I Hate Everyone | Uncommon Signs of Depression

Hello everybody and welcome back to my channel as some of you know a couple of months ago I put out a video of free self care tips and tricks for people with depression so Not surprisingly, but unfortunately a lot of people really had that video resonate with them Which you know you don’t want anyone to have depression because it’s not fun at all But that so many people have depression and so many people responded with yeah, my friends and family just don’t understand because I think they equate sadness with depression, it’s For me that is all the proof I need that there is absolutely no literacy with mental illness in this country Specifically, but in Western society in general, and you know probably Eastern society, too But I don’t have much experience in that so I would know I’m not gonna You know venture out on that ledge so today I wanted to talk about some of the I would say their uncommon, but to be honest most of the people that I know This is them to a tee if they have depression or anxiety disorders, so I think people label it as uncommon But I think it’s a lot more common than people think because we’re so hesitant to reach out for mental health care I feel like it’s entirely Underreported, so I’ll go ahead and say it’s uncommon signs of depression But I highly questioned that I highly questioned that so let’s just get into it So for a lot of people when they think about depression they think about oh It’s that person that lays in bed all the time. They’re just sad kind of for no reason You know it’s the person who has suicidal ideation like and those are all signs of depression Obviously, but for a lot of people the signs are not that simple So I know for me with postpartum depression. I was just horribly angry for me what I thought was I don’t have postpartum depression I’m just mad because everyone’s like you know doing stupid stuff or because I have to take on all of this by myself Essentially and a that was not at all accurate which I should have been able to see but obviously with Something that is like depression you’re not really gonna be able to take a good look at your circumstances and see it clearly But also I just didn’t realize that how I process Depression is through anger that was a big learning curve for me Realizing that any of the other times in my life where I had that kind of pent-up rage And I was kind of making it as though my circumstances were dictating my depression or my rage rather I wasn’t realizing that that was a pattern in my life that had been pointing to depression that I just didn’t know because I was dealing with it through anger so that being said one of the first uncommon science of depression is irritability And this is not irritability as in like you know someone. She’s grating on your nerves every single day There’s just this one person that just does stuff that irritates you all the time This is hostility its anger its Unjustified irritability, so it’s like it comes out of nowhere the minute someone opens their mouth. You’re like oh here we go and the other thing that kind of goes along with that is a heightened sensitivity to Anything that you might otherwise just brush off so that’s another thing to look for if you are super sensitive And you immediately turn that switch Then that is a sign that you might be dealing with depression or anxiety And it’s so to take seriously if you find that your just snapping all the time And you feel like you don’t really see it coming and it just gets out of control very quickly Then that’s something that you need to pay attention to and that’s something that a pretty big sign that there is something wrong and that You need to either Find a way to Deal with your depression on your own if it’s possible or if you have health care obviously reach out to a professional and Seek help in that way so and this is kind of like for me it was very much going along with my postpartum depression was a pathological guilt and This kind of guilt is the type of guilt that just eats at you every single day like when you’re having a happy moment you Automatically come back to this thing that you did like five years ago, and you’re like Jesus Christ. I’m a horrible person I can’t believe I did that no one should ever forgive me why does anyone even fucking love me for me obviously? With a newborn like you get no sleep. They cry all the time that is torture It is 100% torture to have a newborn They’re beautiful And it’s amazing to see that process and to see them come into themselves but sleep deprivation And that kind of sensory overload is absolutely torture in any other scenario So why don’t we call it torture and parenting? It’s a very hard time and for me I had a couple of moments where I? Totally yelled at my newborn like screamed at her screamed in her face cuz I was so fucking angry and so tired and so Stressed out and I just didn’t know what the fuck I was doing like I thought this was supposed to be somewhat natural and Here. I am like I don’t know what to do with you You’re just screaming and crying all the time what the fuck when I was still dealing with postpartum Depression those moments would loop in my head, and I would just think there’s no way I can do this I need to just leave like I should just leave cuz I can’t be her mom Like I’m horrible she deserves better than me I need to just go because if I were to just get in the car and leave now she’ll have a much better life obviously something that you need to consider like I Should feel a small amount of guilt still for having yelled at her when? She was an infant like to me that makes sense like I need to remember that feeling For if I snap at her when she’s older like I remember that okay, you’ve got this limit You need to remember that like there is a there is a usefulness and some amount of guilt But when it replays in your head all the time and tries to push you into making decisions that are completely illogical That’s when it is a pathological guilt situation and the next sign is the inability to make simple decisions So this is not like oh my god What what school should I go to this is like do you want mayo or mustard on your sandwich like I don’t know If I get mayo then maybe I’m gonna want mustard And then what’s gonna happen like maybe if I if I get mayo and then I decide that it doesn’t taste good And I ask them to make it over again and put mustard on it instead. They’re gonna fucking hate me Everybody’s gonna hate me Why can’t I make this decision like that is a serious problem if you are racking your brain? every single day for minut things to make a decision about That is a very serious sign that something is happening in your mind that won’t let you focus on simple things the average person makes about 65 to 70 small decisions a day and For most of us that is just like okay like clockwork We have to make a decision and we come up with it on the spot there like coffee or tea Yeah
What coffee like it’s that kind of thing and if you are having a hard time? making 65 to 70 small decisions a day you are having a hard time with your day like it is a serious problem and if you end up having to put yourself into a position of not having to make any Decisions at all you’re probably just staying at home all the time, which is also it can be very isolating And it can be a big issue for people who are used to going out and socializing Obviously if you don’t like socializing then home might be the best place in the world for you But you know for some people that is definitely an isolating thing if they feel like they can’t make a decision so they just don’t go out because they don’t want to be faced with that anxiety and embarrass and that is a huge issue and that could mean that you are suffering either with depression or with some other psychological illness And it is Totally worth it to just go and talk to somebody about it because nobody should have to live with that kind of anxiety About coffee or tea the next one that we’re going to talk about is kind of an obvious one And I feel like this is one that is not an uncommon sign at all it is a Disconnect from what your body needs and what your body can tolerate for a lot of people that is over drinking so a disconnect from being able to feel when your body is done with drinking and another one that people often suffer with is an inability to determine What your right nutrition level is your body has all sorts of signals that tell you? You have had too much food you have had not enough food and for some reason when we’re depressed all of that sensation Goes away, and it’s just a medication so either We’re medicating ourselves with the food or with the substance or we’re medicating ourselves by having Control of not having the food or the substance we’re like really Strong-arming it like no. I don’t need to eat that food because if I eat that food that’s just one less thing that I have control of in my life, and that is a big sign that you have Depression the other thing to consider is that if you are a person who really likes dressing your best who really enjoys? Pampering themselves who enjoys like getting manicures you always have your hair done And then all of a sudden you’re like I cannot be bothered to brush my hair Let alone put on something besides Sweatpants like that is obviously a sign that something’s happening and it’s worth looking at and sometimes It’s just like a situational issue where like obviously if you’re a new mom you’re like I cannot Cannot take care of one more person. I already have one person that needs all of my attention That’s one thing, but if it’s kind of out of nowhere Or if your situational depression is affecting you to the degree that you cannot Cope with your life, so things are kind of going downhill Then you have an issue that you need to talk to someone about the next that I wanted to talk about Was and this is kind of a hard one because you definitely want to take pain seriously You don’t want to think well this is just psychological. I’m just gonna get over it but excessive pain without any root cause meaning you’ve gone to the doctor there’s Technically nothing wrong with you it very well could be your body just reacting to your minds not being happy being depressed if you think about it depression does cause a lot of things to happen in your body if you Are depressed then you’re gonna notice all those aches and pains more and it’s gonna be more focused in your brain It could even be that because you’re depressed You are creating aches and pains because your body needs some way of expressing this thing that it can’t express otherwise So it is important for you to take your aches and pains seriously But if at the end of the day no for effects like okay, I’ve done blood testing I’ve done scans I’ve done imaging like nothing. I can’t figure out. What’s wrong with me It is worth it to at least check to see if maybe you’re suffering from depression Check to see if maybe Medication for depression is going to work for you And if it resolves some of those pains then you know that it’s either a neurological disorder, which is totally like a real thing Neurological pain is a real thing and they often have problems Diagnosing it so don’t feel like you’re a faker or it’s depression which in that case you’re still not a faker like you actually you need to take that pain seriously just allow yourself to also consider the Possibility that it is a mental issue which does not detract from your pain, or your suffering at all I think the thing that people don’t realize is that because we’re told mental illness is like a Taboo like we should not talk about it that when our doctor suggests to us that It might be a mental issue that we’re dealing with if we are having pain Or stress or lack of sleeping or any of those other issues were like no absolutely not. That’s I’m not making this up It’s like no you’re absolutely not making this up But it is possible that your brain creating signals to your body that don’t really make sense with what your body is doing Be open to the possibility that you might have Some depression issues if you’re having aches and pains all the time and there’s absolutely no reason for it and the last thing I wanted to talk about was and this one’s kind of tricky because There is a difference between being manic and Bing type-a and I totally get that like Perfectionism is it can sometimes be a real problem for people? But sometimes it really works for people and that perfectionism pushes them to be their best everyday like these people are oftentimes CEOs or like you know in charge of some business they’re like in charge of their life in a very serious way Or you know they are these soccer mom they’ve got everyone scheduled like in their head It’s amazing all the clothes are constantly washed like this house is immaculate. There are those people who are Type-a driven in that way and what may seem excessive to us is normal for them However, if you find that you are becoming excessively attentive To anything like whether it’s you’re at the gym three to four hours a day And you have absolutely no intention of doing anything besides that So it’s not like you’re going to the gym to like be a bodybuilder It’s like you just go to the gym because you have to do this and this and this I think if you are Constantly at work to the point where your social life suffers, and you’re not really taking care of your own needs if you are Constantly drinking or doing drugs. You know I’m all about a little experimentation or her like having a cocktail every now and again But if it’s becoming a crutch that you can’t live without these are all things to take into consideration So even good things can be a sign that you’re having some anxiety Disorder or some depression and that one’s the really tricky one to figure out And that’s why you really need to take all of these symptoms Seriously, if it’s starting to affect your life and your ability to be happy Then you need to consider that it might not be coming from a healthy place Even if it’s a healthy activity the big one that I see with this is People who are excessive dieters, that’s a huge one And that’s one that you see all the time the people who are like no I can only have five leaves of lettuce and then I can have two tomatoes And I can have handful of this and no I can’t I can’t even have a bite of that like This is an issue this is a either an anxiety issue or a depression issue and If it’s getting to the point where you cannot live your life even if it’s like a healthy endeavor that you’re going on then you really need to consider that you might need to talk to somebody or You know see if you can cut back on it a little bit see if you can self-regulate a little bit, and if you find that your anxiety is just pushing you to go that distance with whatever you’re dealing with Then it’s time to go see Somebody for that at least you know go talk to somebody it doesn’t hurt to talk to somebody if you have that option obviously Health care in this country Is atrocious and I I don’t want to say oh you should always just go talk to someone like sometimes That’s just not possible But it might be possible for you to think about your own Situation and figure out if it needs a closer look so it’s just something to consider Sometimes people have absolutely no idea that something going on in their life is terribly unhealthy for them And that’s you know hopefully their family is looking at them and saying okay. Well you’re taking this a little far Have you thought about talking to somebody? But you don’t always have that kind of support system around you so the best thing that you can do for yourself if you know that you suffer with mental illness is just be Vigilance with checking in with yourself like am I doing something that would otherwise be healthy But that is like really taking over my life To the point where I don’t think about any of the things that I usually think about or am I having a real problem with Focusing on decision making am I kind of flighty all of a sudden like these are all things that you need to think about like what is normal for your personality and What is not normal for your personality to the point that it pushes away your ability to do anything else with your life so those are just some of the uncommon signs of depression and there are more so if you’re Concerned about your mood if you’re concerned about something that’s going on with your life, and you have health care Please go talk to somebody it is where just checking in to make sure you’re okay And I personally believe that everyone should have free health care and that everyone should you know see a? Therapist at least once a month. I think it’s probably the best thing that we can do for ourselves But until our healthcare system meets our needs in that way Then it’s kind of time for us to start checking in on ourselves and trying to remember that just because we’re struggling with something Doesn’t mean that. We’re weak people it means that we’re struggling with something and that’s it It doesn’t have to be this big heavy thing although sometimes It is obviously it can just be you checking in with you and making sure that you’re okay Thank you so much for sticking with me today. I know this isn’t my usual content, but again Emotional and mental health literacy is really important to me And I really want people to you know feel open to talking about this kind of stuff because it is Part of what makes our life so amazing and so horribly complicated is that we can have these strong emotions And that we’re really tied to the things that we love and the things that we don’t love So I hope that you got something out of this I hope that at the very least it allows you to remember that Just because you’re struggling with something doesn’t mean you’re a bad person It doesn’t mean you’re weak, and it doesn’t mean everything’s all in your head like depression is a real thing and It’s okay for you to mention that you’re depressed or to want to reach out for someone to help or to want to reach out To someone to get help like you shouldn’t feel ashamed or embarrassed about that It’s a thing that lots of people deal with and I feel like the more we push people being okay with saying you know I suffer from this mental illness or I Suffer from these kind of anxiety disorders the easier it’ll be for people to just be like oh, yeah I’ve been doing something weird lately I should probably go see someone and to have all their family and friends go yeah, you should okay. Let’s find someone together That’s the goal here is just to get everyone on the same page to say it’s not embarrassing to get the help that you need To be a happy person it’s not embarrassing. It’s not Shameful you have to do what you do to survive All right you guys if you like this video give it a thumbs up and please In the comments let’s all be supportive of each other that is probably the best way to find community is just Commenting and making sure that we are being supportive of one another Saying what works for you in a very non-judgmental way obviously not pushing it on anybody But saying what works for you in your own comments That would be awesome Or if you have a symptom of depression that you know other people might not realize is a symptom of depression Please list it below because we want to make sure that People are seeing this and knowing that they’re not alone and maybe if I didn’t say something in this video Then they are still getting the information that they need to Be able to kind of make decisions for themselves about their own mental health care. All right you guys. I’ll see you next time

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  40. I was so much happy today, just came back after giving my last exam, and then i found a thing which was getting on my nerve, and then i blamed it on my mother she made food for me was sewing clothes for me, and then she had i think a minor attack i dont know, but i am not even feeling guilty, and this behaviour of mine is just not limited to one person i am like this with the people who are more close to me, please help me, i am not only making my life harder but of the people around me as well.

  41. just apply and find a new job or start hitting the gym you'll feel great and also just have the (fuck what anybody thinks) attitude…..the best attitude to have atm trust me….you won't feel anxious cause fuck whoevers looking 👍👍 goodluck

  42. ok here comes a random rant of disconnected thoughts, thoughts of my current 26 year old self: humans are so stupid. I hate the way people (in my village) turn THEIR WHOLE HEAD to stare at me. I get that maybe its cos im good looking and i have good legs but jesus. idk i hate everyone except my dog, family and maybe my future love interest. I only want love with an amazing man,sex, anime, games, pets and a beach. Literally. Everything else is filler. and people are so nasty sometimes. i secretely hope a meteor hits the earth and we all die lol. Ahh felt good to say it.. I suggest people to do the same just say Exactly what you feel and want and write it down.

  43. It's absolutely ok to be mad as hell. I thought I was just depressed for many years… it turns out that everyone else is an asshole. The vast majority of humans just wanna cut the line and step on your head any way they can. Once you realize that people like that are worthless and you treat them as such things get a lil better.

  44. I could talk about all the things my family did to me that made me to be this way, my entire family are narcissistic and so I was born to be a fucking asshole.

    So much to talk and share that makes me feel this way but I feel like it's no longer important because everyone of us are going to die anyway. Yet again the times I try to open up I was thrown away so there's no fucking point.

    At least I know I'm not the only one who feels the same so the hell with it.

  45. The number 1 person I hate out of everyone is my damn self for even having to participate in this "life experience" in the first place.

  46. I fucking hate everyone and want help did but didn't help sometimes I just want people fucking dead

  47. I have an unhealthy obsession that I'm eventually going to die. Thinking about it too long creates a seemingly endless thought loop, with a lingering, tingly panic attack. Even though I know its the human condition, death is incomprehensibly scary to me. Among other things echoing throughout my hollow body; a searing anger burns my emotions into a resting apathy. My one and only true mentor died by choking on his lunch. Deeply enraged and not having friends, I rashly do things with the "bad crowd" as an urge to feel better. Trying and overdosing on (probably fake) xanax once when I was 17. Combined with getting near deadly alcohol poisoning 3 times by the time I was 18, I've lost years of vivid memory. When seeking help, I was given a dismissive "oh boo-hoo" response by friends and professionals alike. Already having no friends all my life, I realized the ones I had never cared about me. So I cut them off with enmity. I've stopped talking to people altogether because why bother. I hope someone reads this, buut I doubt anyone will because its too much effort for them.

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