I Prevail – Breaking Down (Official Music Video)

I think I think too much I’m a little bit paranoid I think I’m breaking Maybe it’s in my blood Got a pain that I can’t avoid I think I’m breaking down Hate, every single second, minute, hour every
day Person in the mirror, they won’t let me feel
a thing Keep me focused on my problems, I’m addicted
to the pain (everybody’s out to get you) I guess I never noticed, how it came creepin’ in My enemy emotion, but I can’t sink or swim I say I’m feeling hopeless They give me medicine They give me medicine (They give me medicine) I think I think too much I’m a little bit paranoid I think I’m breaking Maybe it’s in my blood Got a pain that I can’t avoid I think I’m breaking Down (I think I’m breaking) Down (I think I’m breaking) I think I think too much I’m a little bit paranoid I think I’m breaking down Lies, every time they ask me, I just tell
em that I’m fine Try to hide my demons but they only multiply Keep me runnin from the voices on repeat inside my mind (everybody fucking hates you) I guess I never noticed, how it came creepin’ in My enemy emotion, but I can’t sink or swim I say I’m feeling hopeless But no one’s listenin But no one’s listenin (But no one’s listenin) I think I think too much I’m a little bit paranoid I think I’m breaking Maybe it’s in my blood (my blood) Got a pain that I can’t avoid I think I’m breaking Down (I think I’m breaking) Down (I think I’m breaking) I think I think too much I’m a little bit paranoid I think I’m breaking down I don’t really like myself I don’t really like myself I don’t really like myself I don’t really like myself I think I’m breaking down

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  2. Oh Brian…I wish that I could tell you that everything is gonna be all right, but I know it’s not. I’ve been struggling with depression ever since I was 11 and it’s been making me have these horrible thoughts, but we need to know. Well always have at least one person who wants us to get better

  3. Wow! I never heard about this Band. I found this song 5 min ago and i am flashed. Best song i've heard in yeeeeaaaars! Beautiful. Wow! 😍 goosebumps ! ufff

  4. One of the worst parts about that comment at the end is noticing that your thoughts are controlling you and feeling completely powerless to stop them…

  5. I'd just like to say, the whole Trauma album is a fucking banger! Can't wait to see you guys in Simpsonville! See you at the show!

  6. Dont know if I'm crying cuz I can relate hella hard or if it just cuz I feel so bad and it just makes me more depressed but I feel you brother

  7. When I heard this for the 1st time I was like ew they sound like linkin park.then listened to the lyrics and they were spot on.now I'm obsessed with this song!

  8. Everyday I wake up wanting to kill myself. I pray everyday that my life would end. If God does answer prayers. I pray he takes my life away. End it all. Who the fuck cares

  9. My man, take it from those who've left behind a sad story in their fight against depression. if this album represents anything of you today. Keep with it, with these songs created from the battles, stories, internal or not. You have hit a cord in me that hasn't been hit in yeeeeaaars. In 8 years I haven't had a favourite band. But since seeing the Hurricane music video and then listening to the whole album of Trauma, you've hit it. Well done, and excellent work!

  10. Atleast someone cares about him and his friends and family text him. tbh nobody is texting me and would even notice if I'm not there anymore.

  11. I relate to this song way too much. I feel like I'm just a huge burden to everything and everyone around me l, like an enigma… I feel like people jus tolerate me because I'm useful or something to that nature… Not because they genuinely like me, I wish this feeling would go away…

  12. I willingly hospitalized myself when i started planning my own suicide. I was put into an intensive partial hospitalization program for a little over 2 weeks. I've been discharged for over a week now. I'm steady atm, but i do have my days. I've battled depression for well over 15 years, and suppressed A LOOOOOOT of shit for 12. I've been used, abused, assaulted, etc. Please.. seek help. There are others out there, and people who genuinely want to help. You're not alone💜

  13. A friend of mine showed me this song and when I heard it, I felt this. I can really relate to this song so much. Actually this is one of the first songs I could ever relate to.

  14. Damn, the accuracy of this video and these lyrics! Pretty much sums up the past 8 years of my life. Never thought I wanted to get on medication because it would make me “weak”, but after finally being pushed to by my girlfriend, and having been on it for almost a year now, was one of the best decisions of my life and grateful every day that I was pushed to do it! It’s made a tremendous difference and I finally feel like I am the me that was trapped in my thoughts this whole time. Keep your chins up guys, things will get better!

  15. Can relate to every single word of this song. I've been listening to it literally over and over since yesterday. Could hardly sleep last night because it's just running through my head. Thank you for this song.

  16. and you arent even happy on the pills
    you cant feel the best types pf emotion

    there is a bigger underlying problem for things often
    just like he says

  17. Literally it was like watching my life being experienced by someone else except the love of my life found someone else and that’s part of what threw me over the edge. I attempted suicide and my friends got ahold of me and reported me as a 51/50. I had a boyfriend at the time who apparently was only there to try to be with my best friend, pushed me even further. I finally got help. The antidepressant he takes in the video is same as mine, generic for lexapro. I guess it helps… just remember that everything around you can contribute to the world you live in which is why he shows us the news, small things like that can send us over the edge, the toxic sludge constantly surrounding us only to be subdued by medication making us feel like without it we lose, there has to be a better way but atleast the meds help to hold us over. Stay strong everyone♥️

  18. This song is so true I have battled my demons, my voices in my head , the non stop thinking, the headaches, the feeling of worthlessness. It isn’t easy it’s a daily battle, what’s worse is dealing with it alone I have family, I have a wife and kids and if I’m having a bad day I’m the asshole kinda sucks songs like this get me through

  19. The worst is when things start to go your way and it's hits you. You can't enjoy the moment your brain just goes "well this won't last long, remember everything comes back down"

  20. Wow. This was done so beautifully, gave me chills. I have lost a few childhood friends to depression, its not a joke, it takes from us everything we have to give, this song just hit my heart and reminds me to love with an open ear to anyone in my life who needs someone to listen.

  21. Please. If anyone you know says they are going to kill themselves, take them seriously. Do anything you can to help them. I wish someone would have told me this. Miss you David and Morgan. I love you both

  22. Whats up!!!! I know Jon, he produced some of your songs, he lives 6 houses down from me. Probably will meet you in the near future. love the music.

  23. If the tar was seeping out of him while hes fighting back against the darkness trying to not let anyone see it. Wiping the stray black tear off before anyone saw it.

  24. Our society is solely based on faking being happy and being our perfect selves. So when someone gets the strength to ask for help which is very hard to do, people don’t listen and they will just think that the individual is being over dramatic. If someone says they aren’t okay please listen to them.

  25. I live about an hour or so north of you guys and I go through this all the time, I finally broke down to my wife one night and started to see a doctor for it, it's still extremely difficult to put a face on every single day.

  26. This song is the last 5 years of my life. Multiple medications that only made things worse or I became "immune" to. The one I'm on now seems to not working as well as it use to. Mental health doc doesn't listen, counselors keep moving away, and my personal doc thinks my pts, depression, anxiety is a lifestyle choice. So this song and music in general is my therapy.

  27. Fuck i loved this. A song i can relate too 100%. It sucks. I got diagnosed with MDD and i dont like taking my meds. Its not the real me. Just wanna feel REAL happiness. Not from a fucking drug

  28. I suffer from bipolar schizophrenia, manic depression, and anxiety and everytime I feel down or like I shouldn't be here I listen to your music and your music helps me more than anything keep up the amazing work

  29. Lyrics dont match the music. Their is no guitar music just a string pluck with drums that are way not even in tempo drummer needs practice.

  30. The chorus is full of emotion, and I love it. I've had a few moments in my life where I can only drop to my knees, scream, and cry. Sure, it isn't manly. Sure, it shows weakness, but for those don't understand, it's just like he said.

    Your thoughts control you.

    You don't want to be sad or angry, but you can't help but think on the terrible and negative things that have happened to you, or to someone else. You can't help it, it just happens. My last ex hated the fact that I got so distressed and upset about the smallest things, and sometimes would just be an overall downer. Maybe she didn't understand, maybe she didn't know, maybe she just didn't want to deal with it. I don't know, but I do know that I struggle with this every day, especially with being in the military.

    To those who are struggling, barely surviving each day with this, stay strong, and don't be afraid to find some help.

  31. Damn this is like my most replayed song, I've never listened to anything more then this. This song is way too damn relateable

  32. Man from the stuff that I heard this song I looked up and listen to it over and over and over it's scary crazy how much I can relate to it I wish I could see them in concert never been to a concert!!! That would be badass if I see them in concert for my first!!!! But I don't have any income so i don't have the money to do it…😫 don't see that happening in the near future either sucks ass…. I had major brain surgery in 2014 my brain was a herniating at the base of my skull the natural opening of the basilar skull versus spinal fluid goes up and circulates to your brain and spinal column was over 6 times the normal persons size… So they decided to do decompression surgery which leaves me with my cerebellum and a hammock at the base of my neck with no skull protecting it but yet I was denied but by a judge for disability cuz he was an asshole I have multiple symptoms that's so painful I can't put into words and pressure on my brain it's excruciating but I can't even really get a job I'd only be able to work a fraction and part-time cuz I can't lose my medical I can't afford a neurosurgeon so the state and government fuck me in every sense of the word I also have bipolar and all that mental bull crap which almost two years ago the State Forest me to take the medication that they prescribed by giving me injections I I had no choice in the matter even though I told them the medication didn't make me feel right. Then finally a year later after they finally took me off court order treatment I demanded to be taken off the meds that cause me to gain 60 pounds… I've lost some weight thank God my metabolism went back to normal and wasnt permanently damaged by that medication…. So now I'm trying to keep my head up and stay positive taking it one day at a time but it's just hard depending on my loved ones for help and seeing them struggle because of me… So thank you Mom for dealing with my crap!!!! Lol

  33. I just hope someday I can see these guys in concert and thank them for their music that's got me through so much of my own pain thank you

  34. and now imagine this w/ having all those constantly supportive friends and being single for over 3 years.
    well… its manageable.

  35. This song hits me right to the core. I literally cried hearing this. And it’s an awful feeling. As much as I try to remain “positive” I always end up in the same loop hole as before. It’s hard…

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