How to Stop Worrying and Start Living • The Key to Reduce Stress

What are you worried about? What’s on your mind? Life seems to be a restless sea,
And every wave is a new problem to be solved. It looks like the meaning of life is to solve
problems! Our mind doesn’t help, we are constantly worrying
about everything. But there is a solution. In this video, inspired by the book How to
Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie, I will show you how to control your worries
and eliminate your negative thoughts, So that you can face your problems with more
peace of mind. This book was written by a man who lived through
the Great Depression and World War II. So, you have to admit that this guy knew a
thing or two about being worried. He shows us that worrying is completely optional. It’s not something you have to live with. I highly recommend you to read this book,
I leave the link in the description in case you´re interested. I can tell you that it helped me a lot. As I grew up, I use to worry about everything:
grades, girls, money … But now, I rarely worry about anything,
And when I do worry, I remember to apply what I learned in this book,
And my mind returns to a state of tranquility. I used to think that worry was necessary. That to solve a problem, we had to use “worrying”
to find a solution. But I was so wrong. The mind can come to a solution without the
need to be worried. In this video, I will tell you how can you
develop a more peaceful and focused mind, That instead of destroying you physically
and psychologically with stress and anxiety, It will help you solve problems more efficiently. Worries appear at three different levels:
past, present, and future. The first thing you have to understand,
It’s that you have to leave the past behind. It is dead and nothing good can come from
disturbing the dead. If you made a mistake in the past or you were
hurt, it’s too late, Don’t try to change it. The past does not exist, forget it and let
it go. Many years ago I suffered a lot, there was
a girl who destroyed me emotionally, I cried, I tried to think what I did wrong
and I fell into a deep state of depression. Until one day, I had an insight that changed
my life, I asked myself: Why waste tears, energy and time living in
the past? I understood that life is happening right
now, the past is only made of memories. I cultivated the ability to let them go and
not cling to them. Say goodbye to the past, get out of that graveyard
and never come back. Now, to deal with the problems you currently
have, You need to understand that these worries
come from ignorance and confusion. This means that your worries will disappear
if you shine the light of knowledge upon them. There are four steps you’ll have to take
to remove your worrying. Let’s take as an example, the biggest worry
nowadays: Lack of Money. To begin with, ask yourself the following
question: What am I worried about? In this case, the answer would be: I don’t
have enough money to pay for the quality of life that I want. Then ask yourself: What can I do about it? Brainstorm all the possible solutions:
Find a job that pays you more, start a business, freelance, consulting, learn how to invest
your money, sell your things … write everything that you can possibly think of. The next step is essential. Once you have all the possible solutions in
front of you, Make a careful decision. Which path is right for you at this point? What do you want to do? Make a conscious decision that is aligned
with your life purpose And don’t let others influence that decision. At the end, it’s your life, not theirs. And if you fail, go back to the previous step
and choose another path. The last step is the hardest: Theory is over
and it’s time to act. You’re not helping yourself by staying in
Fantasy Land. You have to take action and walk the path
that you chose. Resistance will be experienced as fear and
you will try to avoid taking that first step, But it’s critical that you trust your intuition
and start carrying out your decision. We have already seen how to deal with worries
of the past and the present. Now let’s cover the future. There is an incredibly powerful technique
that I want you to try. Think about your biggest problem right now. This technique will prepare your mind to deal
with that problem. First, Ask yourself: “what’s the worst thing
that could happen if I don’t solve this problem?” Think about the worst case scenario, if everything
goes wrong what would happen? Now, the key is to imagine that this has actually
happened and accept the consequences. As hard as it is, accept that reality. In this way, you are brainwashing your mind
to think that the worst has already happened, and all that remains is to accept the consequences
and move on. To end this technique, return to the present
and realize that you are in a more peaceful state of mind. By accepting the worst case scenario, your
mind is ready to work without that fear of failure. When you accept the worst, you have nothing
to lose And you can focus on solving the problem without
drowning in worries. Whenever you worry, remember the following:
If it’s in the past, it’s already dead, there’s nothing to worry about. If it is in the present, analyze the situation,
choose a path and start walking. If it is in the future, accept the worst case
scenario and act without worries to improve your situation. Despite knowing these techniques, every now
and then, you will continue to worry. It is our human condition,
Our mind wants to feel stimulated, it wants to escape the present,
And prepare for the future. That’s why it is essential that you learn
to be mindful. In future videos, I will go into more depth
on this subject, So don’t forget to subscribe and wait for
it. But for now, try to pay close attention to
your mind. If it wants to escape to the past or the future,
gently return it to the present. The human mind can not be focused on more
than one thing at a time. Try to be completely engaged with the activity
you’re currently performing: When you’re driving, when you’re eating
or even when you’re taking a shower. Stay fully present in the now, no matter how
much your mind wants to run, return to the present. Take these tips and apply them into your life. Gradually you will notice a transformation
in your psyche. You will come up with solutions to your problems
without the constant need to worry. Imagine living entirely involved in the present. Being totally engaged in any activity you’re
doing. This mindset will give you the best results. But above all, you will notice that you can
solve problems, Without having to feel worried, stressed or
anxious, Because your mind will be completely focused
and devoted to the present. Thank you for watching! In this video, I presented some ideas of the
book: How to stop worrying and start living. But I highly recommend you to get it and immerse
yourself in the valuable knowledge that Dale Carnegie exposes. I hope you found value in this video
And if you like it, subscribe and stay tuned for more. See you soon.

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