‘I Was My Dad’s Sex Slave; Anything He Wanted, I Had To Do’

right now I’m broken confused and I don’t know if I can live a normal life I was actually physically emotionally abused by my biological father and offal tubas I was abused for 19 years I was my dad’s sex slave anything he wanted I had to do a lot of these pictures I’m smiling but I’m dying inside from when I was six he started kissing me down there and touching me down there he would tell me not to tell and he would ask me if it felt good my father was a karate instructor he would sexually abused me in the studio my mom was not there she was a nanny she did odd jobs cleaning houses when my mom was off to work that’s when he would come and pray on me my dad made me warm in to the house to have sex with me so he could watch when I was about 15 years old it became routine but the times that I would not bring men back he would beat me up and say that I was lying that I didn’t try not only was he sexually abusing me he was physically abusing me hitting me with baseball bats anything he could grab even extension cords he would grab my feet and just smack it like that BAM my knees were bruised and I was bedridden for days I couldn’t walk at all out of nowhere I would wake up just blows to the head to the body he was paranoid my father was on drugs the majority of the time that he abused me my father fed me drugs from six years old he introduced me to alcohol marijuana at the age of a cocaine at ten I was a prisoner and he watched me 24/7 the abuse got worse when he pulled me out of school and I wasn’t even really allowed outside the house tonight that installed surveillance cameras inside the house he had alarms as well and dogs we had about seven Rottweilers at one point he had sensors under the bed so I wouldn’t be able to leave at all that night I couldn’t even go to the bathroom at night I had to use the bucket next to the bed I had to wake him up and tell him I had to go use the restroom but that was rare because I did not want to wake him up because it’s like waking up the Beast on a day-to-day basis I would have to cook clean basically living like his wife I never tried to escape I wish I did he threatened to kill me plenty of times I contemplated hurting him but I was just so scared of the unknown and I just gave in I thought your honor I’m very very glad you’re here and rest assured I’m not gonna ask you any details that embarrass you here and I just want to say that while I’m glad to meet you I’m just really sorry for the circumstance my question in looking back on this how do you think your father was able to keep this a secret from the world for so many years I have no idea he just was very personable he’s very smart he’s read a lot of books this got to the point that he was performing like 10 sex acts a week I mean this was an intense assault pattern on you correct that is correct and it the earliest remembrances you have of this were at what age six years old that one picture that I gave you guys holding the doll and at 6:00 you know you say that he would he would kiss you he would he would touch your privates but it wasn’t long after that that in addition that being inappropriate wrong and humiliating things began to get very painful correct because he began to violate your body in that way when was that and what what happened then I was seven years old eight years old he started sexually abused he mean and he started giving you drugs what did you think about that did it scare you when you started getting fussy it scared me a lot when I started getting fuzzy and I remember several occasions exactly not knowing what was going to happen afterwards

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