in today’s video guys we’re talking about how to become the question in Jamie a lot of people are depressed and they actually don’t know who and where to turn to you know and there are like levels of depression you guys yeah they’re higher ones and the lower and lower ones but anyway whatever it is it’s depression and whatever you it is you guys you have to dig deep down yourself and find out what makes you happy and what you need to do to come out with this I mean talk to people you know find help you know like don’t let it escalate for to the point that you think of committing suicide because you guys remember this yeah alright like there is no way that you’ll come you come back from it or you know so once you get your did you know at times a local force we are able to place without doing it all night especially Africans yeah because Africans tend to run away from this thing called appreciation or mental illness or whatever you know I hate the get stressed for my first time when I was in jail baby you know but the first thing when you just come to Germany you you start here it’s like a melody you know stress you know why someone can be depressed in Germany I know two things you come from back home and you come here and you expect oh my god heaven you know and what people be telling you what you see on social media and everything you just expect some pictures yeah but when you come here it’s like no it’s that the widow itself yeah you mean the social life the person you know because is that you know compared to me oh you guys ever work it what if you learn about what you’d be like you’ve got no one to talk to even your family bathroom attendant you’re not stuck in if they’re taking it up I’m going through this I’m stressed it has to be lasting what is stress because that won’t we we don’t talk about stress you don’t even know somebody stress big hear the word stress stress testing also everything is like the first days depressing you know after that you have to start fighting with the immigration office you have to stop all right speaking Johanna is our we are facing deportation your family back home needs help from you you find like our Wallace or sisters you know to be telling you they don’t make friends around any friends you know not like against a bit you don’t have any friends so would you go to when you need somebody to to comfort me approaches already are I got a stress that we live here who do you respect to talk to you even good did you create divorce was to stay alone no you don’t have to meet yourself for people make friends talk to make sure you have one or two friends that you can always go to and confine yourself whenever things are tough you don’t like me I’ve got her you know whenever things are tough I always come to you know she changed my way of thinking whenever teens are talking us she comes to me you have to first of all search for inner happiness you know without you being happy in some it you can be happy on outside and always try to help each other in over here and expect something in return once you have somebody you know you create that inna application you even in happiness Monica body yeah and also you know you have to always be positive because you know what some of us think you know what because Mary is living the big life and she made to thank you be so down and be like oh my God look at my life my life is not void why is it do feel like be positive she also worked for it you know you are when the time is right yeah you don’t have to you don’t jump to that stage you know you have to wait especially right in a former life you know exactly you know so you always have to stay but and know that this is not your country you have to work hard for whatever you why you know and before cost before cast you don’t want to trade on something that you’re not supposed to be you know that is very important that’s not important in your life forward exactly we are not used to buying teens we don’t have you got money on my account right yeah like here now intimidated there is something called nude female CEO and you just wake up and you go to a shop you get a phone you can even just but I get a new car for twenty thousand euro without really working hard to save part of RAD body you know so I don’t – did you know because you know you you get used to eat going on getting things those people would do that if worked hard for all these things you know and they know they I mean they know they’re honest you know you know you know so – all those things you guys and you be free yeah you know I hope it’s to help someone out there and remember if you know anybody who is depressed never you to do what makes you happy but if you not make them happy this computing yeah just be there for their you know so you guys if you like this video leave a thumbs up so you in it

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  1. Alot of people who are depressed do not have ANYONE to turn to or talk to. Everyones situation is different and levels of depression are higher or lower. There is no way to solve 1 individual depression. ALWAYS ALWAYS remember there is no coming back from DEATH. Suicide should never be an option because there will be Brighter days. Be at one with yourself, always help others and the world wants to show its worth to you. Be strong be positive be humble. No matter who you are or were you in the world, be grateful to be alive x x

  2. Yes, you are right. Theres no way back from death. You have so many otions here to get help when you feel depressed or you feel you have other mental problems. There is help from the Healthcare, from the church, from other Organisations or friends. Suicide should never be an option. Life is too worthy. And there is always somebody on earth who is glad that you are there and alive.
    And for you Sweeeties, enjoy this Sunday, it´s the 1. Advent, have fun with your lovely Kids. It´s snowing here and perhaps by you too. Go out and catch some Snowflakes 🙂

  3. Love this video! It's so important! I adore that you said speak to your pastor back at home, and to not isolate yourself. Great advice. As an American in England I can relate and am just getting over my depression, I think you guys gave excellent advice. And Cheryl you are so beautiful!

  4. Thank u guys Nicky & Cheryl for reaching out to us. well, myself am home in SA but it's been a while thinking to travel to Germany for job seeking just any female jobs since am a woman. So but am kinda stressed about the thing that I've no family or friend that side yet I don't know the German language & yet still feeling that am going to Germany no matter what, & yah i've been watching ur videos even the one dat u said learn the german language before u even come to germany coz nobody will talk to u if u speaking English but I still want to come but I don't even know the language, Pls guys advice…

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