shit from someone who’s been through it. Brace yourself, let’s do this. (electronic music) – [Electronic Female
Voice] Three, two, one. (electronic music) (people cheering) – So step number one, is
realize it’s okay to feel down. It’s okay to feel sad,
it’s okay to feel bad, it’s okay to be depressed. If you’re someone who’s
feeling down, who’s sad, who’s depressed, stop
trying to be positive. ‘Cause that’ll just make
you feel worse about where you’re at. And that’s the advice
everyone says, like, hey, you know, be positive. Positive affirmations. And you’re like oh man, that
means this sucks where I’m at. You know? You need to hustle more. Man, I’m not hustling enough, now. Another reason to feel down. You need to make more money. You need to work more. You need to own more,
et cetera, et cetera. All these reasons to hate where we’re at, what we’re feeling, even more. So number one, if you feel
down, be okay with feeling down. Start loving what it’s like to feel down. Start embracing that. Feel depressed? Be okay with it. What’s that like, feeling depressed? Let’s sink into this, let’s
bask in what it feels like. (sighing) And just that, you’ll experience
a little bit of relief. You’ll still feel down, but
there won’t be the added feeling bad about feeling bad. ‘Cause that’s what happens,
we feel bad and then we beat ourselves up for feeling
bad and then we feel worse. And then we beat ourselves up for that, et cetera, et cetera. We feel bad about feeling bad about feeling bad about feeling bad. Endless. You know? You realize this, too, I
mean I realized this with going out and socializing,
there’s this saying like when you’re in state or when
you’re out of state. The thing that keeps
you out of state is the self-attack that comes with it. You know whether you’re in a flow or not, it’s how you feel about it. Like when I’m out of a flow,
what I used to do is like you’re out of state,
you’re out of flow, fuck, you idiot motherfucker. And then I’d feel even worse. If you actually embraced
being out of state, you’d be in state. If you felt good about being out of state, you’d be in state. If you’re out of state
and you’re like fuck yeah, out of state, now you’re in state. And that’s what happens, it’s
like you’re depressed about being depressed about being depressed. You’re feeling down about
feeling down about feeling down. Can you love feeling down? Imagine every video you’ve
watched up until now, everyone has told you like
hey, you know the shit is when you feel down. That’s the place to be. That’s the goal, that’s what
everyone’s after, feeling down. That’s when you’re the most attractive, when you feel down. You’re like, fuck yeah. Like if you had permission to feel down there wouldn’t be that same resistance. And funny enough, the sensation, that state, would probably fade away. ‘Cause the more you resist
it, there’s that saying what you resist. – [Audience] Persists. – Uh huh, right? So can you embrace it, can you feel it? Okay, and be careful,
too, of the standards you hold yourself at, ’cause
there’s a lot nowadays, especially with social media
where we expect so much of ourselves, you can not win. And you’re always gonna feel
down or like hate yourself ’cause you’re not living up to a fantasy, and that’s important to realize. What is real, what is a fantasy? If you’re only looking at social media, which is actually quite
common if you feel say, down, sad, or depressed, it’s
like, you’re very isolated. So you might not socialize much. So you might go on social
media and then you might mentally imagine or project
what these people’s lives must look like. You know, I’m sure if you
look at my social media, you might think that I’m quite amazing, and I am. But other people’s social media, (laughing) you might look at them
and think they’re amazing, but they’re not, you know? (audience laughing) That was a joke, that was a joke. But no, what you see on
social media is not everything that is a person, it’s only
a certain part of them. It’s so easy to convince
someone of something on social media. Every day, if you just post like hustling, change your shirt, even in
one day, change the shirt, hustling again, hustling again. Everyone’s gonna think
you’re hustling all the time. When in reality it took like five minutes of pictures. You could have done no work. Now the person who’s down
sees that and they’re like, fuck, why can’t I be like that? Question it. Is that person really like that? You know? At times, yes, again, it’s like sometimes people fully fake it. Other times people are really like that, but are they like that all the time? No, no one is hustling
all the fucking time. Anyone who tells you
that, that’s bullshit. ‘Cause guys will beat
themselves up, girls as well, it’s like, I’m not
hustling twenty four seven. And like they can’t even
take a one minute break, ’cause they think they’re
not hustling enough. You know? Someone who’s like always
smiling in their pictures, like why am I not always
smiling like that? Why am I not always happy like that? That doesn’t mean they’re
always in that state. If someone sees a seminar of me like this,
say super high energy, ’cause it’s a crowd,
that’s the context and it’s still congruent to how
I feel at this moment, that’s not, I’m not always like this. You know? And that’s the first step,
is like don’t buy into it. Try to see the behind the scenes. Don’t judge the behind the
scenes, but be okay with them. So for example, when you see someone who’s always happy, say on
Instagram, you see them sad, and this is the first thing I noticed, the more I hung out with
people I idolized and I saw the other side, I was like, oh. Most people would be like fuck them. But no, I’d be like,
oh, that’s interesting. It allows you to own a little
bit more of who you are, be okay with it. I still get sad, I still get angry, I still get stressed out. That’s fine. A lot less than before, and
it’s a lot more appropriate to reality versus triggered
stress, triggered fear, triggered anger, but I still have it and
that’s normal, okay? Every single emotion,
you have it for a reason. If you didn’t experience
fear, you’d be dead. That’s what’s telling you don’t go there. If you don’t experience
guilt, you wouldn’t know what action is out of integrity
to who you are or not. You wouldn’t know what
you want to repeat or not. But the question is, every
emotion is temporary. It gives you valuable
data, and then you move on. It fades away. A state is when it stays
and you hang on to it, okay? Fear is oh, scary situation. You’re away from the scary
situation, it’s gone. If it’s still there,
that’s a state of fear, that’s what you have to let go of. But I still have that. There’s times where I’m not working, there’s times where I’m not
all loud and expressive. Try to see the behind the scenes, okay? Don’t buy into this unrealistic view. The go-to now, especially
in business is everyone in front of a fucking private jet. (audience laughing) Most people, I kid you not, including people I know very well, it’s not their fucking private jet. It’s not. Either they rented it for a day, and you can usually tell
’cause you’ll see months later more pictures of the private jet, but it’s the same fucking day and they’re wearing the same thing. They’re like, “Back at it.” I’m like, no, those
all taken the same day. And not just that, but a lot
of people get invited, too, with someone who access to the jet and they take as many
pictures as possible. You know, it’s like, oh, nothing like flying in your own jet. Meanwhile, it’s like a one
in a million times things, and then they’re back in coach, you know? There was the funny
meme of the Lil Bow Wow, is it Bow Wow or something? You ever see that one? This rapper is like,
“Private jet, motherfucker!” on Instagram, yet while he’s
posting it, he’s sitting in the back of a plane and some fan saw it and took a picture of him
while posting that he was on his private jet. (audience laughing) He was caught. So don’t buy into that so much, okay? You know, everyone’s fucking human. Instagram is just one side, and it’s a very easy to manipulate side. That’s not reality, okay? And just, too, in terms of
how people look in there, it’s like, try to find those
people in the real world. I’m a lot prettier,
handsomer on Instagram, in my videos, than I am in person. It’s true, it’s true, but
that’s reality, that’s everyone. So if you’re comparing yourself to that, it’s an unfair comparison,
you can’t win that game. You can never win a game
when it’s based on something that isn’t real. Step number two is
practice gratitude, okay? You can’t be in a state of
appreciation and gratitude while simultaneously
feeling down, feeling sad. Make it a challenge. Like everyday, write down five
things you’re grateful for. Super cheesy, but it’ll change your life. I even say to my friends, by the way, if they ever catch me
bitching, where it’s like, some disproportion, or I
kind of go on, they’re like, “Five things you’re grateful for.” I’m like goddammit. This, this, this, and then I’m out of it, just by doing that. You know, I could be
bitching like, oh man, say a seminar, I’m tired, I
don’t know about this seminar. What are you grateful for? The seminar, et cetera,
et cetera, you know? Oh, I hate my job. What are you? Be grateful you have a job to hate. Okay? What are you grateful for? Try to find five things everyday. Write ’em down, even the small things. You know, man, I’m just
grateful I have my legs. It would suck to not have legs. No? We’re never grateful for that. We’re like, of course I have legs. No, not everyone has legs. Be grateful to have fucking legs. No matter how bad it gets, you have legs. Man I’m grateful I still have my dick. It could be cut off. (audience laughing) We never think of that, either. You’re down, you’re
like, goddammit, fucking. You still have your dick. It’s not gone, it’s not cut off. You know? My camera guy showed me a
fucked up video yesterday about a guy getting his dick cut off, that’s what we watch in private. No, it’s a scene from,
what’s the movie called? Like Tomahawk something? Some movie like Tomahawk,
like with cowboys and these tribal dudes and they
literally take this guy naked, turn him upside down and
just cut him in half. It was traumatic, I don’t know
why that’s what we watched. That could be you. (audience laughing) But you’re here. Now funny enough, just
thinking about that, say you’re down, just in the state of feeling down. Step one as we said, (sighing) okay, try to embrace it, don’t resist it. Step two, gratefulness,
like okay, I’m feeling down. But at least my dick’s not
getting cut off right now. (audience laughing) You’ll feel one per cent less down. At least I’m not getting
fucking hacked in half. Okay? Now what this will do
is, the more you do it, everyday write down five
things you’re grateful for, no matter how small, is it’ll start changing
your perception of reality. Instead of all these
things happening to you, they’ll be happening for you. Big. When you’re down the hole, it’s like this is happening
to me, to me, to me, to me. It’s like victim, victim, victim, versus this is happening for me because you’re grateful for them, because you get something out of them. So it changes the world from happening to me to happening for me, and that’s when you really
start feeling good and thriving. You know? Maybe not massively if
you’re really at the bottom, but you’ll start moving
up and experiencing even more relief where the
world isn’t viewed no more as this like horrible environment you must survive in, you must
cope with, like everyday, here we go, me versus the
world, me against life. God damn, that must suck. Versus here’s an environment to thrive in. Here’s my playground that is life. Fuck yeah! Step number three is
take care of the basics. Okay? Get on top of your sleep,
get on top of your diet, get on top of your health. Once you embrace feeling down
and you’ve started the hunt for things you’re grateful for, step three is now you have
enough mental capacity, let’s just say, to address
different things you can change in your day to day life. For example, getting good sleep. Okay, if you’re down usually
you don’t sleep that much. It’s like get good sleep. That is proven to elevate your mood. Sleep. Okay? How do you get good sleep? If you want to go maniac all
out, which I’d recommend, is one, black out all your windows. Okay, a cheap way to do it, I don’t always do it but
I do it most of the time when I travel, is just
get garbage bags and tape and just tape up the windows. Creepy as shit, like in a
hotel, I’ll tape everything up. (audience laughing) I remember the first time
I did this with Owen, the, we forgot to put the do not
disturb and the maids came in, (audience laughing) and they didn’t make the
beds and they left everything outside the door on the floor,
like the towels are here, just like what the fuck is going on? It looks. (audience laughing) ‘Cause imagine it’s like, not
only did we do the windows, we also did the door, so when they opened the hotel room door, there’s
just garbage bags hanging. (audience laughing) And you have to move ’em
aside to walk in the room. (audience laughing) So like, let’s not go in here. So garbage bags and tape. Get painter’s tape so it doesn’t rip the, the wallpaper off. Do that. On top of that, black out
with the tape every little piece of light, every little piece. Like if there’s a little red
light dot on your television, black that shit out, all
of it, so it’s pitch black. Put a towel under the door,
like black out the sides. Pitch black. Then, go even more extreme. Once it’s all blacked
out, wear an eye mask. It usually takes two
weeks or so to get used to wearing an eye mask. And then, wear ear plugs
and blast white noise. And now you’re set and you
will fucking sleep like crazy. Okay? Step one, get the sleep and try
to get at least eight hours. Schedule in eight hours. Some people can do with a lot less, but don’t gamble if you’re that down. Eight hours. Number two, change your diet,
look at what you’re eating. If you’re eating food that
brings you down or that gives you life, and that’s
something that we all know, okay? For example, when you eat McDonald’s, do you ever feel awesome after eating it? (audience laughing) Someone’s like, “Yes!” No, never. We still do it, you’re like, McDonald’s, but you always feel like, aw,
I shouldn’t have done that. Every single time. I’ve never heard someone say
damn, that was a good decision once you ate it. (audience laughing) No one’s ever said it. You say it before, like, “Yeah,
we’re gonna get McDonald’s!” We’re at McDonald’s, you
eat the McDonald’s like this is awesome. Fuck, what did we do? Every time. So there’s the note, okay,
so probably not McDonald’s. Probably not fast food. How do you feel when you
eat something perhaps like a green juice? You hate it during. (gurgling) You feel awesome after. Do that. A green juice a day, change your life. Just something as subtle as that, okay? Get on top of your sleep,
your diet and exercise. Basic exercise. You don’t have to go to a full gym. Do some push ups, run a little bit. Just that bare minimum every day, your mood will increase. Step number four is do something for you. Start honoring yourself more. Start doing something for you. Okay, we live in the age
of the people pleaser, where you put everyone else’s needs first above ourselves. You know, you’re in a
situation and there’s that little voice inside like,
oh, you should say this. You’re like shut up, shut up. You compromise who you are
to fit in to please others. It’s never about what do I want? It’s like, what’ll please my parents? What do my parents want me to do, want? What do my friends want me to want? What does society want me to want? What do you want? Do something for you. Even some dumb activity
like, you know what? Today I just want to fuck around. Fuck around. Today I want to play a video game. Just play a fucking video game. Don’t judge yourself. You’re like, oh, but it’s not hustling. Do it. Do something for you. Whatever kicks in, whatever you feel, whatever you feel inspired
to do, honor that. Not only will you feel good,
but you’ll actually feel a little bit more empowered
because you’re staying true to yourself instead
of always shoving that you in the background in
order to please others. Okay? Even for perhaps disagreeing with someone, that could be seen as honoring yourself, doing something for you. If someone’s like, hey, let’s do this. Be like, I don’t want to do that. Oh, shit, I actually expressed it. Oh, fuck. I honored my intentions versus okay, I’ll barrel through it to please. Please you. And lastly, step number
five is get to the cause. The cause could be, sometimes, very easy. Like there’s a certain
situation in your life that’s causing you a lot of pain daily. Change it. Whatever it is, change it. Now that, too, you’ve kind of
baby-stepped your way there by doing something that is for you. Because say, for example,
you’re in a job you just absolutely hate. You know it’s not for you, but you’re in it to please someone. Until you like, bounce out of that job, you’re still gonna feel fucking down. Bounce out of the fucking job. But it’s hard to do if it’s
like at once a big jump. Like, what? But if you baby-stepped it by
doing more and more for you, you won’t be as attached
to pleasing others, so then you can bounce out. Realize that a lot of the feeling trapped, although it’s hard to
see, is in your head. If you really despise what you do, you don’t have to go in tomorrow. If you despise where
you live, you can move. You’re not stuck there. Do something about it. But that’s step five ’cause, you know, it’s not something you can
just tell someone like, oh you feel down, just do it. It’s like, ugh, I already
feel, you know, it’s like, go through all of them ’til you’re there. Now that’s something
that can be easy to spot. But, it’s a lot harder
to spot sometimes where, say you do that, you move,
but you still feel bad. Or, everything is awesome at the surface but you still feel down. And that’s where you gotta dive deeper, ’cause the reason you’re feeling down is out of your awareness. And that’s, more often than
not, linked to parts of you you’ve disowned, past
trauma you’re hanging onto, and letting go of that will free you. So take these five steps to heart and if you resonated with this video, be sure to click the link here below. Head over to, which is the digital program
that goes even deeper on this in terms of getting to the
cause and freeing yourself from this state for good. It’s the program that
absolutely changed my life. I wouldn’t be who I am today,
I wouldn’t be here without it. Click on the link right now,
start changing your life as of right now, and I’ll
see you on the other side. This is Julien, and welcome
to Transformation Mastery. – It was fucking amazing. – This was huge for me,
this was so, so important. – This gave me, by far,
the greatest confidence I’ve ever had. – It just made me, finally,
confront my deepest fears. – And we got, like, real
deep and I found some issues within myself. – One of the best things
I’ve seen so far in my life. – What you’re about to experience
going through this program is what completely changed my
life on every single level. Okay, be it health, wealth,
relationships, higher purpose. You name it, this is the
stuff that finally, finally, produced that true, long-lasting
personal transformation we’re all after.

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