How to remove PSE pump (central locking vacuum pump) – Mercedes SL (R230)

Hey guys !
Here is a Mercedes SL. Today, we’re going to see how to remove the
central locking vacuum pump. That’s very quick and easy. So, let’s go ! Hi everybody !
We’re going to remove the central locking vacuum pump from this 2005 Mercedes SL. This pump is also called PSE pump. PSE stands for Pneumatic System Equipment. As a reminder, this pump operates the trunk
opening, the trunk soft close, the trunk remote release, the central locking and central unlocking,
the door soft close, unfortunately this car doesn’t have this option, and the lumbar
support. The vacuum pump is located inside the trunk. If your vacuum pump doesn’t work and the
20-amp pump fuse in the car blows immediately each time you change it, you will not be able
to open the trunk normally. As you can see, nothing happens when I operate
the handle. And the trunk remains inexorably closed. In this case, pull out the metal key of your
key fob. Insert the metal key into the trunk lock cylinder. Turn it to the left and operate the handle. Then, you can open the trunk. Next step, pull out the carpet. Then remove the spare wheel. And remove the jack. Behind this foam is the hydraulic roof pump. And behind this foam cube is the pneumatic
vacuum pump that we need to remove. First, remove this foam covering. Then remove these 4 nuts that hold the hydraulic
roof pump in place. Next, lift the hydraulic roof pump and rotate
it out of the way. The central locking vacuum pump is located
in this foam cube. Remove the foam covering. This is our pump. Then lift and move the black box to the center
of the trunk. And that’s it. You can attach the hydraulic roof pump to
free your hands as I do. Then disconnect the two wiring plugs at the
back. This is the first
one and this is the second one. There is a lug holding the plug. And so, It’s necessary to use a screwdriver
to remove this plug. Next, label each air pipe as I did. That’s very important because originally
there is no marking on the pipes and if you mix the pipes by mistake, you will be lost. Next, disconnect the two grey connectors. To do so, we just have to pry a plastic tab
located in each rectangular hole. There is no need to disconnect each pipe. Only the grey connector. I will show you the plastic tab right after. You need two screwdrivers. One to lift the grey connector. And the other, the red one, to pry the plastic
tab. There we go !
Here are the two plastic tabs. And you’ve got to pry this one that way
and this one that way. Then, you do the same for the second grey
connector. Be careful not to break it. It’s fragile. And voilà, we have removed the central locking
vacuum pump. You can see the 4 tabs right there. And you’ve got to pry this one that way
and this one that way. And here is a view of the grey connector. Thanks guys for watching. And if the video was helpful, please give
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  1. Is there anything "tricky" to know about installing the replacement pump, or is everything just exactly in reverse of removal? Just making sure before I dive in. Thank you!

  2. How informative with all the critical stages being shown and extreme care explained on those all too prevalent tabs.

  3. Thank you for your interesting video. In my case it was inside the PSE where one air connection was broken. I have repair with plastic tub of two sizes and now gas door, glove box, passenger door, etc…. rework on my 2007 SL600. Thank you again. Marcel

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