‘I Probably Would Not Have Been Attracted To Her If She Was Boring,’ Says Man Who Claims His Wife…

Shelly is a very high-maintenance woman. Shelly loves really pretty and shiny things. She loves nice cars, nice clothes, nice jewelry and it seems like I’m always one step behind, nothing’s ever good enough for her. David would say that I’m high maintenance but I’m not that girl. People think, when they see me out, she’s spoiled or she’s rich or she’s wealthy. I don’t spend a fortune on my clothes. I’m actually very frugal. When I met Shelly, I knew she was high maintenance. I probably would not have been attracted to her if she was boring and lower maintenance. Nobody wants a basic bitch. (audience gasps and groans) Well David has threatened to divorce his high maintenance, lazy wife three times just this week according to Shelly but she wants to save this marriage. You’ve been married not once, not twice, not three but four times. Correct. Okay now, every marriage is different. But four of them have failed or are failing. Mm hmm. And the only one that’s been there for all four is you. Correct. I wrote a book called Relationship Rescue. (audience applauds) And one of the things I talk about in there is that you should never go to a second relationship until you have done a complete, thorough relationship autopsy on the one you were in, where you sit down and said why did this fail and what was my ownership in why it failed? What did I do to contribute to the failure of this relationship? I did with my first marriage. I did not with my other two. So you weren’t fully recovered from the last relationship before you got into this one. Correct. Okay. And I kinda did a state of the marriage here as to where you are right now, to take a look at because according to you, the marriage is dead. According to David, it’s rocky. According to you, it’s losing passion and hope. According to David, he’s 1000% committed. According to you, explosive and volatile. Him, explosive and volatile, divorce likely, divorce likely, lack of intimacy, lack of intimacy, financially dependent, breadwinner, stays because of four cats, stays because he wants to work it out. (audience chuckles) That’s a little, I mean, I don’t stay just because of four cats, I do have four babies and I am financially dependent on him right now because I am very ill, very ill, more ill than I’ve ever been in my entire life and I don’t know how to deal with it. Well, for anybody that wants to know, fibromyalgia is a very real syndrome and it is certainly exasperated by stress. All of these things, yes these are the worst things that have happened in our life but no one is seeing the wonderful, good things that have happened in our lives and we do have, we have a weird relationship where it’s like, we can be really best friends and we’re really, really close. You know, and I know it probably sounds crazy for people to hear when you’re not in it. I don’t know what, I don’t know what my life would be without David. I don’t and that may sound sick to somebody but that’s where I am at right now and I wouldn’t’ be here if I absolutely did not need help figuring this out. One of the things you said and I quote, you said I am in love with him although I’m not sure who it is I’m in love with. He has a Jekyll and Hyde personality. He loves me in his own way. I think if he had some emotional help or some help, that he could be the best person ever because I’ve seen him be the best person ever. Have you run across the buzz word undoing? I don’t think so. Undoing is where you’ll say something about someone that describes the harsh reality and then start to systematically, piece by piece, start taking it back. I’m in a relationship that is not good for me mentally, emotionally or disease-wise but then I’m gonna start justifying it because I really don’t have any option. And so I’m gonna start telling you, well actually he can be a nice guy. Well, it’s true. I’m sure that he can be a nice guy, I saw the tape, he’s a nice guy and I have no doubt that he’s a nice guy in many respects, I’m sure that he didn’t marry you because you’re a horrible woman, he married you because there are things about you that he likes.

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  1. She’s so out of touch with reality that it’s almost pitiful. She truly thinks that she is 100% the victim and that she is innocent of all wrong doing. No wonder she’s got so many failed marriages. 2 minutes into the dang video and I can already see that she’s one of those women who are incapable of seeing their own problems and their own faults.

    With that said, her behavior does not completely excuse his behavior. I believe that she frustrates him to the point that he becomes irrational and erratic…..and frankly I probably would too…but he needs to realize that she is not a rational thinker and people who are not rational can not be argued with in a manner that would produce any sort of positive outcome. Not all arguments are bad. Arguments can actually be good….if 2 people can “argue” in a calm respectful manner and be considerate of the others feelings and find a solution to the problems without either becoming loud and abusive and angry. Because even though she doesn’t want to see it….she is emotionally abusing him. She knows how to piss him off and she does it on purpose.

  2. This story has a two end street here. Her husband dosnt know how to treat a woman or how to tell her no politely. You don't need to spend money on someone to keep them if they give you an ultimatum like making you give them money. Watch them leave.

  3. Toxic relationship on both ends. If you want to make things work you need to start respecting each other and talking like adults. Putting your partner down and making them feel bad about themselves is never okay and definitely not a way to work towards a better marriage.

  4. Such petty problems. If they only knew what so many of us have been through, it makes me just laugh. Which is probably why I watch to get away from my actual, much worse problems of losing my job because I had to transfer my mother into assisted living. Two weeks ago, I removed a gun. But, I deal with it, who has time for therapy?

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