I Tried Botox For Migraines

– So migraine headaches are actually a lot more common than
many people might think, and I get migraines as do
12% of the US population. So this video is me
looking into some treatment for migraines and it involves
some needles in the head. So if you are a little squeamish and this isn’t your thing, then you probably don’t
wanna watch this video. Just saying. So the exact cause of migraines
is not fully understood but the symptoms are described as, “Excruciating pain that
is throbbing or pulsing, blurred vision, extreme
sensitivity to light, fatigue, nausea, and vomiting.” There are preventive things you can do and there are treatments, but for a lot of people like myself these things don’t always work. And for me recently my
migraines have been increasing so I was talking to my doctor about it, and he had suggested me looking in to putting a neurotoxin into my head. This is like botox. Now, though this does not sound like the most pleasant thing in the world, it’s actually something
I’m willing to consider because I do have some experience with injections into my scalp because of my autoimmune disorder. Before the procedure, I asked family friend and respected doctor Doctor Henning of Princeton
Dermatology Associates, to explain how exactly botox is thought to help migraine pain. – The mechanism of action for botox in the treatment of migraines
is not fully understood. The neurotoxin paralyzes muscles and it is thought that
its use in migraines is related to pain transmission that is reduced when
you paralyze the muscles around the head. – So we talked to Doctor Henning and I think I’m gonna go for it. I’m still a little nervous
about some of the risks but it seems to be something that helps a lot of people. So we’re gonna give it shot. – Should be interesting. – It should be interesting. – Yeah!
– Yeah. And so it was time for the appointment but first they cleaned my head a lot. Next the doctor had me wrinkle my forehead and marked the injection spots. And now time for the botox. (electric music) The botox as a numbing
agent is pretty incredible. Surprisingly despite how this looks, the process was pretty mild. And in just 15 minutes it was over. Two days later, I didn’t notice much of a difference. My face could still wrinkle and I even had a minor
migraine on day four. Five days later. My face feels relaxed in a weird way and the forehead wrinkles have smoothed. Three weeks later: final thoughts. I would say that the overall
experience was unexpected. When looking up botox I found two very opposite search results. Half of what I saw were
more like botox ads where people just looked ecstatic to be getting shots in their head. The other half I found were
tons of horrific photos. Their eyebrows stuck up here, their faces frozen in
this really weird way. My actual experience is
simply a boring middle-ground. The process was easier
than I had expected. I haven’t had a migraine since day four, and I am loving this
wrinkle free forehead. Actually there are some
serious things to be aware of. You can actually get something where your eyelid completely droops, you can hit like a major blood vessel or something like that. I mean there are some actual complications that can happen. While I’m appreciative of everything, I feel very fortunate that I have access to something like this, it’s still nothing to take lightly. So that’s my review; boring and in the middle
but hopefully it’s helpful. Look at that! Look at how ecstatic they are! Amy you see how happy they are? – [Amy] They are loving it. – They are loving it. Who are these people?!

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