I Accept My Depression

– When I feel depression coming on, I
remind myself of why I’m grateful. I have a lot of reasons to be grateful. We
all do. Even if you have the worst life in the world, you still have some reason to
be grateful. And I remind myself as soon as depression starts to creep up on
me that I’m grateful and that there are things around that are beautiful, and that
not everything is, you know, as bad as it seems. And when I feel it coming,
I remind myself that it’s depression. It’s a chemical imbalance. It’s a
predisposed trait that we possess as human beings. There’s nothing wrong with me.
Nothing in my situation is actually wrong. I’m depressed. You know, and I accept it.
So acceptance is the biggest thing to me that you’re going to have waves of
depression, and you just can’t fight it. You can’t go against the grain. You
have to realize that it’s going to be a downtime, and you just have to do
what you have to do to get yourself back.

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