How to Overcome Depression and develop Positive Attitude | Bhagavad Gita Motivation

when we discovered defects in ourselves
we should not become demoralized accept it as the reality because we have spent
endless lifetimes in this world in innumerable lifetimes we are dashed our
mind to material things so it’s natural that we have deficiencies realize them
and then take steps to eradicate them that is the proper approach some people
when they realize their defects they become despondent Oh Swamiji I will
never do it it’s so difficult know these defects can be removed and that is the
positive part of it so how will they be removed he gives us the sutra the
irreplaceable sutra and that is practice practice practice practice there is no
other alternative to practice everything that we accomplished in the world was to
practice when we learnt typing on the first day it was such a struggle you
have to search for each letter and then when you be typing for one year your
fingers are flying on the keyboard at the speed of 80 words a minute now
somebody comes and sees wow you type so fast do you have some yogic sities of
mystic power not a–not City it is the result of one
year’s practice you see these acrobats in the circus
they have a plane to copper plate a cup plate cup plate cup and then they walk
on the tightrope how did this Acrobat do it it’s the result of years of practice
similarly in the spiritual journey we have to put in that practice and then
through that practice we will accomplish the surrender to God and draw his grace
so in order to remove these impediments mother-she Patanjali says you focus on
bad absolute truth you focus on bringing the light in
the darkness will vanish by itself don’t make the darkness the object of your
contemplation don’t focus too much on defects be aware of them so that they
don’t trip you down but your endeavor should be in the positive direction how
do i attain that absolute truth so what is the practice you’ll repeatedly bring
your mind on that absolute truth which is blurred which is your eternal soul
and which is your relationship with him make this the object of your

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