I Was Depressed for a Long Time.

Did you know that in ten years depression will be the leading cause of death? beating out cancer, stroke, accidents, and war ?there are businesses as a billion dollar industry that exists based on you Being and staying depressed see this world we live in it creates depression But what can we do about? What can you do about it? see everybody suffers from depression ,first of all, so you’re not alone. All the celebrities the people you follow on instagram that appear to have the perfect life, They don’t. Everybody goes through Depression nobody escapes. I promise you it’s totally normal. So don’t compare yourself to these people that you see based on an image that they put out. It’s just an image. It’s not true. The comparing mind is the doorway one of the doorways to depression. Realize that but here’s the tip for going through depression- this too Shall Pass – I want you to quiet your mind of all this negative and comparing thoughts and just know This too shall pass. Get this tattooed on you get put it on your wall, put it in your wallet, this too shall pass. This isn’t positive thinking or some spiritual concept you have to convince yourself of, It’s the truth. The biggest thing depression. Does is it lies it? Robs you of your perspective it depresses you in so that you can’t move, You feel hopeless ,you feel like you don’t have any options and you’re gonna be in this state forever. But that’s a lie. this too Shall Pass. Ask yourself,How many rough patches have you gone through in your life when you thought it when you are hopeless? If you’re sitting here watching this video right now you have a 100% success rate for getting through those tough times. This too Shall Pass. See this physical world is governed by time, everything in the world passes and changes sometimes you’re you’re sick, then you’re healthy sometimes you get a job, you lose a job You’re married ,then your divorce Rome was built ,then Rome was destroyed. Sometimes you feel happy and sometimes you feel depressed. Don’t fall into the trap of believing that the bad times will last forever. this too Shall Pass. [patience] this too Shall Pass. And never Never make a permanent decision from a temporary emotion. peace. you

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  1. Depression is an illness , in a lot of cases it does not pass. As a psychology student we studied depression , there were many people on the documentary we were shown who'd been depressed for years , it did not pass. It doesn't work like that. There was a woman who was depressed for over 40 years , she had tried everything , ECT, medication , therapy. And nothing helped , it did not pass. Not to mention , not everyone suffers from it. it's not like a mood, it's an actual mental illness.

  2. The med are suppose to help…but it helps to keep some there…depression is so around…this to shall pass..depression lies…i love you.. well said be bless

  3. Lets play: What's wrong with this video

    0:00 – 0:09
    You stated that depression would become the leading cause of death in ten years. Mind showing where you got this information? I'm one of those people who need to see the actual evidence before I can really trust what people say.

    0:10 – 0:18
    What businesses? Mental health hospitals? Pharmacies? Please elaborate.

    0:19 – 0:22
    The world is not the sole reason for depression. You do know that:
    A.) People can be born with vitamin deficiencies that cause them to have depression (like a B12 deficiency for example.)
    B.) People can genetically inherit depression.
    C.) The personality of a person can actually dictate if they're more susceptible to depression than other people.

    0:23 – 0:29
    Not everyone suffers from depression. The mental illness is on the rise and has been for a decade now, but not everyone suffers from the mental illness. In Australia, *Beyondblue conducted a study that estimated approximately 1 million Australians have suffered from at least one mental health condition (including depression). While that is a lot of people, take into consideration that the Australian population (last checked by *ABS on 31st December, 2017) is 24, 954, 774 million. I can't say statistics for America, but here in Australia, not everyone suffers from a mental illness, including depression.

    0:30 – 0:39
    How do you know the lives of celebrities? Yes, its true that celebrities are likely to be susceptible to mental health issues (like depression) but I do not think that goes for all. Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie who play Jon Snow and Ygritte from *Game of Thrones just got married some time last week. I don't think they're having a bad time.

    0:40 – 0:43
    Please show me where you got this evidence.


    0:46 – 0:51
    So is everything that celebrities post a lie? Should I assume that whenever I see one of my idols smiling, they aren't actually happy?

    0:54 – 0:58
    Refer back to my third point (0:19 – 0:22).

    1:10 – 1:22
    You say this as though depression will go away forever. It doesn't. Depression cannot be cured, only treated. No mental illness can be cured. Some days are easier than other days. That much is true. But depression does not pass on its own. Sometimes, periods of depression can lasts for weeks or months. Depression itself can take years to treat. I was diagnosed with depression at 13 and I am now 17. I'm nowhere near healthy. Depression does not pass. Its always there. Some days just get a bit easier.

    1:23 – 1:28
    Thinking positively is a technique that you are literally presenting to us (you hyprocrite).

    2:01 – end of the vid

    *Beyondblue is an Australian mental illness and suicide service that supports people who suffer from mental issues.
    *ABS is the Australian Bureau of Statistics
    *Game of Thrones is a HBO television series based off the works of George. R. R. Martin.

  4. Hey, dudes. comment below for how long were/are you depressed? I was depressed for 8 months and got out of it.

  5. Not everyone suffers from depression. So it’s ‘normal’ o feel worthless? Your content makes no sense. Specifically this one, to me. This is more focusing on self doubt and hating your self. Depression isn’t really like that. How many rough patches have I gone through: I can’t count. Some people can’t make it through the rough times. Sometimes you feel happy, sometimes you feel sad

  6. I love your videos. I’ve watched like 10 videos already… (I just started watching you) but kind sir, Anxiety, Depression etc. doesn’t just pass. It’s stuck there. Depression is different from sadness. And people don’t just say “hey, I’m have anxiety today, but hey! It will pass” yes Panic attacks do pass, but having an anxiety disorder doesn’t…. again… I love your videos.

  7. Thank you for your help👍
     I listened repeatedly because I don ' t know English well.
     I am so happy to watch this video on the other side of the world.💖
     The images with subtitles were easier to understand.
     Thank you again and have a good day.😘

  8. What about malaria? That’s like the BIGGEST cause of death….well right now at least…and depression…my friend has had depression for three years after her dad killed himself…she’s fine but…she is happy and doesn’t feel hopeless…she is actually having a lot of progress with depression…

  9. Nonono, you may think your depressed..but your not depressed your depression is just a remote.

    I m. S o r r y. I'm from boyinaband's channel

  10. YOU ARE NOT DEPRESSED. You are the sky and Hate, Sadness and Depression are clouds they just pass on by man. NEVER GIVE UP 😉

  11. Our society definitely plays a major role in depression, we aren’t living in tune how nature created us. We sit in front of screens, we’re sedentary as fuck, we eat bullshit with 0 nutrition and we live lives geared towards owning shit we don’t need.
    Yet people are always quick to say it’s a “mental illness” listen I have suffered nearly my whole life from severe depression, and I don’t believe that shit for a minute, it’s better to take responsibility and try to fix your life instead of buying what corporations want to sell you, which is the magic pill that fixes everything. Sometimes people need pills for sure, but there is no easy fix, listen to people like this, own your shit, man up and work through it. Otherwise it will devour your life 🤷‍♂️ your choice! Excuses or action.

  12. Yeah so maybe not everyone has a perfect life but not everyone has depression. DEPRESSION IS NOT SADNESS DON’T GET THEM MIXED UP

  13. Thank you I'm at school right know and I am in primary school and i get shouted at for doing mistakes by accident and i just feel like I'm useless i don't feel right I feel like i am no one i also sometimes get bullied by people i wont mention their names but I tried to stab my self but I did not stab my self I need help I'm really good at photography but that does not help because school

  14. Where are your sources and did you mean the mood or the disorder? And are you actually suffering from depression,some people can never get out of it and it’s sad,I don’t know but I do think that in 10 years the leading cause of death is depression, there aren’t so many people that die from depression because of the thoughts I think you mean suicide you can do emotional suicide or actual suicide and not have depression.it’s a tough topic for some people witch actually have depression and saying that everyone has it makes them even more depressed you are a capable adult with abilities lying to people and I am actually a 10 year old who is still in school wasting my time on telling you it let’s people down.

  15. Didn't you say "You are not depressed." and "It's a cloud that comes and goes"? So by your logic you were NEVER depressed.

  16. Ok.. so I think you really really need to distinguish between clinical depression and the EMOTION depression. It is very very different. Clinical depression (as someone who has it) is something you have to battle your whole life and it isn't something everyone has. For depression it is constant unless you get help and possibly medication. This video is very harmful if you don't distinguish between the emotion depression and the mental illness depression.

  17. Prince ea. I'm supper happy that you have helped a lot of people who have gone through tough times but I have one issue with your video. See as a person who suffers from depression I can say that it doesn't go away. It might get better but it doesn't go away. I honestly don't mean any hate on you or anything but I just wanted to note that. Depression doesn't care if you have money to buy a island, a very loving family and great friends it just comes whenever it wants and doesn't care about anything. Take me for example I have amazing friends and a loving family and even though I'm not rich I don't really care about that but still I have depression. Like during the day I would smile laugh and be happy but ones I get home from school I just want to go to sleep and never wake up. I even cut my foot open almost every night. That's all I really had to say. Keep doing what you're doing and if you really help people through tough times then that is absolutely fantastic. I also don't want anyone to get upset over this comment or even more depressed I just had to say something. Please if you are depressed then please get help. It really helps and I want to enjoy you on this planet a little longer☺☺☺

  18. I lost my very very bestfriend, one that i usually spend my everyday with, she cut me off from her life without even telling me the real reason why, she wont give me any chance to make things better, say that im over dramatic or something but i dont care, i feel trap to the moment that i feel im depressed, i even ever thought to end everything, feeling i lost everything since i no longer have that special person. I dunno what should i do, i dont feel like i could ever heal from this sadness. I do hesitate to write this cuz im afraid someone who probably know me read this, but here i am writing this one. To everyone who read this, please do pray for me, i still wish my bestfriend would come back to me:(

  19. this too shall pass…… where this is referring to russel wilson (forgot which) in the super bowl a few years ago pitting the patriots against the seahawks, and he did, but it resulted in an interception. just an example of how life can be so diverse that some pieces of advice don't always universally apply.

  20. "Going under water does not make you drown, staying under the water will in fact drown you."

  21. "Everybody goes through depression"
    hey kids who think they're depressed, do you want to go through rigorous therapy? Do you want to go to the mental hospital and possibly get traumatized forever? Do you want to risk your school or career life with taking the wrong medication? Do you want to be called an attention seeker? (Note the reason people with the actual disorder are called attention seekers is because of these dumb ass 4th graders)

  22. Scucide is in 10th place so far. And besides… It doesn't feel like it will pass… It never does. And every person has the emotion deppresion, not the mental illness

  23. Stopping breathing and hearts no longer beating will always be the main cause of death.
    This man is a snakeoil peddler, do not listen to this flim-flam man, he knows nothing of depression.
    He is using your genuine illness to make money off you with these bullshit videos, his facts are inaccurate if not completely made up.

    Granted he is a good at stringing words together, but he actually says sweet fuck all.
    Do not trust him, do not listen to him.

  24. Thank you prince ea you really changed my life i cant stop depression without you thank you for being an amazing person

  25. My parents divorced, been bullied for so long, a dead father, my siblings abandoned me, my cat got sick, weak, useless, alone, no sleep for days and somehow you're still able to cheer me up. You're amazing man you remind me of my father, he was very helpful and did everything he could to help. I'll never forget this ❤

  26. I’m sure everyone gets depression but they don’t have a voice saying “you are useless” “no one wants you” “everybody is better of when your dead” “your a mistake”
    I can go on for another hour saying all the things have you ever had depression or have you just been depressed there’s a difference between the two.

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