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  1. If the patient drags out her surgery, and all of a sudden a year goes by, she is addicted and wants to stay untreated. If she says she doesn’t get high, she is straight up lying.

  2. Her family may be frustrated and worried and sick of it. But they can back up a little and not yell. That will keep her in a defensive mode and make excuses. When you are on the spot, you make excuses if you are doing wrong.

  3. Tramadol is considered a narcotic, maybe not classified in the same category as Percocet, but if a person is on let’s say Percocet, and they ran out of it, tramadol will hold them over. What I’m worried about is her mixing all these medications. She could easily od

  4. Being addicted to pain medicine is a very serious issue, millions of people go through this. Dr. Phil is so right with doctor shopping. I wouldn’t be surprised if she even bought them off the street. Also, I believe she is on something right now, I can tell in her speech.

  5. If only I could get help for my depression and anxiety I haven't had proper help iv been waiting 3 years on the NHS for help and they don't even help me they just discharge me and send me letters saying I'm no longer on the waiting lists. I just can't trusts doctors since mine have just lied and messed up my medical records iv seen all the doctors in my clinic and non have given me tests for my pain and they messed up my medication which was a huge damage effect on my health. I probably end up in a body bag befor anyone cares to even notice I'm a person in pain and grief and feel like I'm not even alive. I pray I die in my sleep because I have no reason to exist anymore. I can't afford private health care I'm jobless and in pain everyday from medical issues the doctors fail to give tests or help and from medical side affects and neglect

  6. Too many pain killers can cause somatic pain. Once you get rid of those pain killers, the pain will go away. The pain killers keep the pain in tact and your body is absolutely addicted to the pills. Been there. I’m good now, even better than I thought I would be

  7. I do believe she's an addict, but what I don't like is that her children are saying they understand her pain. I have a bad kidney and are constantly in pain and no one can understand how I feel how bad the pain feels to me, what it feels like…. PAIN IS REAL!

  8. Woman you're gonna end up killing yourself with the pain pills; you're an addict, they're doing more harm than good at this point dear Lord.🤦🏽‍♀️

  9. Yuup I know someone who uses Endone & weed & says it's for her back but is off her damn face all the time….what I don't get is the doctor STILL gives it to her!!

  10. Ever tought about the draining of vitamins and minerals of the body, becouse of the medication?
    She keeps feeling more sicker, becouse she lacks a normal healthy body.

  11. My orthopedic spine suregon told me that if you have legitimate pain , you don't get a high from the pain medication.
    Drug seekers need to stop abusing drugs .

  12. Definitely an addict… if she feels without energy or sick she's going through withdrawls. A constant battle between getting high and finding her next fix… all a mind game

  13. She has a huge glass of acidic soda sitting infront of her. Stop drinking soda!! Ulcer will be gone!! Drink water mama

  14. Ok hold up people. There is a difference between addiction and being dependent upon something. You also cannot say someone is not in pain or think they are not in as much pain as they really are. She needs to be seeing a pain doctor. She needs to take care of the ulcer then go to treatment to get off the pills. If you try to get her off the pills first it's not going to work. I'm dealing with this right now. 2x failed to get a family member off pills for pain. The underlying issue has to be fixed thats causing the pain. The reason needs to be fixed that's causing pain. Furthermore I blame the doctors and the drug reps for addiction. In the beginning the reps told the doctors pain medication was not addicting if given for no longer than a month. Wrong!!! Even after it came out the pain medication was addictive in a shorter time than a month doctors still kept prescribing it for healed injuries etc..

  15. Tremodol is considered an opioid, I’m not sure why the daughter said that ? But the addiction is real . My mother has fibromyalgia and has been taking tremodol for years and yes she is addicted.

  16. One other thing. She will be prescribed pain medication after the surgery so she will have to get off them twice. No one can understand how much pain someone is in. That's not fair. Her children are not handling this properly. She does have an addiction. Her children gently need to help her get into treatment after surgery. She needs support. The agression and anger towards their own mother is not helping.

  17. I feel like there is alot of people this age that are crazy addicted and don't even realize it…
    Also why does it seem that all older people assume being an addict means you have to be a crazy person on the street.
    Very judgemental mindset.

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