How To Stop Depression through Depression Self Help Tips

Hey, this is Omar from I am in San Diego in Balboa Park. There are all kinds of museums here. Behind me is the San Diego Museum of Man. I want to talk to you about depression today. The reason I am standing here in front of
this beautiful building is to talk to you about change. You may be aware of this, but California was
actually part of Mexico. The same with Arizona. The same with Texas. Those were all part of Mexico at one point. Now San Diego, California, San Francisco,
Los Angeles (La Ciudad de Los Angeles) all of these are Spanish words because they were
part of Mexico and Mexico was basically conquered by Spain. So why am I telling you all this? What does all of this have to do with depression? Well, it has to do with change. Today, Spain, which at one point conquered
a big portion of the world, has got really, really bad economic problems. They have unemployment of 20 percent or more. They have big economic problems. There is change. At one point Spain was ruling the world, the
seas with the Spanish Armada and all that. And now Spain, which at one point had conquered
Mexico, is not a world power anymore. The point is change. At one point you are up here. Next day you are down here. Change is inevitable. You also change. You can never stay exactly the same way. The thing is that either you change willingly
or you become changed unwillingly. Change happens to everybody. Either you change yourself because you learn
when you go to school, you learn new things, new technology arises, you adapt or you do
not. And if you do not, you will not survive. For example, Darwin. His famous quote is survival of the fittest. Actually, it is not true. That is not what he said. He said it was the survival of the most adaptable. In order to survive and to deal with all this
change that is constantly happening around us, you have to be adaptable. If you have got the same program, the same
conditioning in your mind, in your feelings, in your body, if you are always doing the
same movements all the time, and if you are constantly thinking the same thoughts over
and over and over, experiencing the same emotions over and over and over, there is no change. You are not adapting to what is happening
around you. We are in a recession right now. We have to adapt. The point is change. Either you change or you will be told into
whatever change is happening. Unless you change your mental process, your
thinking, your constant thinking, the same thoughts that you have every day, unless you
change your feelings that you have every day, unless you change your movements that you
have every day, your body is going to become accustomed to those movements and start to
give you pains, mental pains, emotional pains. Again, it comes down to this three-step formula
for depression to evolve out of your training and your conditioning. You have got to first have the desire to change. Most people are afraid of change because if
they change, who will they become? They will become not them. If you change, you will become not you, somebody
else. There is that big fear about who will you
become if you are not who you are. But the problem is that you do not know who
you are because you are run by your programs and your conditioning. If you take away the programs and the conditioning
from childhood, from school, from the environment, from the news and all that stuff, who will
you be? That is part of the discovery process. Desire, discover, and then do something different,
because whatever it is that you are doing has gotten you to this point of depression. You have to do something different. If you keep doing the same thing, you are
going to go deeper and deeper and deeper into depression. And you cannot do it just by thinking your
way out of depression. Your thoughts cannot change your thoughts. You have to involve your emotions and your
body to pull your thoughts away from this automatic thinking process. That is what you have to do. Engage your emotions and engage your body
in that whole process. Thoughts are awareness: You become aware. And as you become aware, it is like; Oh wow,
I am feeling really uncomfortable around this person because he reminds me of my father. My father used to beat me, for example. That is not my situation. I am just giving you an example. As a result, maybe that person is your boss
and you start to feel like a victim because as a child you had no choice. You could not really defend yourself against
a big adult. So you start to feel like a victim. You start to act like a victim and people
start to be able to abuse you. Then the cycle continues because you believe;
Oh, I have no choice. I cannot do this, because that is your childhood
conditioning. Same thing with depression. I cannot do this. This will not succeed. This will be a failure. I always fail. I am always screwing up. It will never work. I will never get a good job. I will never get paid well. Whatever those negative automatic thoughts
are, that is what you have to become aware of because they happen automatically and they
happen habitually. So you have to become aware of them and then
change them. I suggest you write them down in your journal
so that you can keep track of them. As you become aware of it, you can remember
things as you are writing it down. It becomes real. It comes out of your head into the actual
page and becomes real. It has a certain power to it. That is what I recommend you do. First, start with the desire. Then do the discovery process. Make it fun. It is like; You know what, I am going to get
out of depression and I am going to understand why I am depressed. I am just doing it. And then make it a discovery process. Have fun. Imagine you are a child just discovering,
playing. Just have fun. Discover it. I know you have got a lot of emotional pain. I know. I have been there. But you have got to do the discovery process
and have fun. Then do something different. Change your body. Stop looking down. Look up. Get some sun from outside. Change what you are eating. Do one simple thing every day that gets you
closer to where you want to go. Smile. Just the very act of smiling will activate
neurons in your brain and make you happy. Change your diet. Do something simple every day, but do the
discovering first. Before you do that, get the desire. You have to have the desire. If you have no desire to change, nothing is
going to happen. You are going to stay the same and actually
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then go to and become the hero of your life. That is what heroes are. Heroes overcome obstacles. He goes through all these different hardships
and he earns whatever he wins: the prize. And the prize is you, your life. Become the hero of your life. Overcome depression and be a creative contributor
to the world. That is for me what being a hero is. Go to and I will see you
there. Take care.

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  1. thanks for your channel, man. however, don't forget that while many depressed people would embrace change, it's not so easy to get into it when you can't even get out of bed.

  2. "Desire, Discover, Do." Those are really good simple tips to overcome depression. In our seemingly complex situations that boggle our minds with all sorts of negativity, maybe there is an answer through simplicity: desire, discover, do. Three Ds to fight off a single D and that's depression for most of us.

  3. Thank you Omar…
    I just stumbled on your videos and following them all with much interest..
    I do appreciate your tips, and mostly the gentle and positive way you handle your speeches..
    I follow you from Italy, by the way 🙂
    Keep going, you are doing a valuable and useful thing!

  4. Glad to be able to help, Courtney! I appreciate your feedback and hope you will stay tuned for more DepressionHero videos with practical tips on how I beat depression. Please feel free to let me know how the tips have worked for you.

  5. Thank you for your positive feedback! I am happy to know you are applying the tips in the videos and enjoy my message. Stay tuned for more DepressionHero videos! Ciao for now!

  6. Hi Sam, I appreciate your positive comment. Check out my latest video (/watch?v=xiHSaFTu9TI) and let me know what you think!

  7. Hi Harold, thank you so much for your positive feedback. What did you like best about the video? By the way, I just released a new video you might enjoy. Please check it out /watch?v=xiHSaFTu9TI.

  8. Hi Randagio, I am glad you liked my videos. How are things going for you? Have any of my tips been helpful to you? By the way, I just released a new video you might enjoy. Please check it out /watch?v=xiHSaFTu9TI.

  9. Hi I think all of your videos are very well presented. I do not suffer myself but I am sure they will be a great inspiration to those who do.

  10. Today I'm going to be the hero of my own life by believing I can have a life and don;t have to hide out like when I was a child. Today am going to start drinking veggie juices which I planned to do ages ago but gave up as I didn't think there was any point..
    Your videos have reminded me that I've come too far to give up now. I know it's one day at a time so will do one thing each day that takes me out of the old habitual ways. Thanks so much Omar!

  11. Hi Kurt,
    Thanks for your comment! I am interested in knowing what you liked and if anything worked for you.
    I look forward to hearing from you!

  12. Good for you, Inez! I am happy you have decided to be the hero of your life and start today for today! It's so important for us to be the change we want and not allow our old habits to take over. It's something I remind myself of every day. All my best to you, Omar.

  13. hey ! thanks Omar for uploading exciting videos. In one of your videos you asked to get involved in gyming or outdoor activities.But i get very tired easily and suffer frm pain in knees n calfs due to depprssn. and feel gloomy sitting at home..please help.

  14. Hi prakesh, glad you liked my videos! The important thing is that you move your body. I suggest doing stretching exercises at home and going out for a walk. Get some fresh air by walking as long as you are able. Even a few minutes will help! Let me know how it goes. All my best, Omar

  15. Hi Tati, thanks for your positive feedback! Please keep in touch and let me know how my tips are helping you.
    Take care, Omar

  16. Hi Spartan, Thanks for your comment. I would like to know what's working for you. Please keep in touch!
    All my best to you,

  17. It is going very well thank you Omar and things are getting a lot better, and you have helped a lot I used to get angry a lot in stress but that is all better now 😀 thank you

  18. hi, i am under depression from past 6 years….its like a hell,in which no would want to live.this stress has ruined my life i cant talk properly,i cant sleep, i cant concentrate ,i cant laugh…so on. i am under medication but thats not helping much hope you would help me to get out off this hell and hatts of to you!! bcz u did it…

  19. Hi Santhosh, Thank you for writing. I have not used medication to overcome depression. I did it naturally without any drugs. I do know that the side effects of antidepressant and anti-anxiety medication are very harmful. Also, did you know that one of the side effects of antidepressants is depression? You might want to Google the website Drugcite to see for yourself. You can type in whatever drugs you are taking and see the reported side effects.

    I wish you well!

    Keep in touch,

  20. So sorry to hear of your loss Kitten. Crying is a necessary part of the grieving process but it's also a process and it's important not to stay stuck in it.
    It helps to just focus on all the positive experience you remember with your family. Just focus on what makes you feel good, and know that their soul is alive and that they are with you.
    Look up Near Death Experiences where people have described their experiences on the other side and you will feel better. Send me a PM for further help.

  21. Thanks so much for your comment ho link. It inspires me to keep sharing what I have learned so you and others can benefit.

  22. I keep thinking i'm stuck in Depression.
    Every little thing that upsets me gets magnified.
    I can't remember when was the last time i could say i was happy.

    My medication prevents me from attempting or thinking about suicide.

    How can i get out of depression? It's been close to 4 years…

  23. That is actually a trick that my dentist taught me to help relax the tension in my jaw from all the stress I had accumulated. I didnt have TMJ and this is not advice, but my dentist said it helped with TMJ (but try it out for yourself).

  24. I read a book about stepping on a lawn tennis ball with your bare feet to relax the tension all over your body. It's going to hurt a bit the first time because of your accumulated stress.

  25. I constantly feel down for no specific reason, but it must happen at least 10+ hours a day. I just seem to constantly feel down and alone even though I always have money and good friends. I feel so selfish for feeling so sorry for myself but I can't remember the last time I was happy

  26. Hi AfroFresh23HD… there's always a reason why you feel down. Watch your inner conversation and write it down. your thoughts create your feelings. When you feel alone despite having friends, it may be a sign of a deep belief that you are not lovable or worthy. Check that out and see if it resonates with you. once you know the cause, you can address it rather than fighting a nebulous cloud.

  27. I was neglected has a child, so I didn't get the chance to experience school, I have no friends, and the first time, I spoke to a human being outside of my family when I was 13, so it's a bit more difficult for me and other people that are in the same position, because I will never get a job because I have never being to school

  28. This is the most helpful video i seen in 8 minutes. It really did speak to me, and i feel it is the reason im depressed because 1 part of it is because im still stuck up in home under my mom roof and struggling in college because i feel i have no choice. im 19 years old and its time for me to change, be happy, and grow up.

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