I Was Misdiagnosed | New Hashimotos Treatment Plans

being misdiagnosed is just as
frustrating is not even having a diagnosis I am finally maybe starting to
get over the flu doesn’t really sound like it I have not put a video on here
for a couple of weeks now and it’s because I’ve been sick
it’s also been because I’ve been so discouraged about my physical health and
I’m going to update you guys with that today so a couple of weeks ago I went in
and got some more blood work done and you guys I have always been so scared of
needles I just was in such a bad place when I went and got my lab work done
that I felt like my freedom of choice was gone because I did not want to get
that blood work drawn but on the other hand I knew that I basically had to
because we needed to get some more clarity and more answers on what’s going
on inside of me that we can’t do that without the blood work and I was just
not in a good place and a few days ago we went back to my doctor to talk about
the results and I recorded that doctor visit and it was a 39 minute long video
when I went back to watch it later the video was only six minutes long
it basically recorded everything as soon as my doctor left the room and the
billing lady came in talking to us about the financial part of it so I’m gonna
try and remember the best that I can what was talked about so that I can
record this for my sake as well as maybe to give you guys some insight
to help you with your journey or whatever you may want to take away from
this video okay so the first thing that might doctor talk to us about was what
happens when I eat when you eat an apple your pancreas if six inches long and it
lies across your back behind your stomach it releases insulin and it
matches up to the level of that Apple that you ate for example and then it
brings it back down to your baseline so the pancreas helps to convert that food
into energy or to store it for later and it gets stored in your fats and your
muscle and your liver but what happens when I eat is my body overcompensates
and produces too much insulin and then drops it even lower than my baseline so
I guess in a way my body is acting diabetic but I am NOT diabetic at night
a similar thing happens your blood sugar drops because you’re not eating cuz
you’re asleep so since you’re not eating your pituitary gland which is in your
brain which controls all your body functions and just a general we’re all
wellbeing of your body it tells your adrenal glands which are located on the
top of your kidneys on either side of your spine tells your adrenals to
release cortisol which then in turn releases your stored sugars to bring
your blood sugar back up while you’re sleeping so since my body drops lower
than it’s supposed to my adrenal glands are being overworked all the time
potentially all the time so the next thing that my
doctor explained was about leaky gut so as your food is digested and
breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces leaky gut is when those smaller
pieces that are still too large to get into the bloodstream they are passed
through your lining of your stomach which then destroys the mucous membrane
in your stomach lining and then your body sees these larger pieces of food as
foreign objects and attacks them and creates antibodies for them and then
that creates inflammation in the lining of your stomach and this inflammation
travels everywhere and it travels into your brain and causes brain fog and it
causes fatigue and all sorts of symptoms that I have been experiencing this
inflammation also put more stress on my adrenal glands so just like when you go
to the gym and you’re working out and getting stronger if you don’t give your
muscles a chance to rest between going to the gym instead of getting stronger
your muscles will break down and get weaker the same thing is happening to my
adrenal glands instead of getting the rest that they need during the day while
I’m eating and getting the energy that I need from my food my adrenal glands
optimal level of function over time is getting less and less and less and so
one of the things that we need to figure out is what is my optimal where do my
adrenal glands function and to do that we have to do a cortisol fit test
and I just spit over the course of the day I think four times and it will test
the amount of cortisol that is being released and we’ll be able to figure out
where my adrenal glands optimal level of function is and my doctor predicts that
I’ll probably reach about 70% so after all the healing that I could be going
through in my near future my adrenal glands will never be a hundred percent
so this is where I got confused because my doctor also checked the function of
my liver to see how well it was working it was working great
which was very contradictive of a few months ago when I went to my GP
and she said I have Z Barre syndrome which means my liver does not process
bilirubin and fat soluble vitamins very well and so my Billy Ruben was 1.4 and a
normal bilirubin level is 1.2 or less so I was just barely too high
and so they diagnosed me with the C Barre syndrome which is a genetic
mutation and my dad has been diagnosed with this so I may or may not still have
it but based on my levels most recently my bilirubin levels were only 0.5 so I
asked my doctor about this he said I probably don’t have it but if I do see
better just funding that way sometimes the villi room behind sometimes they’ll
be low but there’s nothing that can be done about it anyways so I just don’t
need to worry about it but whatever my doctor basically told me
the next step with working with him is to do a blood food allergy test and it
will test 88 different foods um because he wants to start me on an elimination
diet and a true elimination diet takes about 18 months to complete and it
starts you off by eating only chicken and apples thinking is my doctor is
gonna just wholly skip over there’s a long lengthy D by doing the blood test
we’ll be able to pinpoint more precisely what irritates my body and he will be
able to shorten that elimination diet from eighteen to nineteen twelve or even
ten months but five months so he will be able to know more precisely what bothers
me so I won’t have to be as restrictive in my diet to start out this elimination
diet he said we won’t even have to be as
restrictive as the AIP Paleo diet which I have started and it’s been it’s been
really hard mostly because it has doubled our grocery expenses and so my
husband has been doing a lot of overtime to cover those costs but basically I
have been avoiding all gluten grains dairy feeds your nightshades which are
your pet Persian Tomatoes your potatoes so I’ve been eating a lot of sweet
potatoes cauliflower broccoli chicken beef and turkey and pork and so I’m
sharing these details with you to document my journey I’m not trying to
complain but I am very very discouraged not only because through the process of these five months
there will be more tests and it would be very one-on-one with the doctor and I
don’t know if I’m mentally ready for that it’s just overwhelming me and
discourages me and the cost of it all or the course of the five months I will be
meeting with my doctor 18 times and that’s over $200 per visit and the first
month or so we’ll be seeing my doctor twice a week and I don’t know how we’re
gonna pay for that I’m so discouraged and so depressed about the whole
situation that I have had a hard time putting videos out and I’ve had a hard
time sticking to AIP paleo I know it makes me feel so much
better and so I’ve been having dizziness and fatigue and headaches heart
palpitations and stomach pain and cramps again but when you’re discouraged about
stuff sometimes you just don’t care I am so discouraged scared and angry
that my body has been doing this to me and I’m I guess I’m hopeful that I’ll
get better but at the same time I don’t know how we don’t have the money this is
where I’m at with my journey and I hope I’ll be able to update you guys soon on
a plan right now we’re just kind of floating not sure what we’re gonna do
and how we’re gonna move forward but we need to my husband wants me to go
through this and wants me to get better so thank you so much for watching and I
will update you guys later I

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